Vitamin Supplements – Part One

I get asked a lot about supplements. With all my harping about supplementation of vitamin D, K2 (MK-4: menaquinone-4 or menatetrenone), and omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) it may surprise you to learn that I have for some long time been generally opposed to vitamin supplementation. And here's a pretty decent synopsis of why, by Drucilla Dyess in Health News. I'm not going to quote it at length because, frankly, it's far too much to quote here and there's far too much gold-standard (randomized, controlled, intervention, double-blind) research to quote anyway. Just read it. It's not that long. Since I began to really understand evolution and its underlying mathematical logic of natural selection, I have understood one thing about biology above all else: biological systems are chemically complex. Really complex. Really interdependently and interrelatedly complex. Chaotically complex (plausibly the underlying reason that, even though we all have the same chemical composition, we nonetheless all respond differently to identical chemical inputs). With that in mind, I'll quote the third to last paragraph of the article I cited. According to one expert, a vitamin's benefit may become apparent only if people aren't getting enough of it,...

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