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Last year while vacationing up here at the cabin, I did a dozen reasonably substantive posts in one day — for fun (alcohol being a function of the last few, and just getting the last off by midnight — make sure to check out LSD Chicken). Here’s the wrap up post with the links to all 12.

This year I’m going to do something different. I’ve noted from emails received from so may new readers (500%+ at least from last year) that while they have gone through archives and read past stuff, they may not have gotten what I think are the best. So. I’m going to resurrect a choice few over the next few days, perhaps three or four per day.

Hope that doesn’t irritate the long-timers, but at least you know why. Heres’ the two I highlighted earlier to Facebook friends & Twitter followers.

From the archives: The Perverse Positive Feedback of Stress –

180 Degree Errors: Excess Fat as a TUMOR. Archives, before I read GCBC –

Thanks for your enormous support, folks. Over 500% increase in a year.

I’m humbled. More and more. You’re making me watch my Ps & Qs, goddammit!

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