Another Crustless Quiche

This one was way better than my last crustless quiche. What I did differently was first, to use 1/2 cup of potato flour instead of coconut flour. This resulted in a wonderfully crusty skin. Carbs? Well, 1/2 cup of the flour is about 60 grams or so, discounting the fiber (about 5 grams). This gets cut into 12 portions, so you'll get 5-6 grams per slice. No big. The other thing is that I used…Read More

LDL Cholesterol Nonsense

Well, I was all prepped for a link and quick hits roundup, but first up was a bit about LDL cholesterol, as in the calculated in the one most of you get when you have your blood work done. After a bt of poking around, the link roundup can wait. But back up a bit, all the way to here, where I posted my first lipid panel about a year ago. At a calculated…Read More

I Get So Much Help

As per usual, today, being a traveling day, I fasted from last night's meal (damn me that I didn't get a picture of the main course; it's quite special that Robert actually ground the curry himself, and I've been a bit obsessed thinking of it) until tonight. So, bygones, and a mistake I'll not repeat; here's tonight's break-fast after a long drive. Upon arrival, there was a roast beef with some onion having spent a…Read More

Deviled Eggs & Salmon Roe

Just about to head out and hit the road, but not before this. Friends down the hall were kind enough to prepare dinner for us last night and served up a wonderful witefish in a curry sauce featuring home ground curry spices. Nice, and I wish I'd had the presence of mind to snap a photo. I didn't come empty handed and presented this bit of an appetizer. Really super easy to make. I followed…Read More

Admin Notes

I have commissioned an expert team to convert this TypePad blog over to Wordpress in its entirety. I can't wait to deliver my parting shot to TypePad over that. For the last two years or so, every single enhancement has come with 2-3 bugs that take months to fix, if ever, and general downgrades. Whereas, years ago I was able to compose a post wholly in the rich text editor, for the last two years…Read More

Eating Out and Away

Mark Sisson has up a decent guide to eating out. He's right about the Mexican. While I might could go for the carnitas, or even the home made chicharrónes, I usually go for the fajitas, in the same style Mark suggests: ditch the tortiallas, rice, & beans. Gor for the grilled meat, veggies, guac & sour cream. This is precisely what I did last Friday evening at a very old and popular Mexican restaurant. Sunday…Read More

There’s Usually An Unconsidered Variable

The single biggest problem with what are called "observational studies" is that you generally can't be certain about which variable or combination of variables is responsible for the positive or negative effects you're observing. This was recently illustrated by a couple of dumb studies. The second of those links is especially egregious, implicating red meat, a staple of humans and their ancestors going back 2.5 million years while the modern grains, sugars and vegetable oils…Read More

Saturday Dinner – Grilled Tri-Tip & Celery Root Purée

I finally got a grill that allows me very good temperature control, such that I can do the low & slow to achieve rare & medium rare roasts from edge to edge and not just the very center. It's a Char-Broil Infrared Gas Grill. Highly recommended. Essentially, I was able to easily create an indirect heating environment of only about 250 degrees. I used a temperature probe as well to know internal temperature. Then, once…Read More

Links and Quick Hits

~ Yet another hearthealthywholegrains vegetarian athlete disaster at Mark's daily Apple. Ultimately, it's a success story, but that's only because she stopped listening to all those trying to "help" her (like her doctors), did her own research, learned, applied, and transformed. ~ Keith Norris of Theory to Practice has created a fabulous resource in the form of a growing collection of very brief but butt-kicking exercise demonstrations on YouTube, now standing at 14 videos. I…Read More

My Transformation in Photos

Wow. It's been just over two years since this greatest journey of my life began (unnecessary; wish I'd never let myself go so far astray). Nevertheless, here I am, and I wish to first acknowledge the growing number of enthusiastic readers who, I believe, have a major role in this. I really doubt I would have seen it through without your enthusiastic words of encouragement, excitement, and motivation every single step of the way. Not…Read More

Triglycerides: 93.5% Reduction in Three Weeks – 3,100 to 202

So there you have it: the punchline, right there in the title. But who did it, and how? That would be none other than Dr. William Davis, cardiologist. So then, what sort of medical procedure did he perform? What sorts of pharmaceuticals did he prescribe? To what level did he admonish his patient, Daniel, to cut the arterycloggingsaturatedfat and to eat lots more servings of hearthealthywholegrians? Of course, anyone who actually reads and thinks for…Read More

Admin Note – For Frequent Commenters

[This entry is probably only of interest to frequent commenters.] I just found a few days back that my blog host, TypePad, has the commenting engine so screwed up it's beyond belief, at least on God's computer platform, by which I mean, the Mac (see here for my initial post on switching). Safari or Firefox, doesn't matter. Some time back they went to a new platform where, not only do I get an email for…Read More

Almost Paleo Country “Biscuits” & Gravy

This is one I came up with concurrently while thinking of last night's meal. I was actually a late comer to the love of country buttermilk biscuits & gravy, but fall hard I did. "Twas a time when, all the local cafes I frequented existed in a mental hierarchy based exclusively on my judgment of the quality of their country gravy. But since going toward paleo two years ago, getting closer 18 months ago, and…Read More

Skillet Fried Pork Chops and Roasted Brussels Sprouts

This was perhaps my favorite preparation in quite a while. I really devoured it, even to the point of gnawing at every little bit of flesh on the bones of those chops. Fist, though, let's talk about the roasted Brussels sprouts -- roasted with whole garlic and onions and tossed in a shallot & balsamic vinegar reduction -- a preparation I can't take credit for. This one was linked to at Mark's Daily Apple quite…Read More

Interview With Healthy Cooking Coach Rachel Matesz

A couple of weeks ago I was pleased to receive a comment to one of my posts and, as I often do, I visited the commenter's website; when they have one. And what a find it was. After about three minutes of browsing, I immediately emailed Rachel to ask if she had time for an email interview to be conducted at our leisure. I think we're really fortunate that she did. Before we get to…Read More

A Sunday Brunch

Earlier today, I did a twitpic of the brunch Bea, I and friends down the hall prepared. Now, here's the plated version. The quiche was crustless. Seven eggs, a cup of heavy cream, 1/2 cup coconut flour, 1/4 cup water, sea salt & fresh ground pepper. Separately, about 10 slices of fairly thin sliced bacon, 1/3 cup chopped onion, 1/2 small package of baby spinach. I cut up the bacon, got it frying, added the…Read More

Was It Worth It?

Those who follow along on Facebook and Twitter got to see a cheat meal in real time last night. Big cheat Indian. NOT #paleo #primal. Nonetheless, delicous. I hesitate to call it a "cheat," as we were actually attending the HS graduation party for some longtime friends of ours, originally from India. My wife had their son in her 5th grade class. So, it was all about the event and since I love the taste…Read More