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I suppose the blog is being so neglected lately because the rest of my life isn’t. I’m working quite a bit, every day, and there’s lots of activity and legal stuff and presentations to VCs and whatnot. Then, every time we present, it’s go back and change everything to be that much more tight for the next one.

I’ve got the photos in my possession. Here’s the best one, and it’s only a 3×2. The 1200×1200 dpi scan renders it better than the actual photo (click the photo to get the full size).
The kids

From the left, that’s my dad Lothar, his younger brother Hans, older sister Brigitte, and the firstborn, Manfred. Circa 1941, I’d say. All but Manfred are still fine and dandy and now live here in or near the Bay Area. Manfred died in about 1978 when most of the family still lived in Reno. He was a Type 1 diabetic and an alcoholic. Not a good combination.

I’ll probably get to scanning up the rest tomorrow and will probably do a static page that I can fill in with details so and as family members are able to sort out who’s who and report back. Can you imagine? That photo, sitting in the hands of strangers 100 clicks northeast of Berlin all these years, who just happened to be home and notice at the very instant my dad and brothers as they came, decades later, to check out the house across the street? Fortune.

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  1. Steve Knott on June 1, 2008 at 11:48

    Our grandfather, Ernst Nikoley, once told me the story of that photograph. He and our grandmother, Selma, were at the park with the kids, and Ernst and Selma snuck off just out of site of the kids and watched them to see how the children would react.You can see that they're looking around for someone, and Brigitte, my mother, appears to be wiping away tears. I wonder if the shadow in the lower left part of the picture was with the neighbor/photographer. Very cute moment. Thanks for sharing this.

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