A Fast, a Workout, and a Braised Pot Roast

Yesterday I tweeted that I was 24 hours into a fast and had yet to experience any hunger. How did that happen? Well, I can't be sure, due too many variables, but what's interesting is that I began the fast about 11 AM day before yesterday, and with only one meal instead of a breakfast & lunch. Eggs & bacon it was. Then I decided to do something I've not done before. I did this…Read More


Enough said. Added Later...after receiving abouty 1/2 dozen emails: Listen, folks, if you can't take the time to click on the link and watch the video to find out what the title to the post means, then PLEASE do not waste my time with emails with links to articles on the dangers of soy poison. I have posted on poison soy before, just use the search to the right to see.Read More

Paleo Diet in US News & World Report

Well, I could poke it all full of holes, but Keith already did that. In the meantime, here's the comment I posted to the article, which at this time is awaiting moderation approval. ~~~ Paleo Doesn't Mean Just One Thing I think Dr. Cordain is a real hero for being instrumental in helping to light the way to a more sane lifestyle. That said, there are many variations, some going by small-p 'paleo,' LC paleo,…Read More

Swine Flu Sanity

Don't we just eat up hysteria? I'll bet Google is just raking in the hits, worldwide, as people watch in near real time as the swine flu virus spreads its lethal tentacles across the entire globe. Or not. This sort of hysteria is fueled by one simple thing, and it's something we deal with here all the time: mass ignorance of evolutionary biology and its logic. Human evolution is pretty slow (though getting faster), but…Read More

Workout Today

I don't post a lot about the specifics of my workouts. Why? Well, whereas all the diet & fasting stuff was very accessible and could be put into practice quickly -- with quick results to verify, repeat, verify, and so on -- workouts never struck me like that. I'm a neophyte (still) but that's changing. Also, I have a trainer and he's proven himself to be unconventional and actually willing to listen to me. Right…Read More

Steak Tips Stew

Question from a comment: What did your first meal off your fast consist of? Glad you asked. How about this? As per usual, this is something I tortured myself with thinking about during the fast (not really). Equally as per usual, something I've never made exactly this way and probably never will again. Ingredients: steak tips, lard, 2 cups of home made bone broth, cranberries, pine nuts, chopped Brazil nuts, yellow onions, carrots, and Thai…Read More

HED: High Everything Diet (If eating garbage is your problem, just eat more of it)

Coming to one or more of your favorite blogs' comments section soon, if the messianic crusade on Peter's Hyperlipid blog is any indication. The comment thread in question begins here. He has also hit Dr. Eades on this post (there's no comment links, but the comments in question begin at 25 April 2009, 23:24). Now, Stephan's blog. In a nutshell, from one of his comments: HED = high-carbs + high-fat + high-calories HED = SAD…Read More

Birthday Shoes Interview

Some may recall my post from the past, Learning to Walk, where I recounted my significant experience in daily walking, developing chronic foot pain, and retraining myself to walk in the process. Pretty much all shoes are awful for feet. Now I have an interview with photos up on the website Birthday Shoes - for the love of feet and vibram fivefingers.Read More

Losing 5 Pounds in a Day

I actually gave you a hint in the title of my previous post, Cold, Wet, Hungry, and Running For Your Life. Also, this is not the first time, and since I wrote fairly extensively on it before, I'm going to cover what I did differently and what I did on ocassions when this didn't work. In a nutshell, it's the cold water, again. However, the gym has in the last few months managed to keep…Read More

“The Original Low-Carb Diet”

Just a quick hit, as I said earlier that I'd review Jimmy Moore's interview with Dr. Loren Cordain once I'd listened to it. First off, I highly recommend it. The best parts concern anti-nutrients and toxins in foods that a low-carber might eat, because the focus is on low carb and not on foods we evolved to eat (and the "foods" we should avoid like the plague). In other words, low-carbers often don't experience the…Read More

Not All Sugars are Equal

A quick hit on an interesting bit of new research, published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation. Consuming fructose-sweetened, not glucose-sweetened, beverages increases visceral adiposity and lipids and decreases insulin sensitivity in overweight/obese humans Studies in animals have documented that, compared with glucose, dietary fructose induces dyslipidemia and insulin resistance. To assess the relative effects of these dietary sugars during sustained consumption in humans, overweight and obese subjects consumed glucose- or fructose-sweetened beverages providing 25%…Read More

Cold, Wet, Hungry, and Running For Your Life

So, did any of you come up with some tweaks after yesterday's read? I've receive one email with some good ideas. That was really a good refresher for me, but I'm not going to tell you what I did yet. The reason is that I still have 9 hours to go on my 30-hr fast, a workout early this afternoon, followed by a "secret" technique, and I'm already down 5 full pounds from where I…Read More

Feasting, Fasting, Insulin, HGH, Fat and Livers: A Roundup

I read two marvelously detailed, researched, informative and interesting blog post today that I had somehow missed. They are both by the same reader and commenter here, Robert McLeod, who as a physicist is pretty damn good at math and plain old logic. As an example, here's a kinda fun, tongue-in-cheek look at saturated fat epidemiology. I must warn you that these are pretty advanced. However, if you truly want to understand what's going on…Read More

Losing Weight is Pretty Much Like Eating Lard

I'm going to revisit a post from a few months ago; but first, I'm going to highlight a post by Tom Naughton, creator of the documentary film Fat Head, which I mini-reviewed here. Let me just mention that this is probably the best tool available for introducing friends and family to the notion of an evolutionary basis for diet. I have screened it with a number of both and the enthusiasm has been uniformly resounding.…Read More

New Research Shows Vitamin D Reduces Risk of Cancer

I've been blogging about vitamin D for quite some time and it's always good to see the evidence piling up that it's a real health issue for many, if not most people. According to the D-Action project at Grassrootshealth, about 51% of people they've tested are below normal, which they consider to be above 40 ng/ml (I think you should be above 60, and I try to keep mine above 80). But, consider, these are…Read More

Cordain, again…

In anticipation of this Thursday's release of Jimmy Moore's interview of Loren Cordain, which I'll blog about after I listen to it, I had a tidbit to report from Cordain's free newsletter, which I subscribe to. The latest issue (v5, #16) is The Impact of Saturated Fat on Health. For those new to all this, Loren Cordain wrote The Paleo Diet, a book that when I last wrote about it, I lamented not being able…Read More

Mastery and Control of Your Life

Reader and commenter Tin Tin sent me the following and it's really special. It aired on Australia's 60-Minutes program. Backyard Revolution. Of course, as with virtually everything you see, there's the continual emphasis on eating plants and demonization of fat. But look beyond that. This is more about real food, and even more -- if you pay close attention -- this is about taking responsibility for your food and ultimately, mastery and control of your…Read More

Big Chunk of Grilled Meat

Here was dinner the first night, at Little Rhein Steakhouse. Established in 1967, I highly recommend it. Here's the lineup. Beefsteak tomato salad, which Bea & I split. I had the ribeye, and it was among the best ever. And we split a baked potato, improving it with lots of butter, sour cream, and bacon.Read More

A Good Doc

First: Kudos out to frequent commenter "Paleo Newbe" MD, who continues to brave the [some] abuse, here. He has the difficult balancing act of being a rational doc, but also keeping his license. To my mind, this sort of thing needs to be encouraged. I salute him. The reason for that, above, is to highlight the good work of my mom's doc, as differentiated from the advice nurse. The doctor is very pleased with my…Read More