Meatza Invades la France. Vive le Paleo en France!

This is really cool. You remember meatza, right? Well, one of the readers here, Paul Merino took the idea on over to a restaurant he frequents, Fratelli Pasta Bar in Sophia-Antipolis, France. The video below is of somewhat camera shy chef Gabriel Bellenger thanking me for the recipe. I’ll give you the translation of the short video…Read More

Pork & Fruit: Good Together

For some reason, pork is simply one of those meats that, to me, seems — even intuitively — to go well with…well, just about any fruit I can think of. I’ve done carnitas with persimmons and I’ve done them with apples. Last night I was wondering what to cook and noticed I had a 1…Read More

Sunday Rock: Rush, The Trees

Had to be Rush today. For one, I haven’t put them up in a while. Second, have your heard about the new film, Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage? Here’s the trailer. A friend clued me in this morning. And, it turns out VH-1 is airing it. Luckily, by the time I got it all groked,…Read More

Real Results: Primal in Philly

While sipping my morning coffee and checking email I came across a Google alert for "Free the Animal" that included a link to this article in Philadelphia Magazine: PRIMAL IN PHILLY: HOW I LOST 71 POUNDS IN SIX MONTHS BY EATING LIKE A CAVEMAN It’s the story of Timothy Haas and how he lost those…Read More

Not Bullshit #1

No Bullshit, except perhaps standing in line for 6 hours to get a dammed iPhone 4. I guess I have an ‘i’ addiction. Not Bullshit #1 from Richard Nikoley on Vimeo.Read More

Big Meals to Fuel Big Workouts and Big Gains

In the process of losing the 60 pounds I’ve lost I became averse to appetite, by which I mean that when I got hungry I’d eat pretty good — you’ve seen the food porn — but hardly ever with a voracious or gluttonous attitude. I just really got out of the habit of eating a…Read More

Paleo Sunday Rock: John Barleycorn Must Die

Actually, folk performed by a rock band would be a better description. I’m talking about Steve Winwood & Traffic performing John Barleycorn (Must Die) from the album by the same name. I found a delightful live performance from 1973 on YouTube. And so what’s the paleo connection? Well, it turns out that "John Barleycorn" is…Read More

Mimi Roth is Bullshit!

(with honorable mention to Rogan Kirsch) If you didn’t get a chance to catch Penn & Teller’s Bullshit! episode on Fast Food, it was pretty good. Very, very Fat Head–esque, which is essentially to skewer the notion that fast food is responsible for obesity by means of an “evil” industry preying upon a “stupid” public.…Read More

Hitting the Road

Beatrice just finished the school year and so we’re outta here, back next Wednesday. I have a few posts in draft and will try to finish them up soon. Se ya.Read More

Dinner Solo, but Listening

…To Dave Matthews Band. I’ve had a lot of his stuff forever, since early ’80s. Love it. Here’s Rapunzel, Live, Chicago. On a certain level, having done a Jason Mraz concert last year, I think Jason must have listened to Dave, a lot. Far from his studio and album performances, Jason rocks the house, live,…Read More

Grilled Grassfed Flank Steak

Unfortunately while I do have a couple of posts in mind on more substantive matters, food preparations are about the only thing I’ve had time for lately. If you saw my post about last weekend’s farmers market, then you saw that wonderful looking grassfed flank steak from Knee Deep Cattle Company. Well, here’s how it…Read More

Braised Bone-in Short Ribs

These are from Prather Ranch for a really good price. With the bone in, for braising, the flavor is incomparable (you’re essentially making stock as you cook). The downside is that the ultimate quantity for a 2.5 lb package is a bit skimpy. Oh, well. The prep is pretty simple. I seasoned with a tsp…Read More

Dry Rub BBQ Baby Back Ribs, Paleo Sauce & Slaw

I was mightily inspired upon waking Saturday morning. I’m going to do me some back ribs. This was a super fun undertaking and I’ve got a lot of photos for you. And remember, click on the images for the high resolution versions. First thing I did was head over to get some ribs (Costco, $30).…Read More

Farmers Market Take, Today

My trips to farmers markets are usually about protein & fat. I rarely know what I want to accompany a dish with, and more often than not I’m content with a salad. I’ve no beef — ha ha — with the "mostly plants" folks, but this is one corner of the paleosphere where we unapologetically…Read More