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I'm headed off to pull the trailer. Camping with friends and family, in February. One of the benefits of living in California.

I won't have Internet, so posting is very unlikely before at least Sunday evening. But, our camping trips are always about eating as good or better than we do at home. And, wall-to-wall, it's real food only. I'll take a camera and report back.

Here's some things I put together from a couple of other trips:

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  1. TralGrrl on February 5, 2009 at 16:36

    These food porno pics have got me craving avocado like crazy. We had freak snowstorm on Tues and last night and today it was below zero in the morning. I've got to get over to the Mexican grocery for my cheap avocados. I ran out of garlic from the farmers's market so I'll pick up some of that as well. And of course costillas de res (beef short ribs).

    Can't wait to get outside!


  2. Chris H on February 6, 2009 at 01:21

    Have a great time away

  3. mamaholler on February 6, 2009 at 10:53

    Hey, enjoy that camping trip. Camping is my favorite activity of all times.

    I blogged about paleo living awhile back and I got so many considerate responses from so many different angles.

  4. shea on February 7, 2009 at 09:36

    Have a good time.
    We take a lot of stuff for granted each day, which I didn't even realize until we had that ice storm here. Just having running water, food, and most food requires cooking, and it takes a long time to even boil water for soup over a damp wood fire in the yard,sewer, heat, lights, being able to cook food inside, communications, including cell phones, which don't work without power at the towers, except Verizon who apparently have back up generators at their towers, or even being able to buy things like fuel, showers, the list goes on and on, and even things that you can do without electricty, etc, it is much easier and takes so much less time with it. Even people who were somewhat prepared, found themselves unprepared because of not having enough supplies such as fuel, batteries, etc to go with the stuff they had. Water was an issue too. Quite a few places burned down, with people trying to stay warm, as fires broke out from heaters, and grills, because for two days in my city/county the fire department couldn't get water except for going 25 miles away.
    I just wanted to throw this out there for you to think about because you seem like a guy who is a survivalist at heart, and because you are camping. I am thankful that I only had to go without utilities for four days and that we had plenty of blankets to stay warm those days when it was below freezing inside the house, and there was no place to go to. Although it's been almost two weeks since the storm, there are still thousands without electric still, and some, out in the country are still trapped due to all the trees down. The national guard here is doing a great job. Funny, how it looks like a major hurricane has hit, with forests splintered and uprooted, but came from so much ice. I am glad that after a frigid week, with days in the single digits, that the last two days, although windy, it has been amazingly 60 degrees.

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