Reader Food Pics

Adam sends this along. Meat & eggs, over some greens. Never thought of putting eggs with greens, but why not? Do you sometimes want something light, different, and a little unconventional for breakfast? Brigitte emails this one.Read More

“Raw For 30 Days” – Vegan Cure for Diabetes

Well why not give the other side of the spectrum a little recognition? Just doing a quick round of research on Rebee Gabriel Cousens, he seems a fine gentleman to me. Now, I don't know why anyone would want to adopt the diet of hominids that went extinct about 2.5 million years ago, but on the other hand, modern civilization now makes it possible for a modern human to eat vegan and survive. So be…Read More

Hold Everything! Cauliflower-Crust Pizza?

Well just as I was finishing up a comment on Stephan's latest entry (the whole "acid-base balance" thing) -- ironically enough about not being so obsessed with food -- I decided to go check out Debs' fabulous food blog, as it had been a while (I'm gonna have to put that in my Other Resources roll). Holy Brassicaceae, Batman; it's Cauliflower-Crust Pizza! I think I know what's for dinner, tonight. And what was I saying…Read More

Reader Real Results

Well this one thrills my heart. Back when I decided to go all out and leave the politics and other ramblings to others, one of the things I did was to send out an invitation to essentially my entire email contact list. I included descriptions of some of my own results and offered that people to receive an email notice with each post. All but about four have opted remain on the list One gentleman,…Read More

Paleo v. Mediterranean — Curing Type 2 Diabetes

Stephan has up a couple of follow ups to those studies I posted about the other day. It's a really nice roundup of the whole thing, which you can find here and then here. Most interesting is that the Paleo diet seems to have cured Type II diabetes with 100% effectiveness, and it may not even be primarily the low carbs that did it, but simply the elimination of grains completely. I'm becoming convinced of…Read More

Mind-Body Dichotomies — The Evolutionary Approach

I alluded to this back when I announced the new name of this blog. You're welcome to review that, but here's the gist of the particular reference, from two sources: Wikipedia and Objectivism Wiki. The most concise way I can describe it is the notion of either "body and mind," for the more secular among us, or "body and soul" for the most religious / spiritual. In essence, the idea seems to either call for…Read More

Evolving to Eat New Stuff

As I wrote previously, you don't have to believe in evolution. It's not the belief or confidence in it that helps you out, anyway. What makes the difference is acting as though it were true, along with hypothesizing or educated guessing what was probably true for us, over eons, then simulating and modeling a life to capture those advantages for yourself. It's worked for me and plenty of others, has generally been a blast and…Read More

Brain Fuel

Chris Highcock emailed this interesting bit of info the other day and I'm just now getting to it. The brain seems to be able to shift to lactate for fuel during strenuous exercise (info: lactate). Purely speculating, but this may be why some people who get headaches while fasting (low glucose levels) can make them go away with a bit of iron pumping. Also; it suggests, once again, that most exercise experts -- those who…Read More

The Market

As a former full-time derivatives options trader, I feel a bit compelled to comment on yesterday's activities in the market. I'd have probably missed all this had not every TV in the gym been tuned to CNBC. Virtually everyone, excluding yours truly, was riveted. 'Twas interesting listening to the commentary on TV and amongst the gym-goers -- as if anyone really knows what'll happen next, or what to really do about it. Two things: first,…Read More

Paleo Trumps Faux Mediterranean

I'm so far behind in blogging about some of the astounding stuff Stephan has uncovered over the last few months that I better not get any further behind and just run this one up the flagpole instanter. But I haven't even gotten to the best part yet. Well, just click on over to get the whole thing. Nothing I can add, except perhaps the comment I posted concerning his correct, first-hand (like mine) identification of…Read More

Real Raw Dog Food

As I mentioned just recently, I’m interested in trying raw food for my dog-people. So this morning I was out and about and noticed a shiny new store, a pet food express. Turns out they have a few companies supplying various forms of raw food product. Nature’s Variety offers both Raw, as well as a…Read More

“Average” is Fat and Ignorant

If you keep this up, you're eventually going to get someone tell you you're "too skinny," that you look "unhealthy," or some such other baseless judgment. Here's a good comment exchange over on Art's blog. Peter says: So I’ve changed my mind about my thin “look.” I think we’re all just too fat is the problem, with an “average” look being 40 pounds overweight. To which Art responds: It does seem that people are used…Read More

What to Cook With

I previously blogged about how to cook. Now, I've just received an email from a reader who's in the market for new cookware, asking if I had any recommendations. Well, this is what I installed in the kitchen of our downtown loft last April. Most of those pots & pans are a semi-commercial hard anodized version of Magnalite and are no longer in production. I've since taken then up to the cabin and replaced with…Read More


From time-to-time -- not every weekend but some -- I'll do the briefest commentary on current events that are not necessarily diet fitness related. First up, Francisco d'Aconia, a character from Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged. I was reminded of this yesterday in a reader's email. Watch money. Money is the barometer of a society's virtue. When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion—when you see that in order to produce,…Read More

“Orcas in the ER”

Here's the enormity of it, folks. An ER doc writes in to Art De Vany relating a 6-hour shift where only 2 of 18 patients weighed less than 300 pounds. ...They are on Avandia (increases insulin sensitivity in muscle and fat-cells that are desperately trying to protect themselves from excess glucose), Glyburide (increases glucose uptake in cells that are trying to avoid the sugar onslaught). They are on Zoloft (serotonin uptake inhibitor to increase serotonin…Read More

Quick Note

Regular readers: you'll note there is now a 1-5-star rating widget at the end of each post. May I ask that from here out, you take the micro-second to give my your gut, visceral reaction. Don't be afraid to issue a 1, a 5, or anything in-between. It's all about you, now, and this will help me focus on what you like the best. Also associated with this widget is the "most popular posts" thingy…Read More

Is The Tide Turning?

I like to think that other than accounting for long tails (lottery-style luck) that, for most, where you get in life is somewhat related to (less than 'directly proportional to' or 'a function of') how well you see coming trends and modify your life in ways that capture the tide. This could be as basic as an employee of a buggy-whip manufacturer finding a job with a steering wheel manufacturer (when he'd have been in…Read More

“Quick, Get Me Some Sugar Before I Start Burning Fat.”

As ridiculous as it sounds, that's what it boils down to for millions upon millions stuck in the sugar crack-house. "Hypoglycemia" has to be the most overused, misunderstood condition in existence, perhaps with the exception of "I got the flu" (most of what people identify as "flu" is simple food poisoning). I had an interesting experience over the weekend, when I took part in a fairly rigorous hike, about 4.6 miles round trip, but with…Read More