More Modern “Cavemen” in the News

I guess we’re just never going to be rid of that caveman archetype. Oh, well. Perhaps what they say is true, that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Via conditioning guru extraordinaire, Keith Norris, here’s a Voice of America segment from a few days back. Not perfect by any means, even going beyond the…Read More

Everything’s Better with Massaman

I just adore Thai Massaman curry. Here’s a couple of examples. From the other day, an appetizer dish for friends: meatballs. I used Justin Owings’ recipe, with one modification: 1/2 tsp fennel seeds in addition to everything else. And, yes, this recipe makes for an awesome meatza base. I especially like the red pepper flakes.…Read More

They Had to Say “Caveman,” Dammit!

Well I suppose I shouldn’t chastise the host of the radio show even before I’m on. See the 10:30 slot. It’s a one-on-one I’m told with Rob Breakenridge. I suppose I’m going to have to work in my criticism of the "caveman" style, if I might. So I was very pleased ’round noonish to get…Read More

Links & Quick Hits

~ Very interesting post by Dr. Stephan: The Paleolithic Mind. I think it’s worthy to consider that just as we evolved on certain foods we evolved in certain social structures. To my mind, individualist, anti-authoritarian philosophy is an attempt in part to regain our evolved social heritage, just as the various forms of "The paleo Diet"…Read More

Sunday Afternoon With Scotch & Doggies

First of all, I’m going to be blogging about a crock pot brisket & fennel. Most amazing smell as this is cooking, ever. Can’t believe it. See the last post on grassfed beef. So as I’m enjoying that smell, perhaps Rotor & Nanuka ("Nuke") are too because they’re so friendly. Perhaps they’re more interested in…Read More

Is Grassfed Beef Too Pricey?

I recently got an email from a reader asking that if grassfed beef was out of the question budget wise, whether a paleo dietary style still ought to include meat. Of course, a resounding yes. I think that most people will gravitate to higher quality once they experience the results of real food eating to…Read More

Weekend Farmer’s Market Pics

I’m really happy about how my parents, having been paleoish now for going on a couple of years, probably, have followed the same path as I. Now they’re into farmer’s markets, grassfed beef, pastured eggs & so forth. After a fairly late dinner and cards with friends, I didn’t hit the sack until 1am Friday…Read More

Isn’t It Time For Anthony Colpo to Get a Life?

[See the update at the end of the post] Given his poor, childish, counter-productive behavior I kinda hate to plug the one of his works that’s unparalleled: The Great Cholesterol Con. While there are a couple of other books along these lines, Anthony Colpo’s book is the most comprehensive, well researched, and really serves as…Read More

Breakfast Variety

I have three posts in draft and tons of comments that need reading and if necessary, responding to. I’m so gratified that the comment board is so self-policing and I don’t need to moderate. And that allows discussions to go on when I’m off doing something else or disciplining myself with book writing or drafting…Read More

Criticisms of Free the Animal. Want to Chime In?

Email in this morning from reader Kirsten. I replied, indicating I thought her criticisms had some justification and wanted to know what others think. I’ve been reading your blog for about as long as you’ve been a paleo writer–came to it from Art, I think–and I love your recipe tips and general enthusiasm. You’re one…Read More

Dawn Jackson Blatner: Another Painfully Ignorant Dietitian

Well I was having a good time reading this CNN article, An inconvenient challenge: Eat ‘real food’ for a month. It’s decent reportage of food blogger Jennifer McGruther’s reader challenge at The Nourished Kitchen. More than 900 people signed up for the challenge, and some were confident that it would not be difficult to avoid processed…Read More

Another Paleo Doc Rings In

Great email from a newly minted Paleo MD. He was enthusiastic about having it published. I’ve been looking for local people with similar points of view around my area and stumbled on your blog a few months ago. I had no idea you were in the San Jose area. I’m an Emergency Physician who works…Read More

Cauliflower Au Gratin; Close Paleo

This one is not for the faint of heart. A pretty involved recipe what with the Bechamel sauce topping, blanching the cauliflower and so on. Here’s the recipe from BigOven that I adapted. I used half & half for the Bechamel and then to make paleo friedly, substituted potato starch for the flour in the…Read More

I Haven’t Shit to Write; This Is Better Anyway

A commenter rings in, very eloquently. Yes, I just wasn’t up to putting anything on the front page & new today. This should not be taken to mean that this comment is something I’d not have at least highlighted anyway. I just love really good writing, and this is. Flying Burrito Nola: Greetings all. Have…Read More