Another “Nutritionist / Trainer” Moron: Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser

You know, I'm going to name names every damn time I see it. With Google's help, we can do a lot of teeth kicking of supposed "experts." In this case, I'm spared the task of the know-nothing, dumbshit takedown, because Dr. Eades has already done a superb job. What are the many reasons that “you can’t cut an entire food group out of your diet?” First, carbohydrates aren’t a food group; they’re a macronutrient. And why can’t you cut them out of your diet? Are there carbohydrate deficiency diseases, Mr. Harper, that you know about that the rest of the nutritional world doesn’t? I’ll clue you in: there aren’t. But there are both fat and protein deficiency diseases written about in every internal medicine textbook. What about fat? You recommend cutting that. Why aren’t those people who are totally deprived of fat not going to “rebel and fall off the wagon in a big way?” Or is that different than cutting carbs? [...] And how about your idiotic statement that people who do choose to exercise need carbohydrates? Another whopper. Most studies show that after a period of adaptation, people who exercise while following a low-carb diet have better endurance...

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Richard Nikoley

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