Are You a Trained or Practiced Animal?

Recently, owing to a post by Billy Beck on his blog, I've been mulling over the concept of "training." They're trained, you see. This relieves them of the burden of thinking. This is especially handy for them in moral tests: they don't have to pause to evaluate the use of force. There is a training maxim that goes, "In a crisis, you don’t rise to the level of the situation, you sink to the level of your training." There is a very good Objectivist maxim that says, "Man is the only creature that can sink below his nature." Behold the terrible fix of these two X-lines on a graph: the ascent of anti-thought where thinking is most crucial -- the application of force -- and the sink of humans to the level of robots. These two lines cross at a concept of "training", which in this context and these applications is a rote substitution of formula in place of actual cognitive integration and ethical evaluation of all the facts at hand. This really resonates with me and has wide application (and I think Billy's application to politics and the use of State force is spot on). We do use the...

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Richard Nikoley

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