I thought for a good three minutes about a title, but nothing fit. It’s lame, but it fits for me. I left Vegas yesterday afternoon (Monday), and my last meal was breakfast at 10am. It’s now 8:30 Tuesday evening and I just finished preparing and eating dinner. That’s about a 34hr fast, and I worked out hard at the 30hr point. Excellent, strong workout. Then, I came back, shopped, and trained Bea down at our condo gym for 30 minutes hard. It’s her third workout and she’s doing great. Art’s seminar provided some good information as to what to be cautious of with women (mainly less upper body strength). Here’s what Bea and I had for dinner.

That’s an almond crusted tilapia of my own design. Simple: coat the fillets in olive oil while the pan is heating at medium with a little more oil in the pan. Finely chop up a handful of almonds, place on a plate, and rub it on each fillet. Into the pan, a few minutes per side (I don’t really care for medium rare fish — though I love sashimi; so, cook it, or don’t — the one exception being seared ahi tuna), and be very careful to use a flat, straight spatula so you can scrape. Once on the plate, scrape off the crumbs that remain in the pan and distribute. The veggie is spinach, lots, because it really collapses when you put it in the pan. First, I chopped one slice of bacon into very tiny pieces, and into the pan on medium. Then, about a half teaspoon of minced garlic. Then, chopped red onion. After a minute or so, in goes a whole bag of fresh baby spinach from Joe the Trader. As soon as it’s all wilted, it’s done, and I finished it off with just about a teaspoon of balsamic. Bea’s favorite is spinach and she cooks it for herself. Said it was the best spinach she’s ever had. Both of these are my own preparations, dreamed up this afternoon. The salad is simply green leaf lettuce, red onion, a little celery for crunch. Then, I simply use olive oil and a half of fresh lime squeezed in. Very light and citrus. No salt or pepper needed. Here’s a closeup.

You know what? This is a hell of a lot more fun than political blogging, though I’m sure rage will soon enough drive me back to some form of it or another. Sorry to those who come here primarily or excluysively for that, but ’tis what ’tis. To give you an idea, Radley Balko’s place sits at 84 posts I’ve yet to read. Same story everywhere, with only a couple of exceptions. There is nothing, nothing I can do about the looming disaster in November, so I’m just going to move right along, I guess.

I’ll have another post soon, also about EvFit.

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  1. Nya on May 21, 2008 at 07:18

    Man, you've got my mouth watering. Look and sounds really good.

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