Betting on Thoroughly Good

Left the cabin Tuesday ’bout mid day to get back to San Jose for some business; then, Bea & I decided to come back up for another whirl yesterday. Got back up here early afternoon, probably until Monday morning.

Snagged two tickets to see George Thorogood & the Destroyers, along with Buddy Guy. Looks like Charlie Musselwhite’ll be there too. The venue is the Ironstone Winery and its Amphitheater, just 15 minutes down the hill. Last summer, we saw Earth, Wind & Fire, and wow, did those seasoned veterans put on a show. It’s not even particularly my quotidian sort of music, but I just loved being there, out on the lawn on a warm summer’s night. Here’s Ironstone’s lineup for this season. I could have had tickets for the seats close to the stage, but I like being back on the grass.

Here, have a listen to George. And now Buddy. When Eric Clapton says of Buddy that he’s the best guitarist alive, it may not be objectively true (assuming objectivity ought to have anything to do with it), but it does mean that you really ought to pay attention.

Well, I’m off to collect bits & pieces for another building project, this time solo. I’ll show you what it is when I’m done.

Richard Nikoley

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