You may have noticed the new badge to the right. I've been invited to blog at Wellsphere. Not something I sought out — they contacted me — but it looks to be an interesting gig. I'll do my best.

Wellsphere’s mission is to help millions of people live healthier, happier lives by connecting them with the knowledge, people and tools they need to manage and improve their health.

Recognizing that each person has their own unique health questions, we developed a model that combines personalized information and social support to help people address their individual concerns. After extensive research and development, Wellsphere launched WellPages, powered by its innovative Health Knowledge EngineTM, enabling users to quickly and efficiently find comprehensive, personal answers and support for their specific health needs – all on one personalized webpage. Wellsphere’s unique ability to quickly and efficiently answer user’s specific health needs has made one of the leading consumer health websites in the world.

One of the keys to Wellsphere’s success is the breadth of knowledge across its network of experts and experienced health writers, and within its caring community. Wellsphere’s network of writers and bloggers includes almost 1,500 of the leading medical minds from Stanford, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Yale and other top Medical Schools, as well as patients facing difficult diseases who bravely share their stories of survival. Wellsphere is extremely selective in admitting writers into its network, ensuring that they are highly credible, eloquent, and caring. By creating such an extensive writer network, Wellsphere is able to connect users with a variety of personal and medical perspectives on any health issue. In addition to expert and patient articles, WellPages present a holistic view, including relevant news, articles, videos and pictures from reliable sources ranging from the FDA and Harvard Medical School to leading health and fitness magazines. Instead of having to spend hours visiting many different websites to get a complete answer to their health concerns, users can instantly get a complete picture within seconds.

Onward, then. You may note that they loaded up the entire blog over there, including all the political posts (the health and fitness stuff is all mixed in there, too). I asked Dr. Geoff Rutledge if he was sure he wanted all that stuff in there and, apparently they don't mind.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Marcus on November 21, 2008 at 11:00

    Better to get the whole Richard with all of your blog work than just the new Richard on his way to 10% body fat.

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