Another Redwood Project

This was what dad & I built last weekend. Would have been nice to have him back this weekend to project manage once again, along with mom, but they're getting ready to head out any day now with the 5th wheel for two weeks, so they weren't up to it. Had I told dad what I had in mind, I know he'd have come anyway, so I didn't. I know mom wanted to stick around…Read More

Betting on Thoroughly Good

Left the cabin Tuesday 'bout mid day to get back to San Jose for some business; then, Bea & I decided to come back up for another whirl yesterday. Got back up here early afternoon, probably until Monday morning. Snagged two tickets to see George Thorogood & the Destroyers, along with Buddy Guy. Looks like Charlie Musselwhite'll be there too. The venue is the Ironstone Winery and its Amphitheater, just 15 minutes down the hill.…Read More


Laf. Laf. Laf. Don't care, really, but this bit Billy links is the real reason I posted. There has been a little buzz surrounding John Edwards and his alleged affair. Because the only source has been the National Enquirer we have decided not to cover the rumors or salacious speculations. So I am asking you all not to blog about this topic until further notified. Translation: we might have to unavoidably confront the truth. Actually,…Read More

Diet Wars

Since blowing my top the other day, I've waited until a few of the excellent reviewers out there had a shot at the recent diet study. I'll point you to three excellent, substantive, thorough reviews. Otherwise, you'd have only fat-faced liars like Tara Parker-Pope of the NYT. First up: Stephan at Whole Health Source, who notes that the diet, indeed as I suspected and speculated, wasn't particularly low in carbs. Also: And finally, it caused…Read More

A Little Project to Keep Doggies In

Mom's in Reno visiting her sister, so dad came up to the cabin Saturday, arriving early afternoon. I had designs in mind and he, who turned 70 a few months back, figured prominently in them. As a former rocket technician and then jet engine mechanic, he's the perfect perfectionist. I wanted to get his take before commencing, then it was a trip to the lumber yard and hardware store for the necessary bits & pieces.…Read More

Fuck Obama

Yep. Here, too. For the umpteenth time in a row on a weekly basis, 'fuck obama' is the top search term on Finally, this one has been unseeted, which, for the last two years since its posting, has been the post most responsible for brining natural search to this blog. Now, it's Fuck Obama. Hallelujah. Fuck Obama. Fuck...Obama. Yep: fuck that prick. His potential First Whore-Bitch, too. Come here for concise political commentary. You…Read More


Here's where I'll be for the next four days. Yes! It's been since sometime in April, so three months. Far, far too long. Ever. Just spent the last two hours since arrival whipping things into shape (water service; hot water service; cobwebs everywhere to dispose of, inside & out; and the outside deck that circles half the house: tree bits and and lime green tree pollen par tout).Read More

The Wondrous Craigslist

Still batting 1000 on First is was the Coleman pop-up trailer I sold for $4,500. Then a black leather sofa for $800, then a nice mountain bike ($350). There's more: in each case, these items were sold for cash on the same day I listed them, for free. This morning, 'bout 11:30 am, I placed an add to sell my two first gen iPhones, an 8 gig ($100) and a 4 ($75), firm, cash…Read More

Stupid if it Fails; Brilliant if it Succeeds

On the heels of my last post, I came across this from Karen. I head about this yesterday from my co-founder on a drive up to San Francisco to meet with a micro-fund venture capitalist. Interesting. Yea, crash & burn, but is that because the business plan stunk, or just the way things work out, sometimes? Essentially, they were funding their rapid business expansion through cash incentives given to them by mall owners across the…Read More

Is It Time?

As some of you know, I quit trading the markets full time at the end of 2007. I'll not be looking back. I'd rather work on a startup any day. That said, I do still poke my nose under the hood of the financial markets from time to time, and I think we may have finally hit bottom, from which a rather explosive rally could develop. Yea, I know; I know. America's comeuppance is for…Read More


Completely out of character for me, I stood in line 2 1/2 hours yesterday at the Palo Alto Apple Store in order to get the new iPhone 3G. I originally went to the store at the Westfield at Valley Fair here in San Jose. Long line, of course, so I decided to take a drive to the PA store for shits & giggles. Long line there as well, outside even, but the people standing in…Read More

Lipid Panel

Following up from this, I don't see how you could have a better lipid panel than this, which is a clip right off my Med record on Kaiser's website, results obtained yesterday: Total Cholesterol is really a bullshit number, because observe that I could get to an "ideal"Read More

Elevator Pitch

Sometime within the last month or so, I am suddenly getting the "wow, you've really lost weight!" accolades from virtually everyone I know, and even people I don't actually know, but who've seen me around -- like waitresses in restaurants I frequent. Everyone wants to know "the secret." What's the magic? Bea hates it when I get started, and has taken to warning people. And, I'm getting a bit tired of going over the whole…Read More

Doctor Visit

Three years since a physical, which didn't go very well. Blood work not that great; fat -- & getting fatter -- puffy face. The doc was not impressed. Drink way less, stop smoking, eat more veggies, fruits, whole grains and so on. I'm working on the drinking of spirits too often, too much, and on the smoking as well. And obviously, at least for the last year, I've far from followed the SAD (Standard American…Read More

One For All You Smileys

All my life I'm getting admonishments from those brave enough -- like mom -- to "smile." It's not a natural facial expression for me, folks, even when I'm plenty happy and content. Plus, my natural frown serves me well. People don't fuck with me, and they don't pester me. They tend to stand off and I've heard from others that I come off as "unapproachable." Suits me fine. The less banality I have to deal…Read More

Photo Update

Looks like I need to do some shopping, eh? Thing is, probably another 4 inches of circumference is going to come off, as the sub-cutaneous belly fat and abdominal external obliques ("love handles") melt away. That's definitely the most stubborn fat for me. It's like I'm leaning out from the bottom up and top down and the midsection will be the last to go. I'm particularly pleased with how the shoulders are leaning out, even…Read More

Politics and Delusions Roundup

Here's a few things I'd wanted to blog going back a bit. Billy calls it "psychosis." I call it "automatic lying." Take your pick with regard to Senator Harry Reid, D-NV. See if you can manage to get through all four minutes without your head exploding. Via my cousin Steve, who defends large companies against bullshit tort claims in large and complex business litigation, this excellent WSJ Op-Ed by Bret Stephens: Global Warming as Mass…Read More