Naked Feet

Well I don’t know about the GW overtones or global Kumbaya, but otherwise a good message. I go barefoot as often as possible, even out in public — such as last night to the hotel room and back to the in-laws this morning. Coming up on 24 straight hours of barefoot.... This content is for…Read More

Paleo Pussies

Well that was fun. And you know what? Life is just too fuckin’ short to be a paleo pussy, a wimp…an intellectual masturbator in all of this. No prisoners. No refuge. No quarter. See, we’re dealing with murderers, maimers and their accomplices in academia, research, the medical profession, the big food and drug industry, and...…Read More

Tri-Tip & Kohlrabi

Just some quick Sunday morning Food Porn. Tri-Tip & Kohlrabi Mash I did the roast low & slow in the oven at 225, up to an internal temp of 125. Then a couple minutes per side under the broiler with butter rubbed on the outside. The sauce was 1 1/2 quarts of store bought beef...…Read More

Wanna Metal?

I’m up at the cabin in Arnold, CA, where Bea & I met my parents late yesterday afternoon after the easiest Friday afternoon drive out of the Bay Area I’ve had in years. Get this: usually it takes nearly 3:30 to get up here with rush traffic and I made it in 2:40. My dad...…Read More

Laf Laf Laf Laf Laf

Oh, this is just too delicious not to put up here (via Mike Eades’ Twitter feed). Climate sceptics claim leaked emails are evidence of collusion among scientists – Hundreds of emails and documents exchanged between world’s leading climate scientists stolen by hackers and leaked online. Yes, I’ve always been a "global warming denier," at least in the...…Read More

A Fine Day In The Echo Chamber

The morning started off just right. Sunrise on the patio, a cup of coffee, then skipped the morning hour long walk because Bea was off in the morning and wanted to do it. To top it off, a comment from reader Ian. Richard, your blog is great and the effort you put into photographing your...…Read More

Do The Math, Dr. T. Colin Campbell

Jeezus, already. It was over a week ago that I reported to you that Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of best-selling The China Study was participating in a low-carb discussion forum. While he has been away for a while, he suddenly popped back in this weekend. Mind numbing, to say the least. I just can’t...…Read More

Good News & Bad News: Vitamin D vs. Statins

First, the good news. Yep, it’s vitamin D, again (thanks to Chris for the link). New study links vitamin D deficiency to cardiovascular disease and death Study finds inadequate levels of Vitamin D may significantly increase risk of stroke, heart disease and death For more than a year, the Intermountain Medical Center research team followed...…Read More

Primal Tacos

This took no more than 15 minutes prep time. I went ahead and uploaded a larger version that you can see by clicking on the image. Primal Taco So, while I cooked leftover grassfed ground beef on low in the skillet, I took a nice large ripe avocado, mashed it up, and added about 1...…Read More

Alternate Day Fasting, Weight Loss, and Food

A reader sent a link this morning to an interesting study of alternate day fasting for obese adults. Even though the study participants ate whatever they wanted on their non-fasting days, they lost an average of 5.6 kilograms (about 12 pounds) after eight weeks, Dr. Krista A. Varady of the University of Illinois at Chicago...…Read More

Paleo Days of Fall

While I continue to think about and draft the next in my series on Saturated Fat a-la Prof. Rod Jackson in New Zealand, I thought I’d empty the queue of various food photos. So, here goes, quickly. Who doesn’t love soup, especially beef & vegetable with the remainder of my bone stock as the base?...…Read More

Diet Obsession

A reader email this morning with an important question I ought to address here. Let me preface this by saying I’m just starting out on my Paleo/Primal journey. I am also terrible at wading my way through scientific studies, and have the kind of luck where I think I’ve got something covered, and then some...…Read More

Carbs Kill and Eating Animals Saves Lives

This is a continuation of two previous posts on saturated fat epidemiology and looking at the government data in different ways. For the background, see the previous posts: Saturated Fat Intake vs. Heart Disease & Stroke Drilling Down: Saturated Fat Epidemiology As you’ll discover, the impetus behind the second post was Shangi-La Diet author Seth...…Read More