Land of the Free Update: Raw Milk & Vernon Hershberger

About to jump on a plane for a weekend trip. Destination, pool side near Palm Springs. I’d wanted to write more about the video that follows, but it pretty much speaks for itself. Watch. Think the Mafia metaphor is a bit much? I don’t. Quite the contrary. The Mafia would actually be marginally easier to work with, you’d stay in business, wouldn’t have to spend oodles on attorneys, solicit the help of friends and family.…Read More

Free the Animal Blog Initiatives – Promoting the Paleo and Primal Path

I’ve been spending a good dead of time both unsatisfied with how this blog has been meandering along and wondering what, if anything, I might want to do about that. Here’s a possibility, from an email received just this morning, copied verbatim. I got into your site by chance on browsing.your website sounds impressive to gain knowledge and easy to read..We are pleased to inform you that we do write articles FREE of cost. we…Read More

This Says All You Ever Need to Know About Veganism

Very impressive research and analysis but, at the end of the day, we all only believe what we WANT to believe. For example, one person may read the bible and think it’s the greatest story ever told and also believe that it’s the truth. Another person may read the bible and conclude that it’s really just the greatest story ever told. So, whilst Debra’s work is impressive for the amount of time and effort she’s…Read More

“High Cholesterol,” Statins & Diabetes

My mom went to the doc yesterday. As a Type 2 diabetic who controls it pretty well, she nonetheless still does regular visits. She’s very low-carb Paleo-ish, and while she was able to be off insulin for a time completely, still finds she needs very small doses now and then. To the endocrinologist’s credit (a new doc), she did acknowledge being impressed with my mom’s diet and supplement regime. But there was one little problem:…Read More

Lamb Shoulder Chops and Roasted Curried Cauliflower

Before I get to the pictures of naked food caught in compromising positions, I’m going to relate a short story. As I’ve written about many times, I lived in France for a couple of years in the early 90’s. A couple of years after I left, I went back to visit some friends, ending up staying with some of them for a few days at a mutual friend’s house in the country — an old…Read More

What Two Ignorant Morons Having a Discussion Sounds Like

"Dr. Holly Phillips spoke to Maggie Rodriguez about the grave dangers of eating red meat daily." That was from March of 2009. I actually blogged about the stupid non-study behind such nonsense that passes for news reporting. Dr. Eades demolished it as well. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems as though I’m seeing a whole lot less of this kind of crap, lately. Let’s hope so, and that I keep having…Read More

The Sunday Rant

Well, I name a lot of new things — like “Friday Bullshit!” What I’ve found is that I need to name a lot of things and come up with lots of ideas, most of which will fall by the wayside. But that doesn’t mean I’m not going to surprise you with Bullshit! on a Friday. But for right now, how about a random rant, finished off with some Led Zep? Do you wanna know what…Read More

First Free The Animal Giveaway – $120 Value

Let me get this out of the way: not a big fan of all the contests & giveaways I see out there. Typically they involve some sort of hoop jumping and a prize. Fine, not a big deal, just that I always wonder what motivates people to do the hoops. Y’know what I mean? So let’s call this an "organic giveaway." What happened is that very late to the party, I posted about Ann Marie…Read More

Friday Morning Notes, Links & Quick Hits

So much going on that I only have time for a few quit his and random updates. ~ Entirely experimental for now but I tossed together a personal blog for those who might be interested. I’ve been toying with the idea of making FTA less about me and more about the community, the process, the science, food, evolutionary logic, the successes and so on. It’s totally experimental for now. One difficulty is in drawing the…Read More

Reader Results and Dot Connecting

Time for one of my favorite kind of posts, again. This is from Gethin Rees of Great Britain I’ve noticed recently that you grately appreciate feedback from those who have enjoyed your website, especially those who have stumbled on the site and then been inspired to implement some ideas. Firstly let me say how much I enjoy the blog. Secondly it may amuse you to find out that I initally stumbled upon it after a…Read More

So You Still Think You Can’t Cook?

I’m late on this, so here real quick and to the point, Ann Marie Michaels over at the great Cheeseslave Blog has created what appears to me to be a great, 13-week online cooking class, dubbed Surf & Turf. So, all you folks who think you can’t cook, head on over and sign up. Note that the video indicates that enrollment ended August 14, however I have confirmed with Ann Marie that there are still…Read More

So You Think You Can’t Cook?

As you probably know, I’m no snob when it comes to grassfed beef. Sure, I love it, use it a lot, but there’s just something about the "grassfed" culture in the paleo movement that rubs me the wrong way, just a tad. There’s no question it’s the better choice on a number of levels, but to my mind goes far beyond any 80/20 consideration. Someone eating nothing but supermarket meat and veggies, no junk food…Read More

Flying Like Birds: Evolutionarily Unnecessary; Passion Nonetheless

It’s quite interesting to me that the root of our desire to fly simply comes from observing birds doing it so naturally (are you not wondrously amazed to observe them?). Indeed, it’s the most fundamental aspect of a bird’s nature. It’s…fucking…DEFINING. In general, and with minuscule exception, birds fly. It’s what they do. (Note to self: got the f-bomb outta the way) Setting aside the sad videos of old: of people practicing passion over science…Read More

Carne Asada & Spicy Mega Guac

Inspired by MovNat meals (see the last photo at the link) I have been enjoying grilled carne asada, prepping guacamole as far more than a garnish or dip. Instead, think substitute for mashed potatoes. Do a lot. Tell your guests that rice & beans suck nutritionally by comparison. Fill up on the guac instead. So getting started, we have the avocados, roma tomatoes, fresh garlic, onion, jalapeno peppers, cilantro and lime. You’ll need salt, too.…Read More

Ginormous Meals for Fat Loss, Leanness and Conditioning

I really didn’t see this coming Throughout my progress from initially starting the process by eating high-fat/low-carb paleo/primal combined with episodic fasting and brief intense workouts I often remarked at how non-hungry I usually was. And that’s a good thing. But what if when you do eat — and this is very paleo — you pretend there might not be another meal for a good long while? Suppose you made a kill on the Savannah.…Read More

Murray: “I Freed My Animal”

I got an email this morning along with stunning graphic evidence of a body transformation so profound and in such a short time that if this doesn’t inspire you, nothing will. Hi Richard, I just wanted to give you a quick message here to thank you for the awesome work you’re doing with your website. I came across your site at the beginning of the year after seeing a link to your shampoo experiment, and…Read More

Recapturing a Passion

This one’s to all you former fat asses, like me. Have you considered that you might be holding back from a former passion that you abandoned or slacked off from because of weight, age, diminished strength? Well I’m going to tell you a story, and it has a bunch to do with why my blogging of late has been rather lazy. The story is that back in about 1996, nearly 15 years ago, I took…Read More

Checking In: Camping, Food, & Hang Gliding

Hi folks. Sorry for the lack of posts but that will rectify soon enough. In fact, I’m anxious to get back to it in earnest. I’ve been out of town about 20 days out of the last month, mostly doing vacationing sorts of things. There was the week of MovNat, three days home, Italy for a week, three days home and now we’re on a 14th annual family camping trip up near Mt. Lassen, Hat…Read More