I had occasion just a bit ago to reference a couple of of posts from the past concerning some unconventional treatments for cancer. Given that there are so many new readers and that this information is so important, I'd thought to highlight those posts. The first has to do with an ancient idea with and even more ancient basis. We didn't evolve side-by-side with refrigerators and freezers. In other words, food was often scarce, so we went hungry sometimes. And, even if food was plentiful, if we're anything like modern carnivores or omnivores, we probably get a pretty good hunger going before bothering to get food. After all, if plentiful, success was assured, so why sweat it? Incidentally, this is now my mode of operation. I never care that much about any particular meal. Hunger is relative, and not very important. Indeed, it's even sometimes enjoyable. Anyway, it turns out that normal cells insulate themselves against stress when you're fasting. However, cancer cells can't do that. The result: fasting protects healthy cells against the ravages of chemotherapy, thereby tipping the balance in the war of attrition that is chemo. Next up concerns the simple logic of macro-nutrient composition applied to...

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