“Orcas in the ER”

Here's the enormity of it, folks. An ER doc writes in to Art De Vany relating a 6-hour shift where only 2 of 18 patients weighed less than 300 pounds. ...They are on Avandia (increases insulin sensitivity in muscle and fat-cells that are desperately trying to protect themselves from excess glucose), Glyburide (increases glucose uptake in cells that are trying to avoid the sugar onslaught). They are on Zoloft (serotonin uptake inhibitor to increase serotonin because their receptors are worn out from the spikes and crashes Dr. Devany describes above). They are on Lipitor and Niacin (trying to control the disruption in hormone synthesis when excess sugar in the face of high insulin results in shunting to the liver and conversion to triglycerides and LDL). They are on asthma inhalers (albuterol), antihistamines (zyrtec), and leukotriene inhibitors (singulair) to deal with chronic systemic inflammation. They are on long-acting non steroidals from their obesity and inflammation driven arthritis. They are on Prilosec for reflux and gastritis due to chronic overeating and loss of Grehlin sensitivity, not to mention the irritation of their arthritis meds. They are on ACE inhibitors to deal with increased vascular tone and BP from chronic vascular inflammation [...]...

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