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Three years since a physical, which didn't go very well. Blood work not that great; fat — & getting fatter — puffy face. The doc was not impressed. Drink way less, stop smoking, eat more veggies, fruits, whole grains and so on.

I'm working on the drinking of spirits too often, too much, and on the smoking as well. And obviously, at least for the last year, I've far from followed the SAD (Standard American Diet). But I went in and got me a physical today. The nice lean Dr. from Hungary (I eliminated all the fat faces), with 40 peer-reviewed articles under his belt in fields such as hematology, immunology and diabetes, was quite impressed once I showed him my prior self, thanks to the photos I keep on my iPhone. I even had a chance to discuss fasting and he was quite surprised that I knew that gene expression seems to mimic that of caloric restriction which we already know extends lifespan in virtually every species it's been tried on. He agreed that we have much to learn re-learn from the dietary habits of indigenous peoples (I have lots in the queue on that score) who have to exist by means of their own minds,  rather than via the advice from "authorities" and hyped advertising.

I told him I eat no grains, hyper low-carb, and often substantial fat. He didn't bat an eye, nor — I noticed — did he write that down or say anything negative. If I had to guess, I'd assume that the HMO he works for has policies, such as are plastered all over the wall: "Eat the SAD." My BP was high going in (140/100), but that was probably because I got there 25 minutes in advance of my appointment and had waited 50 minutes by the time I got in. Apparently, he was caught up at one of the other med centers he works at. Once we'd chatted a bit, he took the BP again and I was 125/70. Plus, I told him that I measure it myself at home and though I'll get a spike now and then, it's normally normal. No worries; turns out I don't have a diuretic deficiency.

He took great care in listening to my pulse at the extremities, particularly my feet. Said they were all "thunderous, excellent." I assumed that would be a marker for clogged arteries, so I didn't bother to ask him to elaborate, though he did say that if it's good there, is going to be good everywhere.

In addition to the standard battery of blood/urine work, he ordered up a test for gluten intolerance, as well as one for blood insulin levels. He said I'd need to be fasted and I said no problem. I don't skip breakfast; I just eat it when I'm hungry, whether 9am, or 1pm. "Good; you listen to your body." In the end, he concluded that my transformation was remarkable. We'll see what the blood work reveals in a few days.

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  1. willyd on July 9, 2008 at 15:45

    Good luck Richard, iam still trying to get off of blood pressure meds and i just quite taking my lipator(statan) i have been on them for 4 or 5 years.Thats what happens when you get fat.

  2. Varangy on July 9, 2008 at 16:35

    Sounds great. Keep us posted on the blood work.

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