Commenting Note

I've discovered a problem with TypePad's new commenting platform (TypePad Connect) that those who comment need to be aware of. If you look at my three comments in reply to the troll on this post, let me inform you that I composed that as a single comment and could not get it to post no matter what (via email, directly on the form, with Safari, Firefox, IE; Mac or PC). Nothing worked. And, what happens…Read More

Reader Questions and Results

Let's plow through another group. First up is some results from Deborah. I stumbled across your site probably on a blogroll from someone else (Mark Sisson maybe), and have been enjoying your writing immensely. I'm trying very hard to stick to a Paleo diet (or the Eades plan or Atkins ... anyway, a way of eating based on principles of all three), and I find that it really helps to read all the bloggers. I…Read More

Grassroots Health D Action

Thanks to commenter Dave, who alerted me to a great vitamin D study and service at GrassrootsHealth. It's called D Action, and for $30 you can get a your vitamin D levels checked. You can do it once, participate for a year for two tests, or every six months for five years. I just signed up for a year's participation.Read More

The Latest Nonsense

By now, many have heard of the latest "study." Oh, sure. It's already in the news. We randomly assigned 811 overweight adults to one of four diets; the targeted percentages of energy derived from fat, protein, and carbohydrates in the four diets were 20, 15, and 65%; 20, 25, and 55%; 40, 15, and 45%; and 40, 25, and 35%. The diets consisted of similar foods and met guidelines for cardiovascular health. [emphasis added] That…Read More

Warning: Respond Immediately to Philip Downey’s ( Emails

No, really. Seriously. This is serious... Judge for yourself. ~~~ From: Philip Downey YOu are nothing more than an internet scammer trying to make money I really appreciate how you totally IGNORE my emails You asshole. 2 emails longer than a week Paleoman did nto live long you nut PLUS Loren Cordain an actual REAL educated man, KNOWS 800 year old Eskimos who ate an all meat diet had EXTENSIVE ATHEROSCLEROSIS YOU OR I OR…Read More

Reader Questions (Part 1)

I accumulated a number of questions while away, so this is where I'll attempt to deal with them. I'll have Part 2 up tomorrow (I went from oldest working my way to newest). Michael asks: I recently subscribed to your blog. I had tangentially followed dietary issues over the years, but never put much thought into what I ate. A few months ago, though, due to some new medicine I was on which decreased my…Read More

Do You Need to Gain Weight? Try Paleo

For the most part, because it's the chief problem most face by far, people come and follow this and other blogs in order to lose weight (fat), recompose their bodies (lean to fat ratio), and to maintain. But for a (lucky?) few, that's not the problem. Rather, they are skinny and can't seem to add muscle mass. For that, here's Nathan's story. ~~~ Two years ago, I tipped the scales at just over 130lbs. I'm…Read More

Enlightened Heart Surgeons and Cardiologists

Hopefully, this sort of ignorance, that I blogged about here, will someday be a thing of the past. Surgeon Shyam Kolvekar from The Heart Hospital at University College London, who performed Mr Haj's triple bypass, said cases like this were increasingly common and highlighted the dangers of eating too much saturated fat. A priori thinking: "his heart is clogged with saturated fat, thus eating saturated fat is what caused it." That's false, as well as…Read More


Still trying to get to the lingering emails and comments I've not replied to. They will all be handled today as my head is now above water. Well, I had hoped to maintain or even lose fat on my vacation, but it was not to be. I gained 3 pounds. I ate pretty Paleo the whole time, excepting a few sessions with a few corn tortilla chips with salsa and/or guacamole (I usually felt awful…Read More

Sugar Feeds Cancer

I've previously posted on this, one post you should definitely read. Via a comment on Art's private blog, I see even more evidence that that ingesting sugar (including too much grain and/or fruit / juice) in the presence of cancer kills people a lot faster. Read what Patrick Quillin, PHD, RD, CNS has to say. A mouse model of human breast cancer demonstrated that tumors are sensitive to blood-glucose levels. Sixty-eight mice were injected with…Read More

Why You Got Fat

I'm back and getting in the swing of things. I hope to get to most, if not all lingering emails and comments throughout the day, among other business matters to attend to. The day before leaving for Puerto Vallarta, I was fortunate to get my Amazon order for Fat Head and watched it during the flight down. This is a must see, folks. It's really two movies in one. In the first part, he thoroughly…Read More

Wrapping Up & Heading Home

Well it has been a glorious week, and we fly out this late afternoon just around the time we arrived last Sunday. It's a flight to LAX, a drive down to Vista, CA, spend the night, pick up the doggies, and drive back to San Jose tomorrow morning. Here's a fruit plate mom cut up the other morning. On another note, I profiled Erwan Le Corre of MoveNat a while back. Chris Highcock also did…Read More

Feelin’ Like a Million

I really can't believe how good I feel, here in the sunshine. I'm convinced that while heavy supplementation of D3 is huge in terms of well being, there's simply no substitute for the real thing. Actually, I'm doing both. Since this is just a week, I've not backed off the 6k IU per day. I've also been spending about two hours in afternoon sun each day and I'm now pretty damn dark -- even more…Read More

Paleo for Everyone, All the Time, for Universal Health Improvement

I noted this a few days back, here. And now Stephan-the-Great has really done a wonderful and fascinating job interpreting the whole deal. Read the whole thing, please, but here's the punchline. On to the results. Participants, on average, saw large improvements in nearly every meaningful measure of health in just 10 days on the "paleolithic" diet. Remember, these people were supposedly healthy to begin with. Total cholesterol and LDL dropped, if you care about…Read More

I Know What I’m Doing

But not everyone agrees. Here's an email I got yesterday. While I appreciate the effort and obvious concern that went into it, needless to say that I disagree with most of it. The one part I do agree with is that's it better to eat free range animals eating their natural diets, rather than grain fed. That said, I do not believe it's the issue that some make it out to be. While I do…Read More

Mid-Week Check in from Puerto Vallarta

Yes, I know there are emails, comments, links and such to get to, comment on, et cetera, et cetera. Here's why I've been so lax. First, a view from our master bedroom terrace, past one of the two guest bedrooms, with me on the living room terrace (this is one huge condo, in excess of 3,000 square feet). Now, down at the pool, a daily affair. And what would a trip to a place like…Read More

Results from Others

The other evening I ran into a couple of friends of mine, Kevin & Joseph, and was glad to see a big improvement in both of them. Kevin had contacted me a few month back, had been reading my blog, and expressed frustration at trying for so many years to lose "a measly 15 pounds." We met for breakfast, I gave him a few insights, he picked up The Paleo Diet and went to it.…Read More

Another “Nutritionist / Trainer” Moron: Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser

You know, I'm going to name names every damn time I see it. With Google's help, we can do a lot of teeth kicking of supposed "experts." In this case, I'm spared the task of the know-nothing, dumbshit takedown, because Dr. Eades has already done a superb job. What are the many reasons that “you can’t cut an entire food group out of your diet?” First, carbohydrates aren’t a food group; they’re a macronutrient. And…Read More

Poison Soy

I last blogged about the dangers of unfermented soy here. And, actually, I'd only use fermented soy very sparingly. Here's another article on soy (Thanks, Uwe), and interview with Kaayla Daniel. The whole thing is worth a read (though I do wish they'd ditch the exclamation marks), but what comes out most prominently is the danger of feeding infants soy-based baby formula. Soy lowers Testosterone levels! Just about all soy products on the market contain…Read More