Reader Feedback – Doctors and Cholesterol

First up, an email from Robert, who'll become a medical doctor in under a week. He must be completely thrilled, eh? ~~~ Just wanted to say hello. I’ve been a regular reader for several months now and thought I should take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Robert and I will be an MD in about six days. I’ll be starting an internal medicine residency in Reno, NV in July. I am both…Read More

Unbridled Reductionism vs. Common Sense

I get lots of interesting questions. For instance, the other day I was in the 40F deg. cold plunge at San Jose Athletic Club -- a mere 5-minute walk from the loft -- and while coming up on the minute mark and my intended time to get out, another guy got in and asked if I hadn't lost quite a bit of weight. I ended up staying in and chatting for over five minutes about…Read More

“WTF”: Read the Label

I've become a real label reader lately, and I almost never like what I find. There are exceptions, such as when I got to Whole Foods and get a few tubs of Alexander Valley Fresh Sauerkraut, where the ingredients are: cabbage, filtered water, sea salt, and... there is no "and." That's it. That's what the label of a Real Food product reads like. It even works for dogs, where I regularly get the dried chicken…Read More

Vitamin K1 vs. Vitamin K2

I've written a healthy bit on the enormous benefits of vitamin K2 (MK-4) Menatetrenone. To access those posts, click here. Via Dr. Eades' excellent Twitter feed, I just got wind of this study on K1 (Phylloquinone) and its ability to modestly slow the progression of coronary artery calcium ("CAC" - 6% less progression than the control). Conclusions: Phylloquinone supplementation slows the progression of CAC in healthy older adults with preexisting CAC, independent of its effect…Read More

A Great Email (FTA tops Zone; Medical Professionals)

As I muddle around, trying to get back in sync from the long weekend -- of which I took every advantage -- here's an email from Eileen that came in last Friday that I was really pleased to receive. ~~~ I just wanted to let you know that you are certainly changing (saving?) lives with your blog. I forget how I found Free The Animal, but it was shortly after I started my New Year's…Read More

Great Comments: Experience, Knowledge, Encouragement and Inspiration

Wow do we have some great readers who are willing to share all that in the title and more. A couple of days ago I posted this plea, from someone trying to get things together in terms of diet, exercise, health. The community really responded. There are many great comments there, and I encourage you to read them all, but I also want to re-post a couple as recognition for some really good help. ~~~…Read More

The Thing With Grains

Another reader question today. Why is grain so dangerous to health? can you send me a listing of those grains that are not to be eaten and why? Well, fortunately, there's a lot of good info out there and so rather than rehash it, let's just call attention to it here, particularly for the benefit of newer readers. I just checked the number of RSS subscriptions to Free the Animal and it's now over 1,000,…Read More

A Reader Question

Here's one that I think applies to a whole lot of folks. They know, but practice is tough. I stumbled across your web-site a few months back and must say that I find it thoroughly entertaining and thought-provoking. I am 43 yrd old married father of a nine month old-daughter who is frightened to death of dying prematurely of heart disease and yet I am still unwilling or unable to make lasting changes in my…Read More

Vitamin D and Soap

I've had this one hanging around for days and since I'm on a roll just now, and just got a question about D, here goes. I'm not going to dig up the many past posts, but you can find most of them here, or simply search vitamin d to the right. The short version is that vitamin D is crucial for a host of processes and modern life has come to the point of shielding…Read More

MovNat at Wildfitness

I've mentioned MovNat before: here, here and here, but here's a new MoveNat video done at Wildfitness that really demonstrates the beauty, fun and playfulness of this sort of movement. Be sure and click the HQ button once the video begins for the high quality version.Read More

Thinking Through It

It began yesterday, when I was thrust into yet another battle with "conventional wisdom," only somewhat against myself. For the first time in quite a wile, I ended up last Friday with a sciatic nerve flare up. How did that happen? Well, it's probably related to the much heavier dead lifts and squats I'm doing. But I can say there was no specific lift or event that gave the slightest clue. Anyway, it was pretty…Read More

Simple Salmon

A commenter asked on another post about ideas for salmon. I pointed him to this past preparation of mine, but then got hungry for salmon, so here was dinner last night coming off a 1-day fast. I just salted & peppered the fish, put it on a rack under the high broiler for about 2 minutes on one side and 3 or so on the other, until golden. In the meantime I wok fried asparagus…Read More

Noodless Lasagna Recipe

Yesterday I posted about the noodless lasagna I made over the weekend. In this post I'll take you through the procedure. That way, you can try my recipe, vary it, or use your own. This is a variation on my grandmother's old recipe. Ingredients - Meat Sauce 1 pound ground beef, veal, or venison (I used venison this time) 1 medium onion, chopped 3 large stalks celery, chopped 1 cup (more is fine) finely chopped…Read More

“Noodless” Lasagna

I'll go through my own recipe and procedure in another post, probably tomorrow. But this should work with any lasagna recipe, of which there are hundreds. Now, that's step one. Step two is to go out an look up moussaka recipes and find out how to do the eggplant layers. Combine the two and you've got a lasagna that will come out pretty amazing.Read More

Saturday Cooking

I'm just about to get going on assembling stuff to make lasagna, tonight. But of course, it's going to be noodle-less, based instead on something I've had in mind for quite a while. Also, it will have a very unique meat ingredient. In the meantime, here's last Saturday's fair for friends & family. It was braised short ribs again, but different from my last go-round. Here's stage one. That's most of the stuff. In this…Read More

Help For a Fellow Traveller?

If I had a paid subscription, here's where I'd have you pay (in comments with your own experiences). From a comment to a previous post: I have a question. I am married to a vegetarian, so low carb per se is not possible. Even if it wasn't in India it is quite a bit more difficult to do. I am trying to reduce my Wheat consumption. Now down to 8 rotis (indian flat bread) per…Read More

“…we eat too much because we’re too dammed hungry.”

We don’t eat too much because we’re more gluttonous than our grandparents. We eat too much because in the 1970s because the McGovern committee convinced us we need to live primarily on low-fat grains and other starches. We eat too much because our insulin levels are too high. We eat too much because we’re storing too many calories as fat. Tom Naughton. Yep, as I have said, it's all about hunger. It's been a different…Read More

Ouch! More Low LDL Cholesterol to “Die For”

Here's one you probably won't find reported far & wide: Low admission LDL-cholesterol is associated with increased 3-year all-cause mortality in patients with non ST segment elevation myocardial infarction. After 3 years, patients with admission LDL 105 mg/dL (14.8% vs. 7.1%, p = 0.005). The higher all-cause mortality persisted (OR 1.8, 95% CI 1.0-3.5, p = 0.05) even after adjustment for confounding variables. CONCLUSIONS: In our cohort, lower LDL-cholesterol at admission was associated with decreased…Read More

Crystallized Cottonseed Oil (“Crisco”)

Tom Naughton is going to be placing some of his additional Fat Head footage up on YouTube. Here's the first installment, which features Sally Fallon of the Weston A Price Foundation, biochemist Mary Enig, PhD, and Dr. Michael Eades, MD. Listen as they expose the Big Corporation lies Proctor & Gamble and others engaged in in the early 1900s to demonize relatively expensive but healthful natural fats like lard, butter, and coconut oil in favor…Read More

How To Raise Your Cholesterol

Huh? Why would you want to do that? Well, the short answer is that it very well might lengthen your life. Let's have a go at Dr. Malcolm Kendrick, MD. When I went to medical school I was told that the very high rate of heart disease in Scotland was caused by a diet containing far too much saturated fat. This raised our Scottish cholesterol levels. The excess cholesterol was, in turn, deposited in the…Read More