So far as a search of the blog goes, I appear to never have mentioned probiotics in a post (others have brought it up in comments a coupla times). There’s a good reason for that. For one, I never noted any benefit from drinking acidophilus-spiked milk. And, I’ve tried a few supplements from time to…Read More

Another Meatza: Pepperoni

Because the crust is made of meat one might think that’s enough meat and to load up on veggies. Well, what about the tomato based sauce? Plenty of veggie for me, along with some thin-sliced onion to get charred under the broiler (yep, that’s how I like it). Pepperoni Meatza I also like the pepperoni…Read More

Fatty Liver Reversal: Medical Doctor resorts to health blogger

First off, I don’t make a big distinction — as I see elsewhere so often — between so-called NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty-liver disease), i.e., fatty livers caused by hyper-carbohydrate diets – what most people consume — and fatty livers caused by alcohol. Most likely, it’s the high levels of fructose in the diet that causes fatty liver…Read More

Admin Note: DISQUS Comments

Just a bit over a month ago I switched over to a plugin for DISQUS comments. Recently, I decided to use some of the donation money from generous readers in enhancements to this blog. Mainly, this is under the hood stuff. Now that we just had a record number of visits in September, this blog…Read More

Grilled Salmon with Toasted Shallot & Garlic Butter

Thought I’d throw up last night’s dinner while I work on another post. Grilled Salmon with Toasted Shallot & Garlic Butter Simple as can be. For two salmon filets: finely chop 1/3 shallot and a single clove of garlic, sauté in a tbsp of unsalted butter until both are dark & toasty, reduce heat to…Read More