Can Your HDL Be Too High?

As many of you know, my own HDL runs in the 130s, at least last I checked some months ago. How? Lots of fat — particularly saturated animal and coconut fat — in my diet. Then, "John," whose issues with cholesterol I profiled here emailed a few days back to let me know that life’s…Read More

Is There Really Any Such Thing As Low-Fat Eating?

Low-fatters are fooling themselves — especially vegans, vegetarians, and high-fiber advocates This should be fun. Ok, I’m going to call stupid right off the bat. No; just ignorant, and this includes some top names. Why? I figure it like this: if Dean Ornish, Joel Fuhrman, John McDougall, T. Collin Campbell and others are ignorant about this…Read More

Finger Lickin’ Good: Crispy Beef & Eggs

Quick, easy & delicious — and you should eat it with your fingers, as I did. Crispy Beef Eggs It requires some leftover beef that’s tender enough to shred, some eggs, and some butter. First, spread the beef out on a cookie sheet and fire under the broiler on the low setting, mid height in…Read More

Two ADAs: Same Awful Advice

Whether you’re talking ADA, as in, American Diabetes Association or, ADA as in American Dietetic Association, the advice is the same and the effects are the same: not helpful at best, deadly at worst. This is a sort of follow-on to my recent post on registered dietitians. One of my readers, Steve Cooksey, offered to…Read More

Pictures & Thousands of Words

They’re often unnesessary…the words, that is. My friend Art recently redid his whole blog and here’s the photo on the entry page for the private portion. He’s 71 years of age in this photo. Art DeVany In case you don’t know, once I got started in May 2007, I didn’t really start until I found…Read More

A Little Update For Longtime Readers Still Lurking About

This isn’t going to be relevant for the vast majority of readers, so it’ll be short; and so please bear with me. It sorta pertains to this in the sense that one reason the paleo-libertarians have come a callin’ is because I was a libertarian political blogger from ’03 until I went full paleo diet-nutrition last…Read More

Registered Dietitians Dispense Only Conventional “Wisdom”

Here’s a look in general terms at just what we’re up against, folks — particularly for our friends & loved ones who tend to take stock in the advice offered by "experts" and "authorities." For many of you it’s and upside-down world. You logically come to reasonable hypotheses based on evolutionary principles, do your research,…Read More

Discussion List For Liberty Minded Paleos

This is to announce the creation of a Google Groups discussion list for the many of us who have discovered that modeling the best from the Paleo Principle seems to appeal in large measure to the many variations of what I’ll [very] loosely refer to and emphasize as small-L libertarians. I wish to make that distinction…Read More

Back in Animal Mode

After a three day weekend in San Francisco and not even taking my Mac outta the bag, I’m back, and off a solid 9 hours of sleep. Rarin’ to go. Lots of stuff to read from some of you — emails, comments & such. And I have a draft of a post that’ll go out…Read More

Sous Vide: Scrambled Eggs, Bavette, Pork Chops & Pears

I increasingly can’t get enough of this. And I’ll be at it again tonight — ribeye steaks for dad, I think. Two evenings ago I decided to try the scrambled eggs. I got the desired custard consistency. Unfortunately I did not get a photo as the four servings were gone immediately. I did them precisely…Read More

Links & Quick Hits

~ First a preliminary notice or announcement. In November we once again broke the record for both visits and page views (smashed the latter is more like it). We had more than 3,000 additional visits in November as our previous record of 53,500 visits set in October. As for page views, October’s record of 95,000…Read More

Salmon Sous-Vide

You might have to put up with me on this for a while because I’m becoming more excited about this by the day. I blogged of the chicken experience the other day, first use of the Doctors Eades’ Sous-Vide Supreme (which is an engineering work of art, I think). That was the night before we…Read More