School Lunch #Foodrevolution in Full Swing (but keep an eye on counter-revolutionaries)

Warning: this post may be harmful or fatal to naïve & overly patriotic American flag wavers… This is sort of a follow-up to a post just over a month ago: It’s The Crap; Just Eat Real Food. In large part that post was about the abysmal state of “school lunches” in the USA — especially in comparison to the far higher quality exhibited in pretty much every other country on the face of the Earth.…Read More

Links, Quick Hits & Meatballs Again

~ As a GERD sufferer for many years, on prescription Proton Pump Inhibitor meds also for years before going Paleo and stopping them, I had been toying with a post on how to get off the meds. Well, someone else is now doing a series so those interested will want to follow along. Here’s part I: What Everybody Ought To Know (But Doesn’t) About Heartburn & GERD. In this first article I will present evidence…Read More

Chicken Sous Vide with Tarragon Rosemary Sauce

Last night’s dinner using the Sous Vide Supreme. Chicken was brined in a weak solution (5 tbsp per quart of water) for an hour, sealed up with a pinch of sea salt & pat of butter, like here, then cooked at 146F for two hours. Click for the high quality version. Chicken Sous Vide The sauce was a quart of a quality low-sodium, organic, free range chicken broth reduced by about half, along with a…Read More

Enjoy Your Saturday Evening Folks; Here’s Some Emmylou Harris

Not exactly rock, but it is from an album named "Wrecking Ball," Emmylou Harris, from 1995. Deeper Well. I’m working on dinner. Chicken in the brine, Sous Vide Supreme warming up, and a tarragon sauce planned with some lumpy mash. Dinner for six, tonight. See you on the other side.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the level you choose.Login…Read More

Poor Poor Matt Stone

I think it’s time to expose some serious hypocrisy on the part of Matt Stone. I take no particular pleasure in it and frankly, had reservations about doing it, so sent out some email probes to people whose opinions I respect and received unanimous encouragement to move forward. One of the rules I try to follow is to save my ire for the truly bad stuff out there. I think it’s counter productive to fight…Read More

Peaceful People, Modern Society and Paleo Principles

I think a number of readers get a bit uncomfortable when we wander off the diet, health, conditioning and other closely related subjects on this blog. On the other hand, isn’t the Paleosphere replete with blogs and other resources devoted exclusively to diet, to recipes, to workouts, or some combination? I never wanted to specialize, and the primary reason for that is because my own great leap forward in health has been so multi-faceted, and…Read More

The Bavette Will Be My Downfall!

Once again I’ve wasted time trying to find Mark Sisson’s blog about flap steak or bavette. Wanted to give him credit, which this is, but also a link, which I can’t do. Alas, it was in one of his Insider emails. A stern email to Mark will follow! :). I am totally and completely in love with this cut of meat. For my money, this is the best cut of meat, ounce for pennies, bar none.…Read More

Links & Commentary: Cavemen in the News; Vitamin A Toxicity; and Saturated Fat Will Kill You

Wow, I don’t think I can even remember the last time I was so unmotivated to blog much. Not quite sure what it is. Spring has sprung, I feel great, workouts going better than ever — due at the gym in 45-minutes — and yet I sit down to write and it’s just not coming to me. Burnout? Perhaps. Hopefully only temporary. Well, fortunately I have lots of tidbits to hit up here & there.…Read More

Pepperoni Meatza, Liver & Onions, Tex-Thai Lamb Chili and Smoked Salmon Pasta

Greetings Cannibals! I suppose the only question left at this point is who goes into the pot and who gets to feast. Buts that’s life I suppose, when everyone now endeavors to live at everyone else’s expense. So in honor of such robust American gluttony, I thought I’d just give you all the Food Porn in my current stash. As always, click the images for the high quality. Pepperoni Meatza with Fresh Tomato Pepperoni Meatza…Read More

Some Days You Just Don’t Feel Like Blogging

So I built a store instead. More organization & categorization to come soon. As many know, anything you buy off that, I get a little piece of. I’ll also be taking down the ads over on the right sidebar in favor of this approach.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the level you choose.Login Join NowRead More


New word. I coined it, if Google is to be believed. Use royalties can be via PayPal. :)... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the level you choose.Login Join NowRead More

And Chris Gabel Rings In

I was going to include this in a link roundup I’m doing but then I thought nope, this really deserves it’s own entry, the roundup can wait a bit. You remember Chris, right? A mere shadow of his former self at 106 pounds lost in 7 months. He’s not done, yet. Via email. It’s been awhile since I checked in.  Last week I weighed in at 253 – 121 lbs lost now.  This is officially…Read More

Modern Paleo

I’d like to announce a great new resource that I hope you’ll check out and enjoy. My friend, Diana Hsieh, whom I’ve been aware of as an Objectivist philosopher since the mid 90s — and who emailed me out of the blue a couple of years ago to let me know she’d been reading my blog and had "gone paleo" — has now really contributed to the movement in a big and unique way: Modern…Read More

The Primal Blueprint Push

One of the more rewarding aspects of this whole health & fitness venture and blogging about it has been making so many friends amongst other bloggers. What you may not always be aware of is some of the "back chatter" that goes on from time-to-time. One of those fellow blogger, email buddies is Mark Sisson of Mark’s Daily Apple. And I’m here today to lend a hand with a very worthy goal Mark has set…Read More

Lierre Keith Gets a Cayenne Laced Pie in the Face During San Francisco Book Fair Speech

And here’s the gloating over it. Bound Together Books and PM Press continue to try to prop up and foist veg*n antagonist Lierre Keith onto the radical community in the Bay Area. Today, at the 15th Annual San Francisco Anarchist Bookfair, where she was scheduled to be a featured speaker, Keith was served her just deserts for her obnoxious attacks on veg*ns in The vegetarian Myth. She was pied in the middle of her speech…Read More

The Crock Pot: Dinner in 10 Minutes

I’ve done a few crock pot dishes lately and am really enjoying the simplicity. Basically, toss a few ingredients in over the space of 10 minutes, turn it on, and you’re done preparing dinner (or whatever). Another thing is that the last couple of times I’ve used it I get things started at 1pm in the afternoon, turn it on high, and all is perfect 6 hours later for dinner. I see no advantage to…Read More

Human Intelligence, Part I (Sexual Exclusivity and Intelligence)

I think the only thing one could possibly take from this study is that people who tend toward marching to their own drummer, charting their own path, preferring contrarianism when possible, going against the grain — and any other metaphorical descriptions you can think of — tend to be more intelligent. Does running your life that way make you more intelligent or, does innate intelligence just make it more likely that you tell the rest…Read More

Saturday Afternoon Rock Roots: Rush

While 2112 isn’t my favorite album, there’s this. I like the whole thing surrounding The Temples of Syrinx, and here it is, in two parts; 1976, B&W, and when they were all still long-haired hippies. I like Part II a little more, which I’ll explain after the show. Oh, and watch Lifeson tune his guitar mid-solo at about 6:10 or so on Pt 2. They say that The Blues is the root of rock (true),…Read More

How to Eat Out With Care

Headed off to the cabin in the mountains in a bit. Sometimes that brings on a blogging whirlwind ’cause I love it. Haven’t been up there since Xmas/NY, and had a tree take out power (like, the whole junction box, meter & pole) in the interim but the insurance Co treated me very well and the repair by phone went off without  hitch. with so much rain, lately here in the Bay Area when the…Read More