The Look of Success

How would you react if, instead of asking for a handout, the next bum you see -- smelly and dressed in rags -- approaches you and offers to be your "success coach" for a fee? Have you pondered anything quite so absurd in a while? Coronary heart disease prevention and reversal specialist, Dr. William Davis, wonders why it is, then, that people tolerate the advice of fat and even obese dietitians, who perhaps number in…Read More

Vitamin Supplements – Part Two

This is part two of a three to perhaps four part series on vitamin supplementation. Click here to access Part One. I'm going to go off track here and diverge a bit, because I'm left unsatisfied in all of these discussions of vitamin supplementation, as well as the fact that I note that a lot of the people encouraging supplementation are also part of the general "Paleo Diet" movement, loosely defined. I suppose that what…Read More

All Diets Are High-Fat Diets

While driving down to the in-laws to spend the holidays, we listened to several of Jimmy Moore's podcast shows and one of them was a two-part Q&A with Dr. Mary C. Vernon, a physician who treats diabetes and other ailments by putting her patients on a low-carb diet. At one point, she pointed out that all diets (presuming fat loss is the objective) are high fat diets. Get it? Let's say you have 50 pounds…Read More

A Suggested Christmas Gift

I just gave $100 to Wikipedia. I've heard all the stuff over the years about how it can be unreliable, or worse, to which I say: then go fix it! That's the whole point. If you don't like what you see, think it's inaccurate, plain false, or could be improved, then do something about it if you care. If you don't, then it must not be that important to you. For me, for the things…Read More

Vitamin Supplements – Part One

I get asked a lot about supplements. With all my harping about supplementation of vitamin D, K2 (MK-4: menaquinone-4 or menatetrenone), and omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) it may surprise you to learn that I have for some long time been generally opposed to vitamin supplementation. And here's a pretty decent synopsis of why, by Drucilla Dyess in Health News. I'm not going to quote it at length because,…Read More

Vitamin D Deficiency Speculation in the Increase in Cesarean Childbirth

I got up this morning to a new report showing a significant association between vitamin D deficiency and Cesarean deliveries of children. Vitamin D deficiency is common in pregnant women, and it may lead to an increased risk for cesarean delivery, early research suggests. Vitamin D researcher Michael Holick, MD, PhD, and colleagues from the Boston Medical Center report that women in their study who were severely vitamin D deficient during childbirth were about four…Read More

Jimmy Moore Interviews Arthur De Vany on the Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb Show

I haven't actually listened to it, yet. Today was spend driving from San Jose, CA down to Vista, CA for the holidays. Coincidentally, Bea and I listened to a number of Jimmy's shows that I'd loaded on my iPhone. I synced up yesterday, and, it turns out, mere hours prior to this latest episode. I feel quite confident recommending it to you even in advance of listening. I'll probably do so tomorrow. Here's the entry…Read More

What You’re Up Against

Hey, anyone wanna up their HDLs by a whopping 1.7? So, for instance, if you're on the low end of what's considered acceptable (40 mg/dL), you might be able to get it all the way up to 41.7 on average, maybe even 42 is in your future if you respond to the advice of the authorities in an above average way. Stunning, exciting news. "Experts" in nutrition and diabetes are now considering changing the dietary…Read More

Animal Fat, Protein & Paleo

Back when I answered some reader questions the other day, I forgot to address a couple of things. Trygve had asked: Also read that you eat less fat now? why is that? and how much are you eating now of the different nutrients? He also asked how to get down to 6-8% body fat, a question I'll answer in the immediate: I'll let you know when I get there. First I should clarify that I…Read More

Testimonial: Bryan Appleyard

Back in August, I alerted you to a Bryan Appleyard interview of Art De Vany in the UK Times Online (for a good laugh at lots of naïveté and idiocy, check out a lot of the comments to that article). Now here comes Bryan again, this time in a short TV interview. Here's a shot I clipped of his face from that interview. Here's an "older" photo I dug up. Looks like it should be…Read More

