Meat “Crust” Pizza; It’s Meatza!

So here’s my attempt at "Meatza," which I mentioned a couple of posts ago, and where you’ll find the basic recipe. Meatza Makings I used two pounds of 80/20 ground beef I had in the freezer. I also had the idea to create an edge, to keep in toppings. See the recipe for the other…Read More

How’s Your Blood Pressure?

Reader David rings in with some interesting blood pressure experiences on paleo. Good weight loss, but very high BP, but looks like he may have found a solution that worked in just a few days. ~~~ I am 6′ even, 47 year old, ex-infantry (so my fair share of abused joints, and strongly aware of…Read More

Links & Quick Hits

~ Attention all: David-Dorian Ross wants everyone to know that he has "lectured on exercise science for the past 15 years, as well as having been on the executive committee of the National Association of Health and Fitness…" and on that basis rather than argument, wants you to know that I "really have no idea…Read More

No Fear: Pork Belly; It’s What’s For Dinner

Before I place a montage, there’s inspiration. Back ’round the 4th of July weekend, we happened to have missed being with friends who happened to be with mutual friends. Make sense? OK, they ended up going to Gordon Ramsay’s LA restaurant and posted more than a dozen pics of what they ate. This was one.…Read More

Note to Angela F. Braly, CEO, WellPoint, Inc.

Dear Ms. Braly: I’m writing about the July 27, 2009 letter you received from Tracy Reiman, Executive Vice President of PETA. I figured that in case embarrassing typos ("…denied every everything;" "…many have their throats are cut;" paragraph four; "Dieticians;" paragraph two) from an Executive VP of a major organization with 2 million members wasn’t enough to…Read More

Links & Quick Hits

~ Reader Rafi Bar-Lev has a project brewing: Passionate Fitness. From our email discussions and from what I can see from the website, Rafi aims to create a social network for health & fitness folks. There’s a forum, you can write and submit posts for the front page, and more. I plan to participate. So…Read More

Saturated Fat Intake vs. Heart Disease & Stroke

Reader Alexander Thorn in the UK put together some impressive work using data from the British Heart Foundation and emailed it to me the other day. Let’s take a look. You can click on all the graphs for the much larger "lightbox" image, and/or click on the links below each graph to download the files.…Read More

The Moral Vegetarians

I’m pretty sure it was Roger Ebert, somewhere along the line, who taught me the principle that underlies this paraphrased statement: Judge a film by what its makers intend to deliver, not by what you think it should deliver. And so we’re back again with Lierre Keith and The Vegetarian Myth. My previous mentions &…Read More

Voluntary Subscriptions and Donations

To the right, I have finally decided to add a donations button. Donate whatever amount you like, and/or, you can purchase from the products shown at the right, from our recommended items at our Amazon store, or, you can support the work at Free the Animal with any purchase at Amazon. In the last year…Read More

Wheat: Scourge of Civilization

Very quick. Cardiologist William Davis reports on the unexpected benefits his patients achieve after some months completely wheat free. First, the expected benefits. A patient would come to the office, for example, with a blood sugar of 118 mg/dl (in the pre-diabetic range) and the other phenomena of pre-diabetes or metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure,…Read More

“Children” vs. “Adults”

So, who are the real adults here, and who are the real children? Who is who? Schoolkids vote 13-1 to slaughter lamb A GROUP of schoolchildren who reared a lamb from birth and named it Marcus have overridden objections by parents and rights activists and voted to send the animal to slaughter. […] The decision…Read More

All The Stupid Stuff in My Face from the Grant Whores

I’ll bet some of you already know where I’m going. There’s so much nonsense out there virtually every day that it would be tough for you not to know. So, alright, I’ve seen a barrage of emails and other communique over the last couple of days. What should I begin with, how saturated fat stimulates…Read More

My Evolution Catering Experience

If you haven’t noticed on the right sidebar, I have an ad up for a Bay Area company, Evolution Catering, run by Katherine (Kat) Strange, a reader. As part of the deal, I got some free food to try out, and I also got a couple more things out-of-pocket. The way Kat works is that…Read More

Vitamin D and the H1N1 Virus

Two important letters out from the good Doctor, John Cannell, M.D., of the Vitamin D Council. THE FIRST: ~~~ September 17, 2009 I’m writing to alert readers to a crucial email from a physician who has evidence vitamin D is protective against H1N1 and to ask you, the reader, to contact your representatives in Washington…Read More

Grassfed Beef Meals

Here’s a couple of examples of the beef portion of a couple of grassfed beef meals. In these cases, I did not use anything like almond, coconut, or potato starch to thicken the sauce (and it never takes much — usually less than a teaspoon), and I did add quite a bit of fat in…Read More

Healthcare Through Force

I should probably stay away from this altogether, and in view of that, I’ll endeavor to make this brief, to the point. Since this is a health and fitness blog and we tend to have our own ideas about "reform" (like: eat real food; and the fact that’s not even materially in the debate ought…Read More

Dr. Michael Eades in Action

Many of you are quite well aware of this, but for those who aren’t I encourage you to take a look at the comment thread over at Tim Ferris’ blog, the 4-hr Work Week. It is indeed very extensive and Doc Eades’ contribution must be brutal on his time. But he’s doing a great job…Read More