Recent Progressions

I thought I'd take an entry to talk I've really been feeling good these last few days, and, I'm fully expecting my fat loss to begin kicking in, again. For my last photo update, I was 193 as I recall. It took another month or so to break the 190 barrier, and since then I've gotten as low as 183, and back as high as 186; currently 184ish. As soon as I break 180,…Read More


Alright, enough already. I have caved to the general hysteria. I'll give it a go. However, I must warn anyone who wishes to follow: this -- "diarrhea of consciousness" -- is not my style. I grew up on USENET and other forums where exhaustive completeness was the rule. We'll see.Read More

Saturated Fat Epidemiology for Math Geeks

A week or so ago, I posted a bit of epidemiology concerning saturated fat intake associated with heart-disease deaths by country. As you saw, it was all over the map. I did speculate, however, that if you were going to try to fit a curve, it would slope downward, meaning: more saturated fat, less heart disease deaths. Well, owing to my vast network of resources [grin], physicist Robert McLeod offered to fit a curve if…Read More

Rational Animal Philosophy

While going through reams of links this morning to come up with a handful for you, I felt I had to make this one a separate entry, thanks to Chris Highcock at Conditioning Research, always a great source of useful diet and exercise information. One of the aspects of my approach to the "Free the Animal" theme is that we are, very much indeed: animals. Our technological, industrial, and social development is such that we…Read More

Tri-Tip, Sauce, Sweet Potato and Primal Cheescake

My cousin, Adam, has been following my Paleo ways for some time and occasionally comments on this blog. His wife, 'Z', does too, and this weekend they were visiting us up at our cabin where we cooked up various storms. At one point, Z was remarking how just a year ago, she couldn't imagine not having her cereals for breakfast and then being ravenously hungry by 10 a.m. Now, she usually doesn't even eat until…Read More

Steak Tips & Masaman Curry Sauce

Some of my curry and chili posts have sparked quite a bit of interest in just how I go about it. Various ways, always, but here's one, and I'll take you through all the major steps. But let's start with the finished product. This is my Masaman beef curry, but instead of using stew meat or roast for a stewy concoction with vegetables, It's nuthin' but the meat. And, it's quality steak. The idea was…Read More

More Stupid Nonsense

So, Rashmi Sinha, PhD; Amanda J. Cross, PhD; Barry I. Graubard, PhD; Michael F. Leitzmann, MD, DrPH; and Arthur Schatzkin, MD, DrPH all set out to prove that eating red meat kills you, and -- surprise! surprise! -- they got the result they were looking for in the first place. Now, I have not looked at this in detail, mostly because it's the same formula I see all the time. In this case, they get…Read More

Lottsa Links

How about a few links as I mull over my next post, which will be a sort of overview of my personal progress and some things I've learned recently and modified. - How about a cure for gray hair, maybe even baldness via stem cell stimulation? Dr. Mercola explains: "So the idea is that by stimulating the stem cells with special polypeptide signals you may be able to reverse this process and keep both your…Read More

Monday Morning Hang Gliding Diversion

At least a couple of more posts today, but I just had to toss this one up, discovered in my morning rounds reading my friend Davis Straub's daily Oz Report. For better than ten years Davis has had the fortune to travel the world flying in hang-glider competitions and reporting on them. He's tireless, and a really great guy I've had the opportunity to meet in person a couple of times. This 3-minute video is…Read More

Saturated Fat and Heart Disease Deaths

Ricardo Carvalho, whose great database work I highlighted yesterday, just emailed me another graph. The latest saturated fat data he could find was from 1998, but see if you can find any correlation. It's all over the map. If you had to draw a trend, however, how would it look? I'd probably start it from the left at the 120 and finish off to the right at about 80, i.e., more saturated fat associated with…Read More

Saturday Rock You

OK, a bonus edition for this weekend (Sunday's a comin' too), and something quite different. It's not technically rock, but I say: any rock music lover who doesn't hear the essential beauty of this, in so many respects, has a few things to learn. And, so, I give you a master: Johnny Cash, circa 1966. Solitary Man. Now, the other person in that video is Neil Diamond, and here's his version of the same song…Read More

Low Cholesterol to “Die For”

I was having an email exchange with my aunt the other day who was lamenting how her husband's doctor told him that his total cholesterol of 117 (!) is one that most people would "die for." Maybe he's right, as we'll see in a minute; but first, I should point out that George is in his late 80's. So, always be careful about assigning causes to correlations. Correlations are great things, but the best way…Read More

Quick, Easy, Delicious Chicken Mole

There's a local restaurant, Consuelo Mexican Bistro, where I believe I had chicken mole for the first time. The sauce was thick, brown, chocolaty and amazing. While I've never looked up a recipe until this morning (good luck finding something not loaded with flour), I figured I'd give a try at making something similar last evening. Before leaving San Jose yesterday afternoon to head up to our cabin in the mountains with friends, I stopped…Read More

Vitamin D Testing

Well so now I have an enigma on my hands. Some weeks back you may recall that I blogged about the great Vitamin D Project by Grassrootshealth. That was Feb 27th and within a few days I had my test kit, punctured my finger, blotted blood, and sent it off. Roughly two weeks later, a couple of days ago, I had blood drawn for my various series of tests and one I requested was a…Read More

My High HDL “Secret”

For reference, see the last post about my 133 (mg/dL) HDL. Fat is King. More particularly: saturated fat. Now, how do you get that? Well, you can eat a lot of fatty beef, chicken skin, and so on, but only about 30-40% or so is saturated (15% saturated from olive oil). Or, you can get it very efficiently by eating all that, but by also dipping, slathering and generally enjoying the hell out of your…Read More

New Lipid Panel

Well I went and ordered up some blood work the other day and results began coming in today. While my past Lipid Panel was blogged right here, this is the new one. The past one shows a total serum cholesterol of almost the same (219), while I had an HDL of 106 and a calculated LDL of 104. You know what I think of calculated LDL. Well, this isn't a NMR LipoProfile or a VAP.…Read More

Lottsa Links

While I work on a couple of more substantive posts, let's give you some links to check out at your leisure. Thanks to all the readers (several, in many cases) who sent many of these along. - Start 'em early. Let's get kids scared to death about their cholesterol levels. - I think Monica does a good job dispelling notions that veganism is more friendly to the environment than carnivory. Can you handle the truth?…Read More

Any Ideas For a Fellow Traveller?

I got this email the other day, most of which is a fascinating and fantastic success story, but with a bit of disappointment at the end. Jeff and I (along with some input from Dr. B.G of Animal Pharm) have tossed around a few ideas, but I'm wondering if there's any out there who might offer their own ideas. ~~~ Hi Richard. I hope that you can please bear with me as this is going…Read More

Reader Real Results

I'm perilously behind in many small posting projects, and that includes a number of things my great readers have emailed over to me. Trust me: I see everything. Hell, I even have a very complimentary email from Dr. William Davis of Track Your Plaque heroism and fame, as yet unanswered, and that's woefully embarrassing. But I'll get to everything, sooner or later. Man, it has been one busy week. But, first things first. With all…Read More