Making Beef Bone Stock

Here's a traditional food preparation that I will always go to the trouble for. There's just no comparison when you make your own stocks, primarily beef and chicken. Here's a batch with beef bones. First, save all of your meat and bone scraps. Toss them in a bag in the freezer. You can also save your scraps from cutting up vegetables, such as the tops of carrots, outer skin of onions (adds color) celery tops,…Read More

Get Primal With Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson, of Mark's Daily Apple, has an entirely new website design. I think he did a fabulous job. He gives you the highlights right here. Also, his new book, The Primal Blueprint, is available for pre-order. I have a feeling it's going to be the go-to book for beginners. I have my copy ordered and will put it to the top of the stack when it gets here. I'll review it when complete. I'm…Read More

“It’s What They Do”

Indeed. We have a thing or to to learn, I think. For all the mothers out there -- even leopards who mother (a verb!) the offspring of a kill. My wife, Beatrice, distributed this via email this morning. She's an amazing doggie "mom." Can animal behavior in some respects inform human behavior? Look at this blog's title and you'll see what I think.Read More

World Paleo Domination Business Update

I've been less than prolific lately as most time for the blog was spent trying to come to a decision about the business aspect, which I was calling "World Paleo Domination" for fun, and I kicked off here and here. Something you may not know about me: I believe strongly in the power of procrastination. I even used to have a presentation to that effect -- "The Virtue of Procrastination -- which I gave a…Read More

Carb Face & Wheat Belly

Art had a post up on his private blog this morning and I was then glad to find he had put it on the public site as well. Go see how awful some of these Hollywood actors have aged. [Later: Well, Art took the post down, but, not before Google cached it. For as long as it lasts.] The face is the biggie for me, and in fact, I think Alec Baldwin has gotta be…Read More

Wild Alaskan Cod in Green Curry

This was last evening. Amazingly easy and quick. It's got about three pounds of cod, eight stalks of asparagus, one package of artichoke hearts (Trader Joe's), a small yellow onion, once can of cocony milk and one small can (about 2 oz or thereabouts) of Thai green curry paste (containing only easily pronounceable and familiar ingredients). There's really nothing to it. I did sauté the asparagus & onions first, and then lightly browned the fish,…Read More

Tenderloin Filet of Beef Soup

This is what happens when you've got your heart set on a nice filet for dinner, but the wife is feeling a bit out of it and wants soup. So, I went to the store and got about 13 oz of filet, and the other things you see: bacon, green and yellow onion, a carrot, a jalapeno, two turnips, six radishes, garlic, two tomatoes, and a bunch of cilantro. As usual, I decided on what…Read More

Another Go at Cauliflower Crust Pizza — La Reine

I gave another try at cauliflower crust pizza the other night (recipe). What I changed in the crust this go-round is that I added 1 cup of coconut flour to the doubled crust recipe. So, 2 eggs, 2 cups cauliflower and 2 cups mozzarella. To that, I added 1 cup of coconut flour. It certainly made the crust more pliable and formable. After baking the crust for about 10 minutes, it's on with the sauce,…Read More

Extreme Athleticism and Endurance

If any of you would like to follow along with the summer climbing season on Everest, the FirstAscent Team and their blog is the place to go. Here's why: I've got that same machined aluminum MacBook Pro in the 15" and 2.66 gig version. I've owned dozens of computers over time, but this just smokes anything and everything, including the desktops I've owned. The only thing remotely comparable is the previous generation MacBook Pro I…Read More

Poison Sugar – In Shocking Pictures

I do a fair amount of harping about processed foods, focussing a lot on grains and frankenoils and such. I should talk more about what I consider to be the number one killer in all the world: sugar, especially refined sugar and concentrated forms. Now, let me show you why. But first, how much sugar is circulating in your entire body at any one time? Let's say you have ideal fasting blood glucose (80 milligrams…Read More

Opening Eyes on Twitter

Those not on Twitter, I've no beef with you. I didn't get it. Sounded completely ridiculous to me (I may have characterized it as fuckin' stupid! a time or two). Well, I was wrong. I was dead wrong. And I think it's because someone has come up with a technology that roughly emulates (provided it's used as such), the natural way humans best communicate. For more than two-and-a-half decades, I have been inexorably tied to…Read More

Dr. George Bray, “esteemed biomedical researcher” and professor of medicine, Louisiana State Medical Center, Baton Rouge, call your unemployment office…

...Because YOU'RE FIRED! Writes Mr. Cardello about a conference in which nutritional scientists sit down with food industry people to discuss how to solve the obesity problem: It also was refreshing for me to listen to and learn from Dr. George Bray, the esteemed biomedical researcher and professor of medicine at Louisiana State Medical Center in Baton Rouge. To many insiders, he’s known as the founding father of the obesity issue. Bray is a doctor…Read More