Feelin’ Alright, Paleo Style

Now how damn long do you think I had to search to bring this to you cavemen & cavewomen? Hah! I’m proud of at this point. If you check out some of their other UTube selections, you’ll see they perform shirtless often. And even rock stars today are lean. (Can you be a fat Rock...…Read More

What a Month, Week, Day

And none of it would be possible without the great readers of this blog. It sounds almost trite to say it — ’cause everyone always says it — but it’s true and it must be acknowledged. I’m gonna take the rest of the day off, as it’s my 49th today, and I’ve already gotten an...…Read More

The Latest News in Modern Ignorance: Switch to Low-Fat Milk Lowers Calories for NYC Schoolkids

Let’s get this right out of the way: Mayor Michael Bloomberg is a menace to society. He’s also an ignoramus who listens only to conventional "wisdom" ("Modern Ignorance") from "health authorities" on the take, being propped up by drug companies and synthetic-industrial "food" manufacturers. Then there’s the lazies who man the New York City Department of...…Read More

Rack of Lamb Sous Vide

First off, for those of you who don’t have a Sous Vide and aren’t getting one soon, here’s a previous post with rack of lamb made in a traditional way. Rack of lamb done properly is perhaps my favorite food. And making it in the Sous Vide Supreme was just to die for. Easily my...…Read More

Trouble in Raw Vegan Paradise?

Well, my Google alert for vitamin K2 — of all things — turned up this interesting blog post at The Fresh Network Blog. Why the shift away from veganism in the raw world? As you may already have noticed, a big change has taken place in the raw food world, and this change is ongoing....…Read More

Dog Pile: Join the Fun

 At "Livestrong." The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cite high LDL cholesterol as one of the risk factors for heart disease, which is the leading cause of death in the United States. Even with these startling facts, Americans still can’t seem to shake high-cholesterol foods from their diet. Instead of trying to cut out...…Read More

Quick Update

So in order to really get this book project off the ground, I’m using a cool application called Scrivener. Now while the book is not at all going to be just the blogs I’ve written, a lot of them are useful — posts and comments — and so I’m pulling them into the app one...…Read More

Halibut – For The Helluvit – Sous Vide

So on the OEvolve list (note: As I’m a human-animal anarchist, I’m only a lurker there, per the membership guidelines) one person had posted an experience with halibut sous vide; Diana, list owner, tried and liked, and so I embarked this afternoon to collect suitable halibut. Click to see the big’n. Halibut Steak Sous Vide...…Read More

Getting Crazier and Crazier

Admin note: Well, according to Sitemeter and Google Analytics, I broke 100,000 visits for the month of January and 200,000 page views, a huge all-time record buster. That was sometime in the wee hours of last night. Onward & Upward, I suppose. I’m now working on my book in earnest and have committed myself to...…Read More

Conform Or Be Cast Out!

Doesn’t matter if you’re low-carb, paleo, or somewhere in between. You’re weird! You’re a geek! Don’t you understand that unlike all other animals, humans dropped out of the sky a few thousand years ago and operate on principles totally foreign to wild animals; such as unlike the folks who work in the feeding units of...…Read More

Extensive Notes on Good Calories, Bad Calories

Toban Wiebe at Higher Thought has put together an excellent resource. Gary Taubes’s masterpiece—Good Calories, Bad Calories—is the most important book ever written on diet and health. Drawing from an astounding body of research, Taubes challenges the conventional wisdom head on and decisively wins (the book is perhaps overkill.) He shows that carbohydrates are the...…Read More

The Hidden Benefit of the SAD: Iodine?

(SAD = Standard American Diet) This is merely a preliminary weekend blurb and I’ll have much more to write later. Since my very well-received post on Paleo Problems the other day, I’ve had some interesting reports, mostly from women who’ve been doing their own n=1 self experimentation with iodine (Iodoral can be purchased from Amazon...…Read More