The New Year

Well; we're in the snow. Our very dear friends, Alessandro, and his longtime partner Robert (the two doctors -- one a chemist -- foreground -- Italian immigrant who speaks better English than most -- the other a psychiatrist -- home grown) just emailed me from Rio.Read More

Caldo De Res

My dad-in law made soup this afternoon. First generation out of Mexico, he has never forgotten his heritage, and at now 80+ in age, he gets around no differently than when I first met him a dozen years ago. A true inspiration. Hey, maybe this has something to do with it. I didn't do any corn. What I did do was to put it on a plate instead of a bowl, and eat with my…Read More

Totally Animal

What a day. I promised a dozen posts, and got the last one up at 11:59 PST. Could have had it up 30 minutes earlier, but was trying to be choosy in a music choice that turned out to be limited to one -- as I had my mind set on a particular song I've been enjoying lately. So, for reference, here are the posts in chronological order. Parents: Stop Killing Your Children Slowly Epidemic…Read More

Self Indulgence — In The End

Can I? This is number twelveroonie, just as promised (though I've got a baker's dozen followup in the batter's box already). I'm coming up to 18 hours pretty much straight at this endeavor, with the exception of a time-out for breakfast -- cooked up by the wife & mom-in-law -- a quick tripette to the market, and in the last couple of hours, refills of my tumbler (scotch). I often tell people that Rush (and…Read More

LSD Chicken

Ha! Anyone ever heard of Owsley Stanley? In Paleo circles, he's known as "The Bear" -- a complete carnivore -- in his 70s, now, who thinks all plant matter is toxic (it is, to a degree, but we're evolutionarily adapted to most of it -- grains and legumes excluded -- which is a good reason to mix up what you eat vegetable / fruit / nut wise and employ intermittency to simulate seasonal availability). All…Read More

Dad Makes It a Little Easier

Since I'm on a deadline to get a dozen reasonably substantive posts out out today (2 1/2 hours to go PST), I'm grateful to dad (22 or so pounds lost & counting), who took it upon himself to make Keith's baked eggs. Voilà: Dad says: I changed the ingriedients a little because I didn't have some of them. I started out with olive oil and a little bacon dripping, with bacon on the bottom, followed…Read More

Vitamin D Deficiency and All Cancer

This is a huge presentation from GrassrootsHealth, much of it likely inaccessible to the average layman. So let me help. I could certainly use as much knowledge as possible -- and let me come clean about something. It's weird, at the age of 47, having completed one career and then started a successful company that pays my way even when I'm not there, only to find that I probably should have studied biochemistry instead of…Read More

Melanoma, Sun, and Its Synthetic Defeat (Sunscreen)

As per the last post, this is courtesy of GrassrootsHealth. The particular presentation I'm highlighting is Skin Cancer / Sunscreen -- the Dilema, by Edward D. Gorham, Ph.D., Frank C. Garland, Ph.D., Cedric F. Garland, Dr.P.H. and Sharif B. Mohr, M.P.H. Let's jump right in with some graphical highlights. Melanoma has been getting worse and worse, where? Indonesia? Brazil? Cuba? How about Tunisia -- all places pretty close to the equator where the sun is…Read More

Vitamin D Deficiency and Type 1 Diabetes

Well, via a nice Google alert for vitamin D, I stumbled upon a treasure trove, yesterday. At first, it was just one of the more common news articles I cite. In this case, however, there was this bit towards the end. Carole Baggerly started a group called GrassrootsHealth last year in California, which focuses solely on promoting information about vitamin D. She started it after a bout with breast cancer that was followed by a…Read More

“U.S. Weight, Lifestyle and Diet Trends, 1970- 2007”

Stephan went to a lot of work to compile this post and it's pretty revealing. Best you read it over there, but here's just a taste. First, everyone's getting fatter. Second, it's not the animal fat. Go check out his post for the rest. Here's a graph I just found on my desktop, but I don't recall where I stole it from, but thanks to whoever put it together. It's not the butter, either.Read More

