Links & Quick Hits

~ For those who watched my MovNat series, here’s an album of about 87 photos of action and food I put up. Also, check out Robb Wolfe’s blow-by-blow take on things. He attended the expansion course the week following me. That’s day 1 but you can navigate around to find days 2-5. ~ May paleo...…Read More

Back in the Loop With Some Odds & Ends

From wakeup at 3:30am local in Rome, taxi to the airport, flight to Amsterdam, layover, an 11hr flight to San Francisco, collect the car and drive back home, we came in the door about 21 hours later. Rather than sleep on the airplane (I normally can’t), I watched four in-flight movies on the KLM Boeing-777...…Read More

The Food (PGP: Pretty Good Paleo)

Here’s some photos of some of the food I’ve been eating. Click on ’em for hi-res. Yes, I absolutely love the octopus. The freshness, the way it’s prepared with olive oil, makes it like lobster to me. Very few cheats. I had a ham & cheese on a baguette and the lasagne pictured. Otherwise it’s...…Read More

The Drive: Rome to Monterosso

Here’s a video I put together — mostly for my family and close in-person friends — but thought I’d go ahead and post it on the blog. Plus, there is at least a reference to “Primal driving.” It was created from about a half dozen clips my wife took with the iPhone while on the...…Read More

At the Beach

Arrived yesterday in Monterosso after a drive from Rome. Lots of fun. Just a simple post from my phone.      ... This content is for Annual Subscription, Monthly Subscription, and Free Member Content members only and is a preview. Login or Join to access the rest, as well as all Premium Member content.Login Join…Read More

Guest Post: Lorette C. Luzajic

As I wrote in my last post announcing my imminent vacation, I don’t do guest posts here (and I get at least a request per week). I’m not sure why I don’t. I suppose because it’s a blog and I think blogs ought to be written by their owners / creators. But I guess every...…Read More


Heading off to Italy tomorrow. Monterosso, in the Cinque Terre region. Returning next Thursday. We’ll be spending time on the beach, hiking the trails (4min video) between the five villages, and eating lots of fresh seafood. The Beach at Monterosso Monterosso is the only one of the five with a beach. We stayed there for a...…Read More

MovNat Day 5: The Gauntlet and a Wrap

Flashback Day 2: We had taken the jungle trail to the lake for incredible swimming for fun; anxious for it, because normally we’d have gone day one, but rain prohibited. We had a blast just frolicking and then the training. Water training, for me, doesn’t carry an iota of drudgery, unlike ground-based training. I just...…Read More

MovNat Day 3: Not Boot Camp

My previous posts have somewhat emphasized the rigorous nature of the training. It has been, and today was no exception; just different, less, avoidance of burnout. While we kept active from morning to 7:30pm, we also did a lot of liesurely fun stuff. First up in the morning was training in getting up & over...…Read More

MovNat Day 2: This aint no picnic

It just keeps getting better & better or worse & worse, depending on your perspective. Those who are here, of course, know it’s getting better. They’re just having the quality and comprehensiveness of what they signed up for confirmed for them. It’s truly remarkable, and different. Long days. No time wasted. But I’m walking dead...…Read More

MovNat Day 1

The day began for me at 4:15 am, Monday. I got up in plenty of time to ensure all was in order for a 6:15 flight out of San Jose. Arrived in Houston on time, had about 2 hrs of layover — enough to eat a pound of BBQ ribs & brisket (no sauce) and...…Read More

MovNat; Summersville, West Virginia

Simple title, eh? But that’s where I’ll be, flight time in 10 hours. I’ve got to get packing, but then, I’m a 5-minute pack kinda guy. Only, I’ve been corresponding with Erwan and we’ve mutually worked out coolness. For the first time ever that I’m aware of, a participant (me) is going to do a...…Read More

Primal Chili Dogs

Have a craving for a chili dog? I sure do, now and then. For some reason the combo of a grilled all beef dog, chili, fresh onion and cheese is pretty alluring. You can click for a bit better image but this one was taken with a phone camera, so it’s not up to the...…Read More

The China Study Smackdown Roundup

I could not be more thrilled with the response and piling on over yesterday’s post signaling the thorough and exhaustive discrediting of The China Study and the exposing of T. Colin Campbell as the scientific fraud that I believe he is. And if you haven’t had a chance yet to read Denise Minger’s expose, STOP what...…Read More

My Workout Video #1

Enough people have asked for me to take some video clips of my workouts that I’ve finally obliged. So here’s six reps of deadlift at 255 and seven clean reps of standing press at 115 with two cheat reps tossed in at the end. Previously, I had gotten to 250 on deads doing sumo style...…Read More

More Barefoot Options

This is just a superlative video demonstrating the folly of ever wearing shoes — for any application — with a mattress of padding under them. How did we ever get so soft? Now that I typically wear nothing but simple protection I find the padded shows just a bit pathetic. Well, perhaps it’s a necessity...…Read More

Have You Declared YOUR Independence?

Frankly, I don’t care much about July 4th celebrations; because I don’t think many people have the slightest clue about what it’s about. Clue: It’s about telling government to go get fucked. And the whole weepy "Land of the Free" shtick? Ha! Don’t even get me started. Accordingly, I’ve never seen it recognized or celebrated in...…Read More