Vitamin Supplements – Part Two

This is part two of a three to perhaps four part series on vitamin supplementation. Click here to access Part One. I'm going to go off track here and diverge a bit, because I'm left unsatisfied in all of these discussions of vitamin supplementation, as well as the fact that I note that a lot of the people encouraging supplementation are also part of the general "Paleo Diet" movement, loosely defined. I suppose that what gives me the most heartburn -- more so than taking unnecessary supplements -- is the sort of unthinking, uncritical submission to authority that's often packaged with it, as though taking supplements is some sort of prima facie good, with the only question being quality. The first thing that ought to jump out at any Paleo adherent is that all of these studies are being performed on people eating Neolithic (post-agricultural) diets, not Paleolithic (pre-agricultural) diets and their close facsimiles (saturated / unsaturated fat ratios, presence of dairy, acidic / basic, and so on). How in the world can we possibly know that supplementation is beneficial when we're already getting 100-300% higher nutrition (I'll develop this specifically in Pt 3) already than the people these studies...

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