Saturated Fat is Good For You!

Can you think of a fundamental reason not to expect that it’s healthy and good, not particularly to be limited below what you have a taste for? Stop and think about it. Forget everything you think you know (which, if we’re talking knowledge, is probably not much: many are just regurgitating). Why would it not be healthful, beneficial? Because it’s so tasty and we’re depraved by nature, naturally seeking mostly those things from "the devil’s…Read More

Got Milk?

Many people trying to implement the paleo way are confounded about milk. It’s not paleo and could not have been, for two primary reasons: Try milking a wild animal. We were genetically programmed to lose the ability to digest lactose (milk sugar) in early childhood (weaning). What we refer to as "lactose intolerance" is actually the previous normal human state of affairs. Here’s a good overview of the whole issue, in USA Today. Instead, people…Read More

Links and Quick Hits

~ Most people aware of lowcarb and paleo dieting are well aware of insulin’s role in promoting fat storage. But how about the role of leptin and leptin resistance? Dr. Mercola gives a good overview. You become both insulin and leptin resistant by eating the typical American diet full of sugar, refined grains, processed foods … and not a whole lot else. The solution is fairly straightforward, and this is to instead eat a diet…Read More

DISQUS Comments

While I really love the new commenting system, look, feel, threaded functionality, be aware that the email part (both notification of comments and replying to comments via email) is very unreliable. For instance, I have yet to receive email notification of any comments posted since last night, of which there are about 10, now. In addition, comment replies I sent via email often don’t show up, so if you have replied via email to a…Read More

Leftovers Done Right

I thought I’d put this up, since all my plated photos from the original were blurry. Here’s the second tour of my Braised Lamb Shanks (click on photo to enlarge). Leftover Lamb Shank It’s garnished with Italian parsley from the mini herb garden my wife set up this weekend. We only had about a cup of the cauliflower & goat cheese puree, so, I coarsely chopped three un-peeled carrots, boiled them until tender, then combined…Read More

“Bad Bad Bad” – Tales in Modern Ignorance

From the Modesto Bee, via my dad. BAD, BAD, BAD No breakfast at all Some people say they’re not hungry when they wake up, but because you’ve fasted all night your metabolism — and fat-burning ability — slows down. Those who skip breakfast are also more likely to be overweight and eat more fat and calories the rest of the day, said Susan Biali, a physician who specializes in dietetics in Vancouver. Bypassing breakfast also…Read More

Grassfed Beef Special – La Cense Beef

Friend and reader Nancy was kind enough to think about me and sent this email, yesterday (click to enlarge). La Cense Beef Click here to go to the page with the special, which, is 8 grassfed New York Steaks, regularly $128 for $96, plus 4 pounds of grassfed beef burger ($23 normally), plus free shipping. All in all, I saved $45, not including what shipping would have been. I got the 8 New Yorks, the…Read More

“…and we soaked up animal protein and fat like parched ground in the rain.”

That would be the very last phrase from the four pages I’ll link to, but later. Lierre Keith; what a find. I opened what will doubtless be a series in promotion of her work, right here: The Vegetarian Myth. And, no, I’ll continue to be as ruthless with the opportunists who think they can get away with comment Bullshit here, in this post, as there, in that one. No quarter for those who would argue…Read More

Free the Snow Leopard

This Friday (for you Mac heads, like me: a former 20-yr PC user who will never go back). Snow Leopard... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the level you choose.Login Join NowRead More

“David, you’re not stupid, by any chance?”

On the other other hand, the researchers are smart people simply doing what they are paid to do: bolster the status-quo. The really, really stupid ones are those who think that saturated fat consumption is more tightly associated with…health problems than, say, toilet paper use, or sitting in chairs, or wearing shoes, or whatever. See, the really, really stupid ones are those who can’t seem to define a starting principle, like, say, “hey, we evolved…Read More

A Modest Bleg to Promote the Primal Lifestyle

This is primarily directed at those dedicated readers who choose to be either Facebook friends, Twitter followers, or both. You may have noticed that the links to my blog posts now look like this: That’s a link to my last post, the Bison New York Steak. If you click on it, you’ll notice a StumbleUpon bar at the top of the page. Would it be to much to ask for a "Thumbs Up" click…Read More

Bison New York Steak

Dinner last night for the wife & I (click to enlarge). Bison New York Steak Two nice grilled-to-medium-rare bison steaks from Whole Foods, and some frozen broccoli prepared in a new way. I put the frozen veggies on a cookie sheet, along with a large dollop of coconut oil and placed it in the oven at 400. Some minutes later I was able to toss them, so as to distribute the oil, and then let…Read More

“Eat Stop Exercise” is a Despicable Rip-off of Brad Pilon’s EatStopEat

I fist made mention of Brad Pilon’s excellent work, EatStopEat way back nearly two years ago. And since then, I have blogged a whole bunch about intermittent fasting in general and have mentioned Brad and ESE many, many times. And, because I was so pleased with the results, I even gave Brad a testimonial which I’m proud to have displayed on his sales page (it’s the third from the last). Ensuring that people get proper…Read More

It’s Dr. Stephan

Stephan, whom I link to and quote more than any other blogger, has received his Ph.D. in neurobiology. He has been a tremendous help to me in my quest to learn more about nutrition, both in blogging and through the email exchanges we’ve had over the last year. Congratulations.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the level you choose.Login Join…Read More

Braised Lamb Shanks

Lamb Shanks & Stuff Maybe, just maybe, the most satisfying dish I’ve ever made. As someone who cooks a great deal — for other people being a huge part of that — I am often confronted with a serious question: was it worth it? Often times, in spite of the tastiness of a dish, it’s hard to answer that in the affirmative. Although, I’d never give it up. It’s a weird — and enjoyable —…Read More

Exposing the Cholesterol Myth

I probably get more questions about cholesterol than anything else. But cholesterol is not a problem to be managed. Your diet is to be managed, it should be a natural diet of meats, fowl, seafood, good fats (animal, coconut, olive), vegetables, berries & nuts. Take nine minutes for Dr. Ron Rosedale to expose the cholesterol scam. Tomorrow I’ll post a couple of advanced lipid panels from readers for discussion.... This content is for Annual Subscription…Read More

Ribeyes, Peppers, and Salad

Here’s one I did at the beginning of the month and plain forgot to post it. Ribeyes & Stuff Since there were four of us, I sliced up the steaks after grilling. Sliced Ribeye Then there’s the peppers, which as I recall were anaheim. This was a suggestion from my cousin Adam. It’s basicaly salt & oil. Rather than olive, which is what’s called for, I used about half leaf lard and half coconut oil.…Read More

Big Salad

I decided to do salads last night. Salads First, I took an enormous whole chicken breast (both sides), with skin (from Whole Foods) and put it on the grill on low, skin side down, and then turned bout 15 minutes in for a total of about 30 minutes, then five or so on high to get the skin crispy. In the meantime, I added a couple of pinches of parsley, rosemary, and basil to about…Read More

Admin Note

Just a coule of notes. If you look at the store on the right sidebar, a new product has been added, and it’s by the guys — Mike & Scott — at FitnessSpotlight. I’ve added a new commenting platform, DISQUS, that promises to be quite an improvement over the threaded system I had up originally. Users have a lot more flexibility as well in terms of threading and using email. That’s all, folks.... This content…Read More

Julie & Julia

I saw the film last evening. Before she changed the world, Julia Child was just an American living in France. – Julie, in narration Ah, I identify with that, for, we had a thing in common. I lived in France for a couple of years. And, while being functional in the language upon arrival (such as was Julia’s diplomat husband upon arrival — I went to one of the same schools as they), I was…Read More