Careful Out There

Here's an example of how one needs to be careful about interpreting studies. Vitamin D Status and Its Relationship to Body Fat, Final Height, and Peak Bone Mass in Young Women Context: Vitamin D insufficiency has now reached epidemic proportions and has been linked to low bone mineral density, increased risk of fracture, and obesity in adults. However, this relationship has not been well characterized in young adults. Objective: The objective of the study was…Read More

Steve Jobs’ Health

Mr friend Dr. BG of Animal Pharm, in including an addendum comment to my Oprah Diet post, suggested I take on Steve Jobs' health issues. I was set to do that, but I backed off because reports seem to demonstrate a relationship between his pancreatic cancer and subsequent surgery, to what's going on now. So, while Oprah Winfrey is clearly a victim of diet-induced metabolic syndrome, I can't be so certain about Jobs. There is…Read More

Oprah’s Recipe For Failure — And My Solution For Success

Well, she's done it again. If she even succeeds in getting the 40 or so pounds off she gained since her last failed "success," how long until we see another week-long series instructing hundreds of thousands of women on the path to weight loss and fitness failure, peppered with appearances by others who have failed? My gosh, already. When is she going to fire that Bob Greene? Alright, let's dig in a bit. First, watch…Read More

Fasting Note & Food

This is the best fast in a while. My last meal was left-over braised short ribs yesterday at 2 pm, and here it is the following day at nearly noon (22 hours in) and I haven't experienced even the slightest bit of hunger. I'll work out at 4, and dinner will be around 6 or 7. By the way, here was the braised short ribs. This one took a while. Initial prep was about 15…Read More

Figuring it Out

Reader and frequent commenter Monica seems to have figured this whole thing out. It's not hard at all. It's simple, effective, and fun. She's at nearly 15 pounds lost so far, so good for her. She indicates that intermittent fasting is what has really tipped the balance for her and got things really moving in the right direction. She got a lot of her info on fasting right here at Free the Animal. Congratulations to…Read More


We talk a lot here about The Animal, which means: don't forget about it. Yea, we're humans, but to command nature, we must first obey it (thanks, Francis Bacon). So, we're devoted to the obeying nature part of the equation. We have to eat -- a lot -- so that's pretty much the focus. But we also celebrate the human spirit. The way of the Luddite holds no sway, here, though a web surfer could…Read More

Meat & Morality

One feature of the hit & run vegans (who sometimes comment here) is that they always eagerly provide a link to photos of feedlots, slaughterhouses, and so on. That's their lazy way. Of course, it's effective. 1 in 200 Children are Vegetarian Nichole Nightingale, 14, was exposed to a YouTube video that showed the graphic details of how chickens are slaughtered for meat. The letter ended with an invitation to visit the Web site of…Read More

Vitamin Supplements – Part Three

Part One Part Two Part Four In part three of what will now most assuredly be four parts total, I'm going to show why, if following a Paleo diet, you probably don't require supplementation (with a few exceptions). Whereas, if you eat bread, pasta, sugary foods, rice, cereals, corn products, processed foods and such, you very likely have numerous vitamin deficiencies under the surface. In your case, supplementation might be a good idea indeed. Now,…Read More

Low-Carb Meatloaf

Lots of stuff in this one. Let's see if I can remember it all from last night. The ground beef was about 3/4 pound I had left over. I think 80/20 (or even 70/30 if you can find it) quality ground beef is a fine paleo food. It's a good way to boost fat intake -- essential to the paleo way -- where a minimum of 50% of your energy ought to be coming from…Read More

“Sunday Rock You”

Quotes, as this is Monday. Sorry, got sidetracked in a card game with friends last night, and, well, ...sometimes I leave a card game to blog to you. But not always. let's make it short and sweet. While I generally won't give you a whole lot you're likely to have heard on a decent album rock station, this will be an exception. It's a reasonably popular song on the classic stations, but what I really…Read More

