The Food and Pics

Entries are coming in for the silly Free the Animal Rant Contest. So be silly. Give it what you can. ~~~ …The last three weeks or so have been gruesome with the move, et al. Worst of all, I came down with another instance of what I firmly believe I have Google diagnosed as trochanteric bursitis.…Read More

The Consequences of Modern Ignorance

I think you can thank, in part, the American Dermatological Association for this outrage and others like it. I’ll get to identifying the other perpetrators later, below. On June 3, 2010 my five and a half week old daughter was introduced to "child protection" in a hospital in a local hospital by diagnosing her as…Read More

The Vegan Menace: Much Reflection

If I were inclined to predict the future — an exercise in which I only indulge by observing principles, culture and history — roughly in that order — I’d have to give Paleo a decent shot at becoming dominant. There are many reasons for that — probably enough to fill a book — but I…Read More

Isn’t That the Damn Truth!

 Spotted on FailBlog the other day. No Foods Tied up doing a moving sale right now, finally getting to near the end of this process. So this’ll have to do, for now. Since I saw that pic I’ve dumped using the term "Processed Foods" in favor of the term "No-Food "’Foods.’"Read More

The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet

I’m only a few chapters into this book but I figured, why wait? And, I’ve skipped ahead here and there and read bit & pieces just to see how Robb would handle them. As I’ve mentioned both here on the blog and in all the interviews I’ve done, Art De Vany was the first guy…Read More

This is Your “Philosophy” on Drugs

I am therefore inclined to embrace the heretical conclusion that we have reason to desire the extinction of all carnivorous species. Jeff McMahan — professor of philosophy at Rutgers University and a visiting research collaborator at the Center for Human Values at Princeton University — in The New York Times. Really, such head-shaking ignorance doesn’t…Read More

My Podcast Interview at Healthy Mind, Fit Body

Last week I received a welcome email from Kevin Koskella requesting to do an interview. I had seen a number of things at the Healthy Mind, Fit Body website in the past and so I was enthusiastic about getting on a Skype call with Kevin and his partner in the venture, Wes Bertrand. You can…Read More

Life Gets in the Way; Oh Noes!

Likely the biggest head shaker for me these days is the way I observe so many people conducting their lives in a sort of planned, scheduled manner. It’s not the idea of planning or scheduling that makes me grin, but the underlying ferocity of it — as though it’s some guarantee that you’ll be alright…Read More

Take 5 For Zippy

You know what? While still very slammed and with a very sore back from hundreds of unpacking boxes-squats per day, I’ll likely be back wigth you later — something about letting life happen. In the meantime, check out Zippy. …Oh yea, and I’m cooking the third dinner in a row with sauce reduction, grilled filets…Read More

Continuous Improvement

You thought this was just a diet. Oh…throw in some weights. But what if "Paleo" is really a way of life writ modern; ’cause, face it folks, nobody’s going back. We’re stuck with agriculture’s follies. But neither are we dumb, nor lost. We’re hunters, right? So hunt. Hunt for Continuous Improvement in your life. Mistakes…Read More

Listening to Silence

Yea, that’s a contradiction, which can’t really exist but, what I mean is that there’s never silence if you listen. I’ve been slammed the last two days. Yesterday was the pack up day and I’m amazed and ashamed at once that two people can accumulate so much crap in a loft; a space designed to…Read More

A Little Mercy

I’m not sure I would consider mercy anywhere near a top virtue, maybe not even a virtue at all. A value, sure, but in the right context, and that swings both ways. It can be just as inappropriate to grant mercy in some situations as it is appropriate to grant it in others. But certainly,…Read More

Quiet ‘Round Here; Blame Passion

Sorry. A passion has gotten the best of me, lately. About five years ago, I got too fat to fly. No, it wasn’t a command, not even an admonition. I just felt fat…crappy. Essentially, I felt a deep unworthiness to fly — hang gliders (my primary deal), powered planes, sailplanes. I quit doing all of…Read More