San Francisco

Bea & I are up for the weekend, along with my mom & dad. We have a membership with Worldmark, which we have never regretted buying for a minute. In fact, we’ve gone back two more times to buy extra credits. Highly recommended. But it spoils you. It’s very difficult to stay in a standard hotel room, any more.


That was taken from across the street, just outside of the Tunnel Top bar (Stockton Tunnel, just off Union Square). It’s a fun bar, and, they stock McCallen.


We’ll head over in a bit for breakfast atop the Hyatt, then maybe head down to the Apple store, shop generally, maybe a movie over at the Bloomingdale’s Mall (or whatever it’s officially called), and dinner tonight is at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. That’ll require a cab ride (once my car gets parked, it stays parked until I leave).

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  1. on May 10, 2008 at 10:31

    Tunnel Top!! I have been there for a while…wondering if it's still as fun as before.
    Ruth's Chris Steakhouse had this delicious chicken with cheese!!Yummy! (I know I went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse and got chicken!! )
    Hope you re having fun in the city.
    Stop by Union St if you get a chance we'll share good tips about the city:-)

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