Real Results: Dad

I put up a couple of posts last year about my mom’s improvement (here and here) on paleo. In short, in addition to weight loss, getting off other meds and other improvements, she got off insulin injections. Now it’s dad’s turn. He’s racked up a lot of weight loss and works out regularly. He’s using…Read More


I’m pleased to announce a new resource for all you palo / primal / evolutionary fitness "hacks" & self-experimenters out there. Always remember that you are your own chief authority in health matters and it’s up to you in the end to find your way. Of course, all the blogs, including this one, are here…Read More

Hey Bill!

Do yourself a favor, man. Go paleo, dump your highly paid, world class docs and go with Dr. Davis, the world’s most effective cardiologist (he’ll save your life, if it can be saved). Hey look, let’s be honest. It’s not like I really give a shit (I’d tell Busho the same thing, in case you…Read More

Good Thing it’s Not the Church of Paleo!

For the second or maybe third time since I began this blogging adventure, a reader came up to me in the street, just a bit ago. Now, the first time was in Whole Foods and man was I proud. Cart with veggies, eggs, butter, some raw milk, yogurt and some sort of quality meat… This…Read More

Der Spiegel International

I’m going to leave up the original Google "translated" version because 1) it’s pretty funny and, 2) there are funny comments to go with it. Instead, I’ve put a note over there linking to the international version. Modern Day Flintstones A Stone Age Subculture Takes Shape in the US By Philip Bethge A modern-day Stone…Read More

No Soap or Poo Update

Well it was just over a month ago when significant attention was bestowed upon me over my self experiment — months in the making — to rid and free myself from soap and shampoo. You know the story. I got a kick out of a lot of the comments at boingboing at the time, like,…Read More

Out & About on the Internets

Here’s a Saturday afternoon link roundup. ~ Karen De Coster at Primal Life: A Journey of Diet and Health. Yours truly is quoted and at the end she provides an enormous list of paleo and primal resources. ~ Don Matesz at Primal Wisdom puts together the definitive guide and rebuttal to the most cited and…Read More

Pork Shoulder Ribs Sous Vide

Here’s last night’s fare. Boneless Pork Shoulder Ribs, mashed potatoes with plenty of butter, buttery organic free-range chicken gravy, and green beans with bacon. Click for hi-res. Pork Shoulder It was a collaboration. Robert & Julie brought the mash & green beans and I did the pork & the gravy. A nice hearty meal for…Read More

Bacon, Cheddar, Cheeseburger Meatza

The process of making a Meatza is right here in this previous post. In this case, it was inspired by a pizza I used to order from one of the pizza places years back. It’s the standard 2 pounds of ground beef (grassfed in this case), about 8 slices of bacon sliced and fried, about…Read More

Meet John Durant (and The Colbert Report)

A few weeks back I mentioned this Cavemen and the City article in the NYT. It focussed on a Mr. John Durant, a gentleman I was fortunate to meet nearly a couple of years ago at Art De Vany’s Las Vegas EvFit seminar. John wrote me a few days ago to congratulate me for this…Read More

Ribeye Steaks Sous Vide

This is the second time I’ve done ribeyes in the Sous Vide Supreme. I packed them up with some salt, pepper, a bit of onion & garlic I sauteed in a pat of butter. Vacuum Pack Then it was into the water at the typical 134F for an hour. Comes out perfect every single time.…Read More

Not Quite Rock

I’m going to watch AmIdol right about now. Yea, big fan — and I weep over some of the sad stories with hope, which makes my wife laugh her ass off… I’ve pretty much watched every episode since day one. I love — I’m an enormous sucker for — the American Dream. That’s my draw…Read More

“The Miracle of Vitamin D” (and the common cold)

The title refers to an article in The New York Times by our favorite chubby-faced purveyor of conventional “wisdom” (Modern Ignorance): Tara Parker-Pope. I’ll get to that later. …In the meantime, a bit of a personal anecdote. I don’t recall exactly when I began taking vitamin D supplements, but it was likely around mid-2008. I…Read More

Autism clusters tied to educated parents

After a couple of pretty intense nights of partying Friday & Saturday, staying up late, lots of drink, contact with lots of people — in celebration of my 49th — I came crashing down with a cough and cold Sunday afternoon that lowered like a wrecking ball. I supplemented perhaps another 15,000 IU of vitamin…Read More

Open Thread For Any Health & Fitness Topics

I have a to-do list a page long and am simply going to have to devote the necessary time for it, so probably no post today. So, I’ll just leave it open for anyone who’d like to start a topic or two or three in the comments and get one or more discussion threads going. I…Read More