Low & Slow Wins Again

Well, that's settled. I believe I'll never again do a tri-tip roast on the grill, except when camping. Here was last evening's dinner preparation before heading off to the oven. I believe the only thing on it is rosemary, savory, and a bit of salt & pepper. I don't often do potatoes, but we had guests. I ended up eating 2 or 3 of those sections, so less than half a potato. However, it has…Read More

Traveling: The Perfect Time to Fast

I have found over the last year that my absolute favorite time to fast is while traveling, either by car or through those awful airports. For one -- especially when on a long drive -- you eliminate any sort of discomfort from whatever food might do to you gastrointsestinaly. For another, it just makes the trip easier, as you don't have to worry about when and where to eat, like, damn, wish we'd have gone…Read More

Spoiled & Pampered Animals

Spoiled? Our dogs? Here's "daddy's sweetheart," Nanuka ("Nuke"), a 3-yr-old rat terrier. Pampered? Pillow, even? That's Cumie, Boomie, the Cumster -- or whatever I happen to call him -- short for cumulous. He's my parents-in-law's dog. It was Bea's & mine when but a pup, but he was just to unruly, way more of an outside dog, and the parents had a big yard. Work out great, and now he's a fabulous little guy to…Read More

Epidemic Influenza and Vitamin D

This is the first of what may turn out to be two or more posts on Vitamin D today, and the focus is epidemiology. The next one will be a doozie, but this is an excellent set up. I had not known the background of Dr. John Cannell of the excellent resource, the Vitamin D Council until I stumbled upon this amazing account over the weekend. You're best off reading that, which might require 15…Read More

Parents: Stop Killing Your Children Slowly

I think this angers me more than anything else. I want to slap parents silly when I see kids constantly chowing down on cereals, drinking those poisonous "fruit juices" in boxes marketed to imbecile parents as "healthy,' cookies, sweets non-stop, and then, when it's time for a meal -- even if it's a remotely healthy meal -- the kids either don't want to eat, or they want mac & cheese, pizza, or some other awful…Read More

The Coming Firestorm

Holiday whatevers: A dozen posts, tomorrow -- to you. I'll do my best, which means, I intend to deliver quality, not cheap. A few might be only peripherally related to our subject matter, here. I'll save explanations for tomorrow, but I have become born again in music over the last couple of months, and it is precisely tied to the diet (oh, man, had I know about this in the college dorm... where the midnight…Read More

Barack: Call Art*, Criag**, or Keith*** ASAP; Time is of the Essence; 1/20 Draws Near

Totally (Trust me: WAY totally) apart from politics, this may be the leanest & buffed President ever. Not bad at all, with a bit of "guns" on -- uh, oh. Certainly a lower BF% than I'm currently sporting, but I could take you in an arm wrestle (or leg or bench press), any day. The reportage claims you do cardio and weights 45 minutes ever day. Too much. And dump the cardio, sir. Walk, instead…Read More

New Additions to Blogroll

In addition to the specific links to specific posts I assemble regularly, there are some out there whose regular content is so good that they earn a permanent spot here in the "Blogroll," which I actually call "Other Resources," as they are outside this blog, and some are not blogs but reference sites. I've just added three new sites. At Darwin's Table Really a great blog by Dr. Dan Bassett, a PhD marine biologist out…Read More

Blog Design Issue

I recently added custom CSS code to have blockquotes show up with the border and background color. This is what I'm talking about: Here is the code I'm using: blockquote { border-left: 5px solid #CCCCCC; padding: 10px; background-color: #D6E6E5; } Since then, I have received a few emails from people using Internet Explorer that some of the center column is getting truncated on one side or the other, and while I would like to admonish…Read More


This is a brief diversion. We arrived a couple of hours ago at our vacation home, cabin, chalet -- whatever -- and I've got snow on the brain; since I had to dig and dig and dig, just to clear the stairs up to the thing, a clerestory style of construction, and then I had to dig and shovel more just to get to the water access. My brother will be up here tomorrow, staying…Read More