One thing I should always mention about my results like I posted yesterday is that in addition to the real food and intermittent fasting, my workouts consist of only two 30-minute sessions per week, both of which I always do hungry, i.e., at least 12 hours since last food intake, and sometimes as much as 24-30 hours (I'm still in fat-loss mode). And regardless of how long it was that I hadn't eaten, I don't…Read More

Coming Together and How You Can Help

Just a quick note to say that things seem to be shaping up nicely around here. Yesterday brought just a bit over 1,000 visits, around 1,900 page views. Visitors seem to be sticking around and looking around. I spend a fair amount of time at this and love doing it. But how can you help if you get value from it? Well, I can't see myself ever putting a tip jar to the side, nor…Read More

Periodic Photo Progress Update

I'm trying to get out a photo of my continuing evolution (an intended pun, there) about every 10 pounds of net loss. Last one was at a bit over 200 pounds, and this is at a bit over 190. But let's take a trip back, first. Me, on a European vacation, a mere two summers ago. Oh, one more. We'll call it "fat me II." Doing what I did best, back then. Here's the comparison…Read More

General Health Benefits

Often, the focus around here centers on fat loss and lean gain, which is only natural since that's the chief problem for most people. But I'll also blog substantially about other health gains from this sort of Life Way. If you're new here, you may not be aware of my own experience in this area. I have been a seasonal allergy sufferer all my life, since my teenage years. This was debilitating in the spring…Read More


I received the following question in email from a reader. How would you compare the methods / products promoted by IsAgenics as a route to maintained weight reduction and increased sustained energy versus your program? A quick bit of Googling got me to the main company website (it appears to be an MLM, so there's lots of "affiliate" websites out there). OK, where to start? How about with the most obvious: this is simply not…Read More

Reader Food Pics

I'm going to try once per week (likely every Wednesday, here out) to post 1-3 food pics readers of this blog graciously send along to me in emails, provided they closely conform to being Real Food. Not interested in what anyone can do with Hot Pockets. First up, my aunt Brigitte send along this very nice looking lunch salad. Next is Adam, with his mini quiche. It's from a recipe off Mark's Daily Apple. Guidelines…Read More

Survey Results

Thanks to all who took the time. As promised, and without further delay, here are the results. Is my information relevant to the average person who constantly diets, exercises, reads diet books & magazines, purchases Jenny Craig type food products and continuously gets discouraged by the dismal short term results? Y=95%; N=5% Is the scientific basis of the evolutionary fitness program easy enough for the average person to comprehend? Y=87%; N=13% Would you buy a…Read More

“Loving Lard”

New readers, of which there are quite a few: that's exactly right. By the time you finish reading this, I hope to have those of you who just know that lard is bad for you questioning that assumption. Keep it in mind, as it's instrumental and essential in deprogramming decades of such purely rendered error. Here goes. First, a reader email. Did you read the article in the San Francisco Chronicle today? It's in the…Read More

Life Tweak #57

If you sit at a desk a lot, as I do, perhaps you've at times experienced an irresistible urge to stand. Often, I'll turn my chair around and work bent over the backrest just to stand. If I get deep in thought about some thing or the other, I'll often stand and pace back & forth. I sit to the right. Now, I stand to the right. That was this afternoon's project. A solid 8'…Read More

Final Call

I will likely close the survey later today or earlier tomorrow. Final call for your valued input. Once the survey is closed, I will promptly publish the results.Read More

Excellent and Welcome News

Evolutionary Fitness Grandaddy (but not in looks!) Art De Vany has just signed with Harper Collins and Random House for the publication of his long, long awaited book. Due out in a couple of years (yea, it's a long process -- I've seen a friend go through it twice, same publishers). Here's his 71st birthday picture, just a few days ago.Read More

You Don’t Have to Believe in Evolution

...And yet you can still benefit tremendously, just as we benefit every day from Newtons "Laws," even though they have been found to be not precisely true in all circumstances. I never make any bones about the fact that I don't believe in any supreme being, and I'm as convinced of the overwhelming evidence in support for evolution as I am that the universe is heliocentric and not geocentric, as was believed by virtually everyone…Read More

The Survey

I had originally indicated that the survey would go through Sunday and that I'd report the results. However, at the last minute we decided to leave it open. Why? Well, a couple of reasons. First, we're really closing in on statistical significance. With anything like this, you always know that the first to answer are your family, friends, and fans if you have any who aren't family or friends. So, give or take, the first…Read More

Point of Order – Vegetarianism

Got my first email question regarding vegetarianism. It was from a concerned friend. One of the insructors at my gym - a vegetarian - is fighting a cold, and is often slightly sick. Beside the diet, she is way over-trained (she is the instructor for 15 or so intense aerobics classes per week). She has 2 problems - diet and over-exercise. Her lifestyle and her job make it impossible to change either - and her…Read More

Camping Dinner

There are a couple of things about my health and fitness blogging that have surprised me, and this goes back to May, '07, even when this was still primarily a political blog with excursions into EvFit. They are reactions to the food photos and queries about cooking. I suppose I'm surprised because I've always been around people (familly, mostly) who cook, and cook well, and I've always cooked plenty (in between the pizzas and fast…Read More

Stop the Presses

I've got a number of posts in process. It's going to be a busy week in other areas, so I want to get some suff in the queue. Then I reviewed my email and I've just got to toss this up immediately. My nearest younger brother Dave, in Utah, deer hunting. A 360 yard shot. Custom made 300 Ultra Mag. That's a 4-pointer, still in velvet. Nice kill. And, within a couple of weeks, I'll…Read More


Man, I'd wanted to get two posts out today, have them half-drafted in the machine, half in the head. Things just didn't come together, since 6am, starting with the dog walk and nothing has slowed down since. But I've got to roll. We're out to a local place (Mt. Madonna, Hecker Pass) only an hour away to break in the new little retro camping trailer I picked up this week. It's the T@DA, by Dutchman.…Read More