Public Service Announcement for NYC Paleos

Sorry for the late notice, but if any of you out there are in NYC, then I’ve been alerted there’s a meetup group. It has 35 members. John Durant, the organizer and host, emailed me some days ago that they were having a BBQ, which I somehow thought was this weekend. Tuns out it...…Read More

The Grassfed Beef & Lamb Experience

This is a prelude to a post on why I now think you should consider incorporating at least some measure of grassfed meats into your paleo eating lifestyle. This is where I’ll get into the issues of sustainability and cost. This, of course, comes on the heels of revelations in seeing the documentary film Food,...…Read More

High Protein Breakfasts

I mentioned in the epic-comment post about my carb binge that I’ve been trying to get more protein, and have felt a heightened sense of well being for it (and just for clarification, since it was apparently unclear — for which I will take blame: I was not in any sense doing a Lyle McDonald...…Read More

Paleo “Fish & Chips”

Well, not really, but that’s what we jokingly dubbed this dish. Very simple and quick. Paleo "Fish & Chips" This was simply wild-caught Alaskan cod fried in a very nice amount of butter, salt & pepper to taste. In the meantime, make a chopped relish of your choice of pickle & red onion. I prefer...…Read More

Report: A Carb Binge

So we went to a concert Friday night — Dave Mason, and then The Moody Blues. Hell yea! Because of the time frame in which we arrived in Arnold, CA, then had to leave for the show, no time to get dinner (and who wants to fast at a concert???). So, I quickly decided this...…Read More

Greetings, Music Fans

So, then, we arrived up at our mountain vacation home a coupla hours ago, in Arnold, CA; and, I think we’re gonna go do sumthin’.  We’ve decided to head down to Murphy’s, CA, just 15 minutes down the road, to Ironstone Vinyard’s amphitheater. The Moody Blues, with Dave Mason, on tap for tonight. Of all...…Read More

My Review of Food, Inc.

A number of people emailed me to insist that I see it. And, I wasn’t too excited about it. I’ve still not read Pollan’s books, nor have I read Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation. Both authors are featured prominently in this documentary film. Here’s the official website. Well, we saw the film last weekend, and, I’d...…Read More

Friday Dinner, Dessert & Champagne

Paleo Raspberry Tart Here was the one photo I snapped, but there are lots of others. And what an incredible meal it was. To see the rest, head on over to Julie’s blog, Fraises et Tartines ("Strawberries & Toasts"). Not only has Julie put together an amazing set of photos, but you get the complete...…Read More

Downtown Campbell Farmers’ Market

It was quite a day, yesterday. Though I’d been to the Downtown Campbell Farmers’ Market years before, this visit was special, owing to my increasing interest in organic foods, grassfed meats, and wild caught fish. It’s funny how once your awareness has been elevated in some particular area, you see things you looked at before,...…Read More

Real Results to Keep You Motivated

It’s happening all over. People getting lean almost effortlessly, devoid of gripping hunger; in short, enjoying themselves, feeling better about themselves, and looking better and better. Frankly, it’s difficult for me to imagine these results being out of reach for anyone who really wants them. It takes such a short time to reach the "point...…Read More

The San Pedro Square Farmer’s Market

San Jose, downtown. It’s a mere five minutes away from my home. It’s every Friday from 10-2. All of these can be clicked for the larger hi-res version. San Jose Downtown Farmer’s Market, San Pedro Square Vegetables Heirloom Tomatoes Tomatoes Tomatoes Wild Caught Alaskan Salmon & Trout, One Week Old Flowers Vegetables Fresh Strawberries... This…Read More

Meals By Others

A few things I’m still trying to familiarize myself with on this new platform, such as image management. So, let’s start with some food porn and I’ll get to some commentary soon. Here’s one by my friend Robert from last week. Chicken with Toasted Almonds & Pineapple That’s accompanied by some homemade hashbrowns cooked in...…Read More

Odds & Ends

First, foremost, and most importantly, Beatrice et moi are going to dinner at Fraises et Tartines Friday night. No, it's not a posh-chic downtown restaurant -- though I'll be first through the door if my friend Julie ever decides to open a restaurant. She did steak au poivre for her & hubby last night, in observance of Bastille Day (better than flag waving, any day). And last week, we got an invite for her bruschetta…Read More

Atkins: Lost Souls

I'm mad as hell, so here goes a shot The Atkins organization ("Nutritionals," et al) is, I believe, doing a tremendous disservice to the great work done by its pioneer, Dr. Robert Atkins. Frankly: that company sells virtually nothing but processed crap. Bars & shakes loaded with soy, artificial sweeteners, unpronounceable, mystery ingredients, and other Bad Stuff®. And now, it's All-Purpose Baking Mix and Penne Pasta, both absolutely chock full of gluten. Here's the press…Read More

Lunchtime Burger Salad

Not a burger and a salad, a burger salad. From time-to-time in a pinch, I'll get one of Carl's Junior Low Carb Six Dollar Burgers, without the cheese or catsup. Not a bad option and only about 5 grams of carb. Of course, you can do your own lettuce wrap burger, or, you can just make it a salad (click for the hi-res image). Very simple. Lettuce of your choice, lay on a heaping tbsp…Read More

Cobb Salad

Well, what I didn't know is that there's a history to the Cobb Salad, invented by Bob Cobb, owner of the Brown Derby in Hollywood, CA. A couple of nights before, we had decided to collaborate with friends for Friday, and since Julie makes such amazing bacon bits, I suggested a Cobb. So here was the starting palette, with the Bing Cherries there for the dessert (click on it for the hi-res). There seems to…Read More

The Vegetarian Menace

One for the Pea-Brain Diet Got an email from reader Katherine Strange, proprietor of SF Bay Area's Evolution Catering. I haven't tried the menu, yet, but that's only because I have the time and inclination to cook for myself most of the time. If that's a problem for you, or an occasional problem, you're near to San Francisco and want to eat right, ring up Kat and get some nice food. A vegetarian wasn't too…Read More

Links and Quick Hits

~ Good science is done for a 20-yr study and the jury is in: Caloric restriction definitely extends life, and at a better quality (less disease) in monkeys. Fortunately, intermittent fasting just might do the same thing or even better. ~ Vitamin D and its bactericidal ("anti-bacterial") action. "Vitamin D, activated ergosterol, is bactericidal to tubercle bacilli, proteus, bacillus aerogenes, staphylococci and non-hemolytic streptococci in vitro and in vivo." Nice to have such great information…Read More