“You have saved my life.”

That’s Lierre Keith, describing the email she gets from her book, The Vegetarian Myth (see previous link for reviews & to get the book). She’s talking about those 80% of vegetarians and vegans who fan-mail her; those relatively new to it (all life is style, nowadays), suffering from anxiety and depression. Good for you, Lierre: best…Read More

Laff Your Ass Off Nutrition

Via my good buddy Chris Highcock in Scotland, this is hilarious. And I love how they used computer-generated voices. Maybe I’m weird. It raises the possibility of a decent New Year’s Resolution: maybe we all — especially us bloggers — ought to take ourseves a little less seriously. Alright, back to serious nutrition & diet,…Read More

What Sets Grains Apart – It’s Not Starchy Carbs

This post is basically for the purpose of highlighting a couple of others’ posts on grains in case you haven’t seen them. First, Mark Sisson took on the "Better Fed" and "Feasting on Grains" nonsense I posted on the other day. Let’s suppose that Mercader’s dating estimates are correct. Let’s also suppose that the tools…Read More

Archives This Year and What’s in Store Shortime

Last year while vacationing up here at the cabin, I did a dozen reasonably substantive posts in one day — for fun (alcohol being a function of the last few, and just getting the last off by midnight — make sure to check out LSD Chicken). Here’s the wrap up post with the links to all…Read More

Can Cholesterol Get Any More Complicated?

I might have to put updates up as I continue to gather information (emails out to vetting sources) but I thought I’d put this up as a starter, maybe generate some conversation. I’ve posted a lot about cholesterol and how and why I don’t generally see it as a problem for most people on a…Read More

Paleo I Don’t Care: I Like No Soap; No Shampoo

12/31/09: Welcome boingboing readers and a hearty thanks to Mark Frauenfelder for the feature. For those interested in the dietary and fitness aspects, check out the Overview, and also see results from some of the readers. 01/04/11: Welcome again boingboing fans, a bit more than a year later. Thanks to Sean Bonner for the link and congrats…Read More

John Mackey: “We sell a bunch of junk.”

Indeed Whole Foods does. Thankfully, they also sell a lot of good stuff, albeit expensive good stuff — and in an environment I find quite pleasing most of the time. Mackey in the New Yorker. A year ago, Mackey came across a book called “The Engine 2 Diet,” by an Austin, Texas, firefighter and former…Read More

Don’t You Wish You Were As Smart as Lyle McDonald?

Well here’s the whole thread on his forum — currently at three pages worth of posts — about this post of mine and a couple by others (Castle Grok & Don Matesz). And in response to Nige, a valuable comment contributor here and author of his own excellent nutrition blog, pointing out the value of this blog…Read More

Sunday Rock: Beatles; Who’d a Guessed?

I’m not a Beatles fan, never have been. While I have all the albums out of posterity, only Let It Be is in my iTunes library. I might get up the energy one day to go through the rest an pick out a song or two here and there to include. But here’s my favorite…Read More

Same Shirt: Three Years & 60 Pounds Later

My friend Robert snapped the picture to the left this was cropped from sometime in the spring of 2007, nearly three years ago. The one to the right was Christmas evening, cutting up the prime rib. It was right around the time I began this most wonderful journey, though I initially began pretty much with…Read More

Would Including Grains Make You “Better Fed?”

I’ll have to file this as about the dumbest thing I’ve seen all week. Tons of readers have alerted me to articles out claiming that Stone Age man was "better fed than previously thought" and has been "feasting on grains for 100,000 years." It’s nonsense. U of C archeologist finds Stone Age man better fed…Read More

Vitamin D and Disease Incidence Prevention

For what reason I don’t know, but this January 2009 editorial by William Faloon of the Life Extension Foundation is making the rounds. Perhaps it just came available on the web. It’s a good read, particularly in light of the billions and trillions of dollars the thieves & thugs in DC are about to flush…Read More

Where In The World I’m Is

I’m over fighting the good fight. Lurkers and posters welcome, as always. My posts begin right here. Curiously enough, I’m holding my tongue and have become a shining example of civility! 🙂Read More