My Progress

I'm going to give you a brief update on your host's progress. Since my last photo update in September, you'll certainly be happy to know that I'm chugging along. It was quite some time ago when I was reading some stuff by Clarence Bass (make sure you see his photo at 70-years-old), where he said, "Lose fat slowly." I'm not even certain of his reasoning, but I tend to defer to guys that old (like…Read More

Paleo Trumps — the Science

Now, when I say "Paleo," I mean Paleo-like, i.e., not necessarily low in sat-fat. That said, my good friend in Scotland, Chris Highcock, came up with something this morning. I'd love to tell you what it is, but you're just going to have to hit that link above to find out.Read More

“Darwin, Evolution and the Paleo Life”

This is a must read from Keith Norris at Theory to Practice. Detractors of the Paleo lifestyle are wont to fly the flag of speedy/swift evolution as evidence of the supposed incongruence of the Paleo way vis-à-vis modern man’s interaction within his present-day environment. I'm not going to give too much away, cause I want you to go read it over there. I'll just add that I blogged on rapid evolution a few weeks back.…Read More

Life Spotlight

Two really great food & fitness blogs out there were Modern Forager and The IF Life. I say "were," because as of this last Monday, they are, sadly, no more. I'm sure longtime readers have enjoyed many of my posts highlighting and linking to various posts on those two great sites. They will be missed. ...But not too much; because Scott Kustes and Mike O'Donnell have teamed up on a new project, done one huge…Read More

You Asked; Mark Sisson Answers

That gentleman to the left? 55 years old. Somewhere along the line, I recall someone saying that we Primals ought not listen to anyone not willing to stand in front of you and take their shirt off. So, there you have it. My path to an eventual Primal life way in terms of diet and exercise (and a couple of other categories, when I think about it) began in May of '07. I had a…Read More

Don’t Listen To Me! (Part 2)

I'm going to break with standard practice and go ahead and quote the whole thing, here, because there's no single part of that can be excerpted and it's just too important. Here's some resources to check out: My original post: Don't Listen To Me! Dr. Dwight Lundell's part 1 article: Heart Surgeon Admits Huge Mistake Dr. Lundell's book websites: The Great Cholesterol Lie; The Cure for Heart Disease Dr. Lundell's interview with Dr. William Davis…Read More

Admin Note

Mark Sisson just emailed over his answers to your questions. Very good and thorough (naturally). I ought to have an intro worked up, along with editing for form, by 8 a.m. tomorrow. You'll want to make FTA your first stop. Update: You Asked; Mark Sisson AnswersRead More

Going Sweetless

New research out on Splenda, one of the popular artificial sweeteners. And Dr. Mercola has done a review of the study. There’s overwhelming evidence that consuming artificial sweeteners will likely wreak havoc on your body. Previous news has centered mainly around artificial sweeteners’ ability to impair your appetite regulation and leading to weight gain. For example, it’s been discovered that diet soda increases your risk of metabolic syndrome and, ultimately, heart disease. However, the study…Read More

A Tale of Two Mayo Clinic Dietician Morons

You've really got to love the Internet. Another thing I love is watching establishment, authoritarian "experts" -- who fake a livelihood and self-esteem regurgitating the party line -- get it right in the teeth. That's what happened to these two dumbshits, Jennifer Nelson, M.S., R.D. and Katherine Zeratsky, R.D. in this post ("For those with diabetes — there's more to it than carbs"). I'm not even going to quote any of it because it's just…Read More

The Camping Trip and Food

Just mostly food pics, all cooked by friends and family, especially my mom and two brothers. I actually brought food and ended up cooking nothing this time around. You'll soon see why I didn't bother.Read More

Outta Here

I'm headed off to pull the trailer. Camping with friends and family, in February. One of the benefits of living in California. I won't have Internet, so posting is very unlikely before at least Sunday evening. But, our camping trips are always about eating as good or better than we do at home. And, wall-to-wall, it's real food only. I'll take a camera and report back. Here's some things I put together from a couple…Read More

Don’t Listen To Me!

Instead, how about listening to a man who has held over 5,000 beating human hearts in his hands? Dwight Lundell, MD. Heart Surgeon Admits Huge Mistake We physicians with all our training, knowledge and authority often acquire a rather large ego that tends to make it difficult to admit we are wrong. So, here it is. I freely admit to being wrong. As a heart surgeon with 25 years experience, having performed over 5,000 open-heart…Read More

High Intensity Sprinting for Diabetes

In the BBC, and I believe I saw this on Art's private blog. Short fast sprints 'cut' diabetes Rather than slaving away for hours in the gym, people should focus their attention on quick "sprints" with each workout lasting just a few minutes. James Timmons, Heriot-Watt University professor of exercise biology has studied the effects of quick exercise. He recommends 4 x 30 second sprints on an exercise bike three times a week. He said…Read More

Vitamin D and Muscle Power

One hopes it doesn't only apply to adolescent girls. For this study, researchers followed 99 adolescent girls between the ages of 12 and 14 years. Ward and her colleagues took blood samples to measure the girls' serum levels of vitamin D. Many of these girls were found to have low levels of vitamin D despite not presenting any symptoms. Researchers used a novel outcome measure called jumping mechanography to measure muscle power and force. Jumping…Read More

Jay’s Rapid Progress

In case you didn't see the comment. If there is one thing that will bring your body fat down, it is IF. I shot down from 19% to just over 10% in a very short time(third week of August to about a week and a half into September). I was gonna post pics on here for evidence. It was insane. The fasts were 18-20 hrs at most around twice a week. The goal of workouts…Read More

Reader Food Pics

Time to see what some others out there are preparing. First up is something I know a lot of you have seen around the general low-carb website Intertubes. It's The Bacon Explosion. This is a bit more involved than The Bacon and Cheese Roll. Frankly, I never had much interest in doing either of those. I'm not eating cheese except as a spice nowadays, and while I do eat bacon and quality made sausage (no…Read More

Fat Head The Movie

It's finally done and on sale. There's also a website with various short clips from the film and I encourage you to watch them. They're funny. Especially the ones that show Morgan Spurlock to be the Moore-esque big fat liar that he is. This one is my favorite: And, finally, doc Eades did an interview with the film's producer, Tom Naughton.Read More

January in Review

Another record month for traffic, with nearly 30,000 visits and over 50,000 page views. Awesome, thanks to you readers, and especially: you commenters. If you're a reader who's not taking in the comments, I encourage you to give them a try. There's lots of addendum info on almost every post, lots of anecdotes and personal experience, and lots or people who know what they're talking about. Very often, questions are being answered by other readers…Read More

What You’re Up Against

If you're a type 2 diabetic, the standard medical treatment of insulin supplementation is based on your continuing to eat a diet "rich in whole grains," sugar, junk, and so on. In essence, you're supplementing with a powerful hormone that does all sorts of damage to tissues long term, so you can eat cake, pie, bread, candy, sodas, etc. You're taking a drug in order to eat inferior, less nutritious (or anti-nutritious) food. It's that…Read More

King Fat

Reader Andrew sends a question in email. After discovering I was Celiac, I found, then the Paleo diet, then Art De Vany's Blog, then yours. Thanks for the blog. I've got a quick question that I couldn't figure out where to post. I'm still pretty new to the Paleo diet. It's been working great, but I want to make sure I'm not [edited] myself up. So I know that we probably can't get more…Read More