Coming Together and How You Can Help

Just a quick note to say that things seem to be shaping up nicely around here. Yesterday brought just a bit over 1,000 visits, around 1,900 page views. Visitors seem to be sticking around and looking around.

I spend a fair amount of time at this and love doing it. But how can you help if you get value from it? Well, I can't see myself ever putting a tip jar to the side, nor do I even have an Amazon Wish List and likely never will. But there are a couple things you can do to help out around here if you get value from these efforts.

First and foremost: when you see a post you particularly like, please share it. There's a little "share this" button at the bottom of each, and it takes but a minute to share on Stumble or Digg, probably the two best. A secondary approach would be a link to a particular post in the comments on another blog, so long as it's relevant to the post you're commenting on.

Also, email me, or post comments about any of these fitness issues, of course, but also about your success stories (with photos, if you like).

Richard Nikoley

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