Sous Vide Filet with Demi-Glace & Roasted Veggies

Here are the workings for last night’s fabulous dinner. As always, click on the images for hi-resolution. Dinner Workings It began with two enormous filets, 12 and 11 ounces; and no, these aren’t grassfed. Oh, well. Big Ass Filets These were done sous vide, using the SousVide Supreme. I did them at 131F for about…Read More

Blog Sucks, So Here’s Lucinda Willams

Ha! Well continuing on the theme for now (it’s not going to suck for long, and I only judge by my own standards — but thanks to those who’ve contradicted me). Moving on, here’s what I’m listening to as I’m cooking, right now — ahi grade beef filets for Bea & I, sous vide, rare, later…Read More

Bench Gains, Finally

Yea, I know. Blog kinda sucks right now. I’m so demotivated; in fact, so much so that I’m writing this from my phone. Life waxes, and it wanes. Embrace, I guess. I’m no more imune to a creative funk than the next guy or gal. But I do have news. After six weeks of trying…Read More

Progress marches on…Slowly

Feedback on my workouts has been so good and helpful that I’m going to take advantage of it. I have already incorporated a number of changes and improvements from comments to my last workout post, so why not just keep it going? While my benefit is clear, it just might motivate some of the others…Read More

Sunday Music Selections: Nouvelle Vague

A while back I was in the car and heard an NPR interview of one of the co-founders of the French band, Nouvelle Vague. Here’s the band’s website. What are they all about? Led by producer/arrangers Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux and sung by a revolving cast of chanteuses, the group’s first two albums, Nouvelle…Read More

Rack of Lamb, Seared Ahi, and Veal Marrow

Dinner with friends last night. The idea was to have a few different "appetizer" dishes and a salad. I did rack of lamb and cracked pepper crusted seared sushi grade ahi tuna. My friend Robert roasted some veal marrow and Julie did a wonderful cheese plate that I unfortunately didn’t get a picture of. Beatrice…Read More

Friday Bullshit! #1 (100% uncut, unrehearsed and putrid)

I’ll post links to the sources tomorrow morning. Doing a collaborative app dinner with friends. I’m doing seared ahi and rack of lamb. We’ll see what the friends bring. Here’s your load of Bullshit! Bullshit #1 from Richard Nikoley on Vimeo. Update: OK, here are the video notes and time segments in case anyone wants…Read More

Lime and Cumin Crusted Mahi Mahi

Alright Paleo’s, shield your eyes ’cause this one has got — gasp! — white rice. Well, sometimes a fish dish just seems to call out for rice. And since it has been probably at least two months since I fired up the cooker I figured it’d be OK. If you’re going to do rice for…Read More

New York Paleos in the News (again)

Got an email from a publicist for Babelgum today. Here’s what she had to say. New Age Meets Stone Age – Cavemen! – Offbeat Episode Comes to Vice Versus, The Original Weekly Urban Culture Series on Babelgum’s Metropolis Channel Do chicken’s hearts, bone marrow and plenty of meat sound like your ideal dinner party fare?…Read More

So Many Meatza Varieties

And here’s another one, canadian bacon & mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms. First, I chopped a few crimini very finely and added them to the sauce. Then, I chopped up a few more very finely and mixed them in with the mozzarella and then for a final bit of mushroom madness, added slices on top. Ready…Read More

Workout Report: Wall to Wall and Top to Bottom Gains

Long time readers know that I don’t often post stuff about workouts. For one, the workouts have always been a means to promote some good gene expression, keep lean muscle while losing fat, and so on. It was never really about being in competition with myself or a training log. But for now that has…Read More

Russell Crowe: Back in Shape

I went to see Russell Crowe’s new film Robin Hood yesterday. Reasonably enjoyable film, a sort of prequel where the story is about all that took place leading up to his "outlaw" status, so stand by for the sequel. At any rate, some weeks ago when I first learned of the film by seeing the…Read More

Links, Quick Hits and Friday Bullshit

One of the ways my wife and I deal with each other — other than the middle finger raised vertically — a particular favorite of ours — is when one says something the other finds amusing, dumb, banal..whatever, is… "You’re Bullshit!" "No, YOU’RE Bullshit!" …And so on. Well, today I’m bullshit because I not only…Read More

Carnitas with Sweet Potato and Cinnamon Apples

I haven’t done pork carnitas in a while and not since way back — when I was doing crappy food pictures — have I done them with fruit. Back then I used persimmons and cinnamon. This time it was with apple, simply sautéed in butter and cinnamon. I included some sweet potato on the side…Read More

Is Eating Crow Paleo?

Back last September I got all riled up over "All The Stupid Stuff in My Face from the Grant Whores." The main impetus for the post at the time was the many ridiculous articles in the media claiming that saturated fat is making us fat by stimulating appetite in the brain. While the new articles…Read More

Friday Update, no Bullshit

I’m going to have to renege on my Friday Bullshit! for now. Too much going on, there was a doggie crisis the last couple of days (better now) and I’m working more and more on “the book” and might even have some interesting news along those lines shortly. I’ll do the BS pieces, but probably…Read More

Big Salad

Something has come up requiring my attention this morning so the post I have planned featuring a research doc who contacted me about something I wrote in a post last September will have to wait for later. In the meantime, yesterday’s Big Salad lunch. Click on the image for much better quality. Big Salad I…Read More