Sunday Rock for the Countrys

Well, I saw Crazy Heart yesterday and was left a bit wanting. I dunno. I like the title track enough — got it in the library now — but I could just think of so many western ballads that are so much better. Plus, Jeffie boy just couldn’t muster that much sympathy with me. Glad…Read More

Sunday Links & Food Porn

~ You’ll recall John Durant’s performance on The Colbert Report, but did you see the backstage showdown with a vegan? ~ Many were appalled at the state of school lunches highlighted in my post of a couple of days ago. Could the sorry state of school lunches be what’s partially behind something like this: The…Read More

In Macleans.Ca: Cavemen who walk among us

Well I think this is the best of the lot, so far. While I don’t like the "cavemen" moniker at all and still some aspects seem goofy or obsessed in the way they’re portrayed, the article greatly makes up for that by touching of the science from a number of sources and also the author,…Read More

It’s The Crap; Just Eat Real Food

From my post yesterday at the never-ending Amazon discussion forum focussing just now on The China Study author, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, and his insistence that we need to at least try his no-added-fat plant-based diet. …Never tried it, and I stated so long ago, back around the last time these discussions heated up. And…Read More

Let’s Get It Started Assemblyman Anthony Portantino

Hey, Anthony: Go Fuck Yourself. And take that Sacramento Band of Fuckwads right along with you. Californians had better start watching their mouths. Try me, asshole. And as for that petty, prudish, insolent little shit, McKay Hatch, well, a good ass-paddling before sending him off to bed without any dinner seems about right. …But I’m…Read More

The Stupidest Thing I’ve Read Today

Well, other than T. Colin Campbell’s response to my post of yesterday, recommending a vegan diet to…"prevent erectile dysfunction," that is. I’m working up something kinda unique and creative in response to that and if it works out, should be amusing. Oh, wow, just in. Even more material. Two readers sent me links to this…Read More

Simple: Filet & Veggies

This sort of thing is probably my favorite meal. This time, I pan fried the filets in cast iron with ghee. Brown all over, then cover for a couple of minutes per side, then keep turning & browning until your desired doneness is reached. These thick ones take a while, but they’re also pretty forgiving.…Read More

Exposing the Cholesterol Con

[Just a quick off-topic aside. Darya Pino at Summer Tomato did a mildly critical but fair & balanced post on paleo dieting. Go take a look and drop a comment about your own experience if it suits you. From my perspective, we out to be able to take fair criticism to refine & strengthen our…Read More

Is Paleo Literal, or Mythology?

You don’t have to believe in Santa to enjoy Christmas A couple of weeks back, one of my posts hit Lyle McDonald’s Monkey Island Forum ("The Mean Forum"). Unless you have a thick skin, you "paleotards" probably want to avoid getting involved — though it has pretty much died out by now. Lyle asked some questions…Read More

More Stress Than Being Chased by a Tiger

Did you see that? Well, I have mixed feelings about Tiger, the golfer. As a guy who held off marriage until I was 40 — precisely because I never wanted any shame and wasn’t sure I could prevent it — I didn’t trust myself — he did do the deal and so my sympathy is…Read More

Out & About On The Interwebs: Science Based? Weston Price; Smart Patients; Fasting vs. Cancer; Alcoholics for Agriculture; and ex-Vegan Lierre Keith

~ Well this is pretty much a disaster over at Science Based Medicine, courtesy of a seemingly confused Amy Tuteur, MD. "Longing for a past that never existed" There once was a time when all food was organic and no pesticides were used. Health problems were treated with folk wisdom and natural remedies. There was…Read More

Human Hunger: It’s Trying To Kill You

It’s quite interesting when I get a comment on an old post (root post). Usually, and especially if someone has a disagreement, I’ll just deal with it in comments. But this commenter is a family doc and he raises an interesting quibble. First off, let me say bravo for a pretty good health info website. Let…Read More

Panties in a Bunch “Paloes”

I gave it a shot. Toning it down. It’s just not gonna work for me, folks. I’m going to have to be myself. That doesn’t mean a "Fuck You" in every post, but just the self-imposed exile has taken a toll. Judging by these collectivist panties-in-a-bunch "paleo" fans, I’m completely attracting the wrong kinds of…Read More

Two Gross Human Skeletons Lecture You on Nutrition

Here’s how you could look in your late 60s & 70s; with a bit of attention, especially good animal protein intake, resistance training, and if need be (as in the case of Dr. Life) some bioidentical testosterone and HgH ($$$: Scott Miller: what does it cost?). You could look like Art, at 72. He’ll tell…Read More

Joe’s Stone Crab; Carlos Santana

Quick ’cause I’ve got to hit the road in a minute. Last night’s most amazind dinner at Joe’s at Ceasar’s Palace. Filet & Stone Crab Best meal I have had in a long time. OK, I’m headed to see Carlos over at "The Joint" at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. Here’s another "guy" I’ve…Read More

Would Someone Shut This Asshole Up? T. Colin Campbell

Short of the ass assuming room temperature (hurry, please), I’m on a bit of holiday, would love to do it myself, but is anyone else willing, with some time? On the Amazon forum. ’bout time: I agree with Margaret. There are excellent publications showing that a high protein diet (trending to a low carbohydrate diet)…Read More

Sunday Rock & Reminiscing

How did I get into this deal? It’s funny because, when people ask me how I got into the business I do, and have been since 1993,  I don’t have a definitive answer. I originally wanted to be a Navy jet pilot, ended up driving Navy ships instead, got lots of experience managing lots of…Read More

Odds & Ends, Links & Have It Your Way

We’re headed off to SoCal shortly to pick up some family, drop off the dogs with other family, and then head on over to Las Vegas for a few days. Reno is my hometown so I’m not really much into the gambling scene, although I finally played some poker on a cruise ship last June,…Read More