Boulettes au Roquefort

Well I actually wasn’t even going to publish this one, but then I was looking at search logs yesterday and noticed that my meatballs in blue cheese sauce gets searched a lot. I hope you’ve made it and enjoyed it. Grassfed Meatballs So here’s a bit of a modification. Same basic preparation, only I used…Read More

Mushroom Frittata & Smoked Salmon

Just a simple breakfast, this was. One thing I’m not overly fond of is the typical "kitchen sink omelet," i.e., the notion that the addition of more and more ingredients makes it better and better. Not for me. Alternatively, how about a single ingredient omelet or frittata? A couple of my favorites are onion as…Read More

Sunday Rock You: Journey, Precious Time; 1980 Live, Osaka

I’m an inconsistent Journey fan, never resolute. Sometimes they strike me as far too pop (Steve Perry), and other times I can really get into appreciating them. I suppose that’s why they’ve definitely stood the test of time: they appeal to a number of genres. But, definitely, I prefer the early stuff and in particular,…Read More

Vegan Trolls

A high carb vegan comments. Ah yes, the low-carb, meat-addicted Weston Price clones. Saturated fat is good for you, huh? Hey, I know a bridge you can buy! Interested? lol It’s amazing how you people proliferate (and predictably, diss and despise) Campbell while worshipping your dead hero Atkins, the pseudo-scientist diet faddist who suffered from…Read More

Drilling Down: Saturated Fat Epidemiology

I’ve got to get this reader data out there; sooooo, the post I’ve been planning and writing to slam dunk a certain "researcher" from New Zealand will just have to wait until the first of next week. I’d planned to incorporate that with this, per my style, but I’ll just have to link it. Whenever…Read More

Onglet de Boeuf Frites (Hanger Steak & Fries)

The worst thing about eating french fries, in my view, isn’t the starch carbs or the anti-nutrients in potatoes, but what they are deep fried in. You can rest assured that you’re getting some sort of industrailly processed, heat & solvent extracted, deodorized franken oil with the high omega 6 polyunsaturated fats heavily oxidized from…Read More

“Fraudulent Science”

Yep, and who does fraudulent science? Fraudulent researchers (grant whores). And what are fraudulent researchers? They’re frauds. Well, as I try to finish up a post on saturated fat and one particular fraud from abroad, I just came across an interview by the great Uffe Ravnskov, whom I’ve mentioned in blogs a few times, at…Read More

Ultimate Wellness with Dr. James Carlson

Man, ever since I heard the first Jimmy Moore interview with Dr. James Carlson, I’ve liked this guy’s frank, in-your-face style. But, who is he? Well, he’s a doctor with quite a set of credentials in terms of education. …degrees in biochemistry and cellular physiology from Cornell University. Medical degree from New York College of…Read More

Astounding Reader Progress

I got an amazing email this morning that delighted and thrilled my soul, and so I’m going to congratulate reader Chris right out loud and in public, because he really deserves a great big round of applause. You’ve asked to be kept up to date, so I thought I’d touch base. As of this morning’s…Read More

Coconut Milk Chicken Mole Revisited

I originally came up with this just trying to approximate what I had eaten at a local restaurant, the main taste being chocolate. While it was fabulous, some pointed out that traditional mole has spices. And, so, here we are again. Chicken Mole I again used a rotisserie chicken, but no spice rub on it…Read More

NOVA: Becoming Human

Just a quick public service announcement that tonight begins a three-part series on NOVA on PBS: Becoming Human. There are a number of preview videos on the site, including this nearly 10-minute version that covers the whole series.Read More

Delicious Creamy Faux Buttermilk

Just a quick note ’cause this is really delish and takes only a couple of minutes: 1/2 cup heavy cream 1 raw egg 2-3 heaping tsp of Greek full fat yogurt, like FAGE 2-3 pats of sweet organic butter Make sure everything is cold from the fridge, put it all in a blender or smoothie…Read More

Would You Give Your Kids a Case of Whiskey?

No, you wouldn’t, would you? And yet many out there either well into paleo eating or at least knowledgeable about it still allow their kids to consume all sorts of sweets, especially on October 31 and well into the next week. For some, the sheer volume of candy is astounding. We’re talking pounds of it.…Read More

Whenever Rock You — Monday, Today

It began as “Sunday Rock You,” but I’ve not been consistent. Well, first, I don’t want to publish anything unless I’m feeling something. That doesn’t always happen. it just comes to me. But now, I am. And you’ll probably be surprised, counting my previous Rock Youz. This has been going on since Saturday afternoon when…Read More

A Physicist on Paleo Eating

I dont usually do post any more that serve primarily to link up or quote another’s work, but I’m making an exception. I structure my nutritional philosophy around the notion of the Paleolithic Principle. The principle is that the human animal has been around and eating a relatively consistent diet for a couple of million…Read More