Of Wild Animals & Hygiene

Here’s a draft of a paid article just submitted to a print magazine with a snail mail circulation of a bit over 40,000. Don’t know how it will come out in the final publishing, and it also has an email distribution, so could give things a boost. Wow, I never imagined that No-Soap post would…Read More

Paleo Diet Problems

It’s time to tell you what I know and you may not want to hear. Unlike many or most other diet advocates, we don’t hide from problems around here. We self-experiment, use evolutionarily-backed reason and principles, form reasonable hypotheses, experiment more, figure it out, and fix it. We’re animals, and there will be a way,…Read More

Another Nice Mention

Michael Miles, a faithful reader and commenter here and who maintains his own blog, Nutrition and Physical Regeneration, has graciously included Free the Animal amongst a really nice list of 10 Notable Blogs from 2009. Of me and Free the Animal, Michael writes: Yet when it comes to food and breaking down substantive technical information…Read More

Tenderloin of Beef Stew, Massaman Thai Curry Style

I’d originally thought about doing a tenderloin soup, like this one. Then I thought: ‘no’; a stew, and then thought about doing it a bit different. Let’s begin with a tenderloin. All images can be clicked for bigger, higher quality. Tenderloin of Beef I like doing stews and other saucy dishes with tenderloins because they…Read More

Happy Birthday to the Doggie

I’ve been playing around with a new camera, today. The Panasonic LumixDMC-GF1. I got tired of crappy photos, had been thinking about getting a digital SLR, but settled on one of the new bread of Micro Four Thirds cameras. Interchangeable lenses, but with an SLR sized sensor and a small size owing to no mirror.…Read More

Cruel Kindness: Lost Knowledge Replaced by Modern Ignorance

One of the members, Meredith, of the FTA Facebook page made an amazing and delightful find. This is a British short film from 1967. This extremely enjoyable film, which contains excellent footage of late 1960’s home life, attitudes to food and meal times, addresses obesity in children. A female GP narrates the story of three…Read More

The Competition for Stupid Intensifies

Jimmy had this as part of his last Fun Filled Friday edition but I just had to share it. It’s a promo video for Taco Bell’s new "Drive-Thru Diet." Oh wow: 7 items under 9 grams of fat! We’re saved! The promo is done buy a guy named Chris Rose and features Taco Bell’s new Subway-esque…Read More


First, I’m working on Part V of my series on Saturated Fat & heart Disease. This one is about the "science" and it’s a bit complex so I don’t know whether it’ll be up later today, tomorrow or Monday, but it’ll be up. Second, I have to admit that while using Twitter has been a…Read More

A Little Rush ‘Cause I Feel like It

Fixing some Chicken soup with Indian Curry as spice, and I always like iTunes streaming when I’m cooking — but never otherwise working; can’t tolerate any music then — and one of Rush’s most tender songs ever came up. I thought I’d share it, quick (dinner isn’t yet done) — so really quick. From 2112;…Read More

Free the Animal on Facebook

In attempting to get some semblance of normalcy to my Facebook account I’ve created a page for Free the Animal. I intend to eventually direct all that I post related to this blog to that page, so if you’re a Facebook friend I hope you’ll consider becoming a fan of this newly created page. You…Read More

New to Paleo: Comments, Questions & Adoration

There’s sure a lot of new readers, visitors, and a number of people have let me know via comments, email, Twitter and Facebook that they’ve just started out on a Paleo diet. Some have questions and others just want to shout, like idumych on Twitter. @rnikoley is my guru! I’ve been eating (and showering) #paleo…Read More

The Ultimate List of Primal and Paleo Resources in One Place

Wow, Mark Sisson has really outdone himself in quotidian generosity and not just created the quintessential list of resources on everything paleo, primal, evolutionary, but he’s given a summary of each one of them. This is something that is going to be very helpful for you, especially the newbies. There’s no way you can digest…Read More

How To Cook The Perfect Prime Rib

Couldn’t be simpler — low & slow always wins. You need a prime rib roast, a meat thermometer (preferably a remote monitoring one so you don’t have to keep opening the oven & poking) and an oven. Put the oven to 200F or less. You can even do it at 150. The less temperature, the…Read More

A Sunday Sunday Rock You

Since I tend to throw these up whenever, I guess I’m going to have to change the category to just: Rock You. But for now, it is Sunday. Rush, The Necromancer, from Caress of Steel. It’s set to The Lord of the Rings scenes with good audio. Here’s a version in very low-quality B&W video,…Read More

Progress on Paleo in Mainstream Press; Hedging in the Literature

I saw this abstract in the Journal of Medicinal Food on Brent Pottenger’s Twitter Feed earlier today. Evolution of the Human Diet: Linking Our Ancestral Diet to Modern Functional Foods as a Means of Chronic Disease Prevention Stephanie Jew; Suhad S. AbuMweis; and Peter J.H. Jones Abstract The evolution of the human diet over the past 10,000…Read More

A Wrap Up for 2009

A pretty amazing year for the blog. I’m pleased, humbled and thankful to the growing numbers of readers, commenters and those telling friends, family and co-workers about their own experiences and passing along the blog address. Thank you. Without you, there’d be nothing to do or see here. Instead, here it is, in a picture.…Read More