Sarah Palin

Ah, the sport of politics. I wondered what it was going to take to get most of the long-term-republican-conservative McCain haters (or Reagan lovers -- same thing) to become McCain's bitches & fools. Spend five minutes in the comments section of any popular conservative blog (they've all blogged on it, by now) and you'll see that the wait is over. Fools. Well, I guess that's what it takes to keep the scam always rolling forward…Read More

The Hunger Returns: Fasting

I had intended to do a 30-hr fast beginning at noon, yesterday, with both a hearty breakfast and lunch prior. It didn't work out that way. I wasn't really hungry in the early morning (never am, anymore), so I didn't fix anything until about 9am. I hadn't had bacon & eggs in a while (really), so I fixed five strips and fried up two eggs in my newly acquired lard. I had intended to add…Read More

How to Cook

My brother rings in from Texas. Here's my problem: I am not a cook. You want a over/under absorption and recapitalization analysis on revenue of fifty million dollars per month? No problem; I'll have it done in a day or two. Ask me to plan a healthy menu for the next week, and, well, it's a deer in the headlights look. I don't have a clue. Where do I start? Well, first, you have to…Read More

By Popular Demand: Food Pics

Of all my food & fitness postings it seems like people are most enthusiastic about the food. At least that's the sense I get from some of the feedback I get in email, as well as comments. While I've been lax in photographing most of what I make, I've taken a few over the weeks and months, and so I guess I'll post them over the next few days. Let's start with some of the…Read More


Yesterday, I made the final lease payment on my 2006 BMW X5 (4.4L V8). Best car I have ever "owned" in terms of engineering excellence, reliability, service, raw power and handling, and a host of other things. It's not the most expensive car I've owned, either. Add to that: the residual is on the order of $34k, while the value (and all the ads for 2006 models here and there) is around $45k. So, obviously,…Read More

“To hell with these liars”

Damn right: I think this is splendid. "Ideological diversity" is horseshit. What's needed is ideological clarity: the honesty of publishers' convictions laid out straight in what they produce. Adolph Ochs' delusion of objectivity, seminal in American journalism, was essentially overthrown at The New York Times in two generations for the very good and natural reason that thinking ordinarily results conclusions and convictions, with the equally natural caveat that peoples' ethics condition their thinking. The question…Read More

Why I’m Not Interested

February 7, 2004. Read it; or, here's the short version: republicans are fools. The democrats are evil fucking commies, but the republicans are fools. Don't know which I hate worse, but I have this sort of visceral respect -- at least -- for someone who honestly stands on their principles, and that would be the democrats (it's analogous to the condition that I have more respect for a common thief than for those jobholder thieves…Read More

Can You Guess?

What this is? You'll notice the cap. So, a beer, to go? Nope. Lard. Freshly rendered, and still warm. Better is that I got it not 2 blocks from home, and actually walked over. Mi Pueblo Food Center. They have a really nice meat department, too. And not bad on the produce either, though they could do with some additional fruit selections, especially berries. Here's the meal preparation tonight, 15-20 minutes start to finish. Tri-Tip…Read More

Turbulence Training

Craig Ballantyne really does good work. See for yourself. That's 12 weeks, people. Here's the results from his spring contest. And yet, day after day and week after week I see the same people trudging away on the treadmill, elliptical, cycle...making no progress. Then there's the joggers out on the trail every morning. There's this one, in particular. Three years ago when she first showed up, she was a bit plump, but not too bad,…Read More


I guess it was rather early in the AM, yesterday, when I noted that the top news item on my Yahoo "home page" was that 'ol Barack was about to announce a running mate. I could only imagine the millions who must've worn out their mice buttons throughout the day clicking on the refresh, over and over. I paid no attention at all, and then when I went to the gym at 4pm pacific, noted…Read More

Bitch Charm II

Those who were around last January and took a look will recall Bitch Charm. And now I'll introduce you to Bitch Charm II. That's our 3-yr-old Rat Terrier, Nanuka ("Nuke"). The other dog is Spot, a sheep herding breed and a very nice dog. If you saw my flying video from the other day, he's featured in my landing. He does this to all the pilots. At about 300-500 ft AGL ('above ground level') he…Read More

Anecdotal Data Point

So driving back from getting my wife's new car battery, I encountered the stupidest, most reckless driver I've seen in perhaps months. First, she runs a red light turning left into a 4-way lighted intersection where the cross traffic had the green (for a while). I had to brake to avoid. Then, she slows and slows, eventually stopping right in the middle of the roadway, looking this way and that. I finally got around, to…Read More

Not All Work

A curious car-centric day. First, I had an idea that the battery life on my wife's Infinity FX was coming to an end. I recently had to jump it, but wasn't sure if it was an anomoly, or what. After sitting idle for a week, it became clear. So, the day began with me going down and pulling the thing, which isn't like your father's car. Significant amounts of engine-compartment cowling had to be dissasembled…Read More

Logical Simplicity

The only thing really complicated about Mike's list of mistakes people make is that most people are so enthusiastic about the havoc they're wreaking on their bodies that they aren't really stopping to assess why it is that they make no gains and often get worse -- chronically worse. That's to say it's rather complicated figuring out why one can observe plain old animals, like dogs, behave in accordance with their natures, while humans have…Read More

This & That

Back home and in full force, finally. Lots to do. Lots & lots. ...General work involving an existing company, a start-up company, a town home building project, this blog's new nutrition & fitness direction and ancillary projects surrounding that endeavor. The bottle of scotch will just have to age a bit more. In the meantime, here's a shot of the full moon I took the last night of camping at Hat Creek, CA.Read More


Here's a conversation with a waitress at a nice little restaurant this morning. Me: I'll have the eggs, ground beef patty, potatoes; no toast. Over easy and medium. Her: Oh, the ground beef has almost no fat in it. Me: That's unfortunate. Her: Oh, yea, she gets the ground beef with almost no fat in it and cooks it well done, so it's healthy. Me: I beg to differ. I eat 60-70% of calories from…Read More

Arthur De Vany in the UK Times

The diet that really works Bryan Appleyard thinks he has found a diet that really works: it took him three weeks to shed 14lb with healthy ease. But he had to go back 5,000 years to discover the science behind it This isn’t just background, it is essential to an understanding of Arthur’s approach to diet and fitness. It is very rigorous and thoughtful – which is why Nassim’s [Nicholas Taleb] advocacy got me on…Read More

Wing in a Bag

Here's some video footage I mashed together in about 5 minutes in iMovie. So simple and easy. The nice gentleman giving me a hand with pre-launch checks and standby -- just in case -- is Page, a local who gave me an intro to the site prior to my first flight here 12 years ago, and who has been an annual flying buddy ever since. I've probably had 50 flights here, and never have I…Read More