Roughing It

Here's a photo my brother shot Sunday night, just a bit after we arrived and set up. Then we got to cooking, and as you can see I have my favorite cooking oil on hand: coconut. If you've never used it -- and I hadn't until a couple months ago -- you may really be missing out. Here's a shot of what I was cooking.Read More

Off the Grid and Up in the Air

Arrived yesterday at Hat Creek, after a brief stop-off in Chico, CA en route for a 50th anniversary party. We'll be here for the whole week, ad I'll be doing some flying off the rim. Like this. Maybe I'll mash up some more video along the way.Read More


I'll do a better one later, but I just couldn't stand looking at my fat face to the right any longer, which was the middle one in the left-to-right series of photos I've had up there since I began my new Life Way. The one to the left is from two years ago. I'd say at least three pounds of my total wight loss is in my face and neck. Later: Well, in the comments,…Read More

“Some of the people who are offsetting your cheating”

cheatneutral "Helping you because you can't help yourself." (via Art) Later: Well, I was half-tempted when I blogged this to include some crack about Edwards, speculating whether he, as is Gore with his carbon offsets, behind any of it. Now it's official (the affair, that is). How is it that all these Democrat darling "pretty boys" can't control themselves? Well, let's just say that I come from a time and place where such behavior isn't…Read More

Concert Follow-Up

Still working out details, which will take a while. I've received a few emails from friends asking how the concert went. I must say: I'm somewhat embarrassed that the tickets were only $45 each. Could have sat up in the regular seats, but I think we had the perfect deal. See here. And here's a wide-angle shot of the venue, just as Charlie Musselwhite took stage. It was a good time, though I think that…Read More

A Brand New Direction

I'm heading in a different direction with this blog. Over the last year, you may have noticed that it's less and less about politics and its roots, and more and more about diet, fitness, and my own journey to improve myself in that regard. That includes a large dose of independent discovery, research, thinking, and experimentation. But just as there are lots of sites already that deal in politics in all its varieties, there's plenty…Read More

Walking in Gloves

I said I'd let you know how it goes, but Justin has written up a review of the Vibram Five Fingers that can pretty much stand up as my own. Take a look. Five Fingers have helped me be a kid again That's the most important part. I haven't gotten yet where I wear them much on my morning walks. Frankly, the sensory explosion is a bit overwhelming. I like to focus on the dogs,…Read More

One Man’s Vices are Another Man’s Virtues

Still catching up with Mark Sisson, with 80 posts to go. I can't bear to just dump it; he's got so much good info. So, there might be a highlight or two. Like this one on "vices." On the consumption of lots of fat: Don’t you love the look on peoples’ faces when you say that? I do, and it's quite often. People I haven't seen in a while are now always commenting on "all…Read More

Tropical Fats: Good

I'm way behind in my reading. This is from May, but definitely worth the read. Scott Kustes of Moder Forager, guest blogging at Mark's Daily Apple. I now do all of my stir frys in coconut oil. It is by far the most pleasant fat I've ever worked with and cooked with. I even use it in non-cooked things, like a spoonful in a whey protein shake with vanilla and a couple of raw eggs,…Read More