New Banner Done

It's done. You may need to hit your reload button if it doesn't look any different than v1.0, below. My friend Justin Owings and I went through quite a number of iterations to get to what I consider the final. All other color schemes -- though nice -- didn't quite make it. More orange and red in the sky was a nice touch but in the end it appeared the guy ought to be holding…Read More

Reader Reactions; Q&A

I'm quite overdue on this, but here it is. I am increasingly overwhelmed by the great appreciation shown both in comments and emails. Here's some of the things that have been hitting the inbox, lately. Pauline rings in from England: I have been reading your blog/webpage since I discovered Art devany's and wanted to write that there are probably lots of us who go online to read and absorb your experiences and try to integrate…Read More

The Front Lines

Let me first say that it is rather unbelievable that so many people email me for health / fitness advice -- and I'm working up a post to show you just exactly what I mean. Me? A gentleman I'm working with to eventually commercialize this project, somewhat, always tells me that I'm hugely underestimating my influence, impact, et cetera, et cetera. "Bla bla bla; bla...bla." But guess what? He has obviously obtained his predictive abilities…Read More

November Review

I realized I didn't get up a report for November, so here it is. First, around 22,000 page views during the month. That's slightly down from October's 24,000; however, at the mid-point for December, we're at nearly 20,000 already. Most clicked to posts during November Periodic Photo Progress Update A Path in Pictures Vitamin K2, Menatetrenone (MK-4) Eggs: They're Trying to Kill You Bones & Fat Most referred visitors to Free the Animal during October…Read More

Prime Rib: Low & Slow

Just so you know, it takes about 6 hours to cook a 20 pound prime rib to an internal temperature of 130 degrees fahrenheit at dead center. That is: if you go Low & Slow. Let's get into the benefits. Yep, that was dinner at dad & mom's last night, along with two of my brothers and their families. Everyone is headed off in separate directions for Newtonmas, so we decided to all get together…Read More

FA/RM: Free Agriculture – Restore Markets

Frequent commenter and newly minted PhD (biology) Monica Hughes has launched a new project. The group, Free Agriculture - Restore Markets (FA/RM), advocates agricultural and health policies based solely on the principles of individual rights. The protection of a person's basic rights to growing, producing, selling, buying, and eating the food of his or her choice -- which are applications of the fundamental rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of happiness -- require…Read More

New Design

I've hired someone -- which I'll get into later, when we're done -- to do some graphic design work and the first cut is pretty good. We'll be working with some changes, but likely not until first of next week, so in the meantime I thought I'd toss up what we have so far, invite comments and constructive criticism, and I can also work with the customization of fonts and layouts and such. It should…Read More

Genes Do The Heavy Lifting

My brother Dave emailed today asking if I knew anything about Dr. Jeff Life (cool last name, eh?) and Cenegenics? I haven't. But I know gene expression when I see it. Take a click on that picture and watch the linked-to video to better see the ripped and buffed Dr. Jeff''s picks from age 57, and what he looks like now, at age 69. Twenty year olds could easily covet that bod. Amazing. Good for…Read More

More Reader Success

I direct you to Elliot's comment. He has dropped 20 pounds since implementing "Richard's blueprint" in September. Congratulations to you, Elliot. Good job. And, as I always say, if you do it right, it's only fun and satisfying. After acclimating, it becomes hard to cheat, because it makes you feel so crappy. This lifestyle gives you real resolution.Read More

Steroid Supplementation (Vitamin D); and A

I'm on a bit of a project at the moment, but I wanted to shoot off another few tidbits about vitamin D. One physician's post on an endocrinology blog ("vitamin D' is actually a steroid hormone) put it thusly: I have included the references to each of these observations [...] and draw to your attention that these have all been published in the last six months. An important exploding area of epidemiologic research. (emphasis added)…Read More