Theory to Practice

Dr. Dan lays out the theory: Optimal Foraging Strategy. When you look at cost/benefit analysis, a major investigative technique in optimal foraging theory, it becomes obvious that meat is by far the more efficient choice. Optimal foraging theory is a powerful new theory which states that animals forage in a highly efficient manner so that they maximise energy intake and minimise energy expenditure. For example, a crow trying to crack open a nut will fly…Read More

Lobster, Scallops & Broccoli Slaw

Here's one for my personal record books. For one, it was far less expensive than you might imagine (about $25 for the two of us, total). For another, total prep time was about 20 minutes. Here was the start of it; six large scallops, and two good sized lobster tails totaling about a pound. I sheared the tops of the shells and pulled out the meat. For the lobster, I did essentially the same thing…Read More

In Search of the Perfect Human Diet

This looks to be excellent as well as perfectly accessible for those not tuned into a lot of reading. That's CJ Hunt, who has taken on quite a worthwhile project. It'll save thousands of lives, at minimum. Visit the project website. (HT: Dr. Dan)Read More

What You’re Up Against

Dr. Mercola isn't one I follow intensely, yet he gets far too much right to ignore. My preference for other sources is probably mostly that I have to wade through far less commercial advertising, or none at all, so you're forewarned. At any rate, this article about WebMD's 12 top cancer advances for 2008 caught my eye. Wanna guess? Erbitux for Lung Cancer Gemzar for Pancreatic Cancer Treanda for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) Avastin for…Read More

Two Meals – Alaskan Cod and Taco Frittata

Here's two that are ridiculously simple. First up is butter-poached and broiled cod with tartar sauce. First, a good 1/3" of butter in a covered skillet, medium high for about 3-5 minutes, until it looks about done and you can tell. Then, onto a cookie sheet with some of the butter spooned over the top and lots of paprika sprinkled on. Under the broiler until the paprika is brown. Then, spoon some butter over the…Read More

“Millions of Needless Deaths”

I'm still fraught with getting caught up after being away for two weeks, but here's something I can get out quickly which I saw pop up in my Google alerts a few days back. Here's an article worth reading by William Faloon in Life Extension Magazine. Key excerpts: For instance, a study published in June 2008 showed that men with low vitamin D levels suffer 2.42 times more heart attacks. Now look what this means…Read More

The “Experts”

While I'm busy wrapping up some business before getting back to some additional and serious blogging, take a look at a great one my Mark Sisson, dissecting what I'll refer to as the "myth of authority." This is a recurring theme here at Free the Animal, where animals don't need gurus. I tell anyone who will listen that lawyers, doctors and CPAs don’t have answers. They only have opinions and sometimes those opinions are no…Read More

Odds & Ends: Admin Note, A Question, and Food Porn

I have some pressing business maters to attend to, so I'm probably not getting to Part 3 of the vitamin supplements series today. Maybe tonight, but no promises. Plus, I'm glad I waited to do some additional digging. Right now, I' trying to decide what I think about the vitamin A in cod liver oil. There's ongoing turmoil right now and lots of smart people I trust are on both sides of the issue. As…Read More


The longer I go down this path of paleo-like eating, the more I am convinced that hunger is the key. I tell people, now: ultimately, this is not a battle of the bulge, fat, or weight. This is a battle over hunger and ultimately, your hunger is going to win in the long run unless you simply have the rare constitution to be miserable all the time -- like many of the calorie restriction folks…Read More

“Spilling the Beans”

Isoflavones, genisteins, lectins, saponins, and phytoestrogens -- don't these wonderful names signal a whole host of cancer fighting, heart disease preventing, cholesterol-lowering miracles? Uh, no. They're anti-nutrients and toxins. Guess where you'll find them -- some in pretty high concentrations? Meat? No. Natural fats? Wrong again. How about junk food? Bingo! But wait; junk food is processed, refined, shaken, stirred, emulsified, liquified, toasted, frozen, dried, baked, broiled, fried, fortified, vacuum packed, and spoon fed. So,…Read More