Lazy Ass Leftovers

News: Today, Free the Animal surpassed 50,000 visits and 90,000 page views in a month for the first time ever. Story to follow on Sunday or Monday, plus, a substantial post I’m working up about a research doctor in New Zealand who still doesn’t get it. jimmy moore has his hands in both of those...…Read More

Thai Masaman Beef Curry

Now that it’s getting colder, a lot more hearty dishes like stew, chili, and curry are going to be hitting the blog. Rumor has it that I’ll be up for another chicken mole in my style come Saturday night. Now for tonight’s dish: masaman curry (sometimes spelled "massaman"). Thai Masaman Beef Curry The typical recipe...…Read More

Curing the Sugar Addiction

I’m going to need reader help with this one. An email. I was very impressed to read your path. I am currently 360 lbs and I am 5’10. I know it is decision time or I have to pack my bags and leave the planet. I do have the book primal blueprint but I find...…Read More

Texas Style Chili

Two substantive posts on line for tomorrow and Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime, here’s Friday night’s dish. It was a 2.5 lb. cross rib roast; trimmed, cubed, and then browned pretty well in the cooking pot in a big tbsp of lard and another of bacon drippings — medium heat. Once browned, I added...…Read More

Meatballs in Blue Cheese Sauce

Nope, I can’t get enough of this sauce (the 2nd one), and neither will you if you try it. Any sort of beef will do, and it’s easy as can be. Here’s a kinda "recipe" for a pound of ground beef, which in my case was La Cense grassfed. But first, here’s what it ends...…Read More

The Vegetarian Myth Revisited

Aside from the recent abysmal nature of my blogging, my neighborhood dog-walking friend Kara emails: You are on the cutting edge. Indeed, I am. She forwards a great review of The Vegetarian Myth (reviewed here, here, here, and here) in an email newsletter from Fourfold Healing. The vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith Very occasionally powerful,...…Read More

My Article at Passionate Fitness

A couple of weeks ago I posted this on fatty liver reversal. Around the same time I was asked to submit an article to Passionate Fitness and submitted the same one after checking with Rafi to make sure that would be OK. The time for submitting articles is now past, and now it’s time to...…Read More

Chicken & Tarragon Sauce; Steak & Blue Cheese Sauce

I’m pressed for time, with a court trial (business related; contract dispute) in which my company is the defendant begins tomorrow morning. We have an excellent case — otherwise I’d have easily settled long time ago — but you can never predict an outcome. So, I’m…preoccupied. Perhaps I’ll briefly tell you about it later, but...…Read More

More Links & Quick Hits

With pressing business issues throughout the week I might not have a lot to post about. But, for now, here’s some of the more interesting things I’ve seen whilst clearing my head at the cabin this weekend. ~ In the American Journal of Epidemiology, which cholesterol level is related to the lowest mortality in a...…Read More

Links & Quick Hits

 ~ Dr. Eades has been up to some good beyond his typical authoritative blog postings and books on sound weight loss and high nutrition. Now, he’s developed a kitchen appliance for best cooking your meats & vegetables: Low & Slow. It’s called sous vide, ("under or less than empty," i.e., vacuum). Here’s his post describing...…Read More

Steak Ftites

…And, how looks can be deceiving. Before we get to the Steak Frites, how does this look? Poached Cod in Coconut Milk & Relish Not bad, right? And I’ve done this before. …Well, upon looking at that link, I guess I must have been trying to get by cheap on effort this time. It showed,...…Read More

How Mean Should I Be?

An email crashes in. Hi there, I work with Silk on one of their latest new products called Heart Health. As part of their new line of wellness products, Heart Health was specifically designed to reduce cholesterol. In fact, A recent study found that people who enjoyed three servings of Silk Heart Health per day...…Read More

Shorter FTC: “You’re Too Stupid”

Relax. You have been protected. No longer must you languish in uncertainty about whether I or anyone else who reviews a book, a film, or food is doing so for professional reasons with a reputation to build and maintain, or just for the goodies. The Federal Trade Commission will try to regulate blogging for the...…Read More

Calling All Health & Fitness Bloggers

I’ve long wanted to dramatically increase the number of blogs and other good resources on the blogroll, but I really hate blogrolls that are dozens and dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of links. However, I’ve solved that by installing a widget that takes my whole list and gives a random slice of however many links I...…